Wolf Blitzer’s Hand–Wringing Drowns Out Debaters

Blitzer memeThe last GOP debate of the year proved once again John Kasich is the most tone–deaf politician in the contest. There he was — America’s Angry RINO —clinging to his edge of the stage with that desperate look on his face that only comes from knowing a poor performance means next time he’ll be with Lindsey Graham sharing a riser in front of a Winnebago.

His handlers evidently told him an angry, arm–waving, buttinski was not what Republican voters were in the market for this election, so Kasich decided to be an arm–waving Jimmy Carter instead.

After he informs a breathlessly waiting America that his daughter doesn’t like politics because, “there’s too much fighting, too much yelling. It’s so loud, I don’t like it.” The question everyone at home asked was: “Is her name, Amy, too?”

Good grief. Being lectured on bickering by the likes of John Kasich is like being advised on debate preparation by Donald Trump.

Jeb Bush also tried to add something new to his performance and Wolf Blitzer managed get the Moslem question exactly backward, but to learn details that you must click on link below and be magically transported to Newsmax.com for the remainder of this column.



Seattle Candidates Launder Their Own Money

Seattle continues to be a sinkhole of economic illiteracy. Some cites put fluoride in the water, while Seattle evidently sprinkles in a little socialism. Michael Reagan has written here about the damaging effects of the politically–imposed $15/hr. minimum wage.

The last time this column visited it was another case of Sudden Socialism Syndrome. Entrepreneur Dan Price, already paying an average wage of $23/hr., reached for immortality in the pages of the New York Times and established a $70,000/year minimum wage at his company Gravity Payments. (Complete details in my column here.)

Currently Price is taking in renters to cover his mortgage — 70K appears to be both a floor and a ceiling since “Gravity” only functions in a narrow band — but in his favor Dan is using his own money in the pursuit of a fanciful goal.

The current city goal is even more fanciful than Price’s, but Seattle politicians wouldn’t dream of using their own money. That’s what taxpayers are for!

If you’re strong enough to learn about the latest conspiracy against the taxpayer click on the link below and through the power of the hyperlink you’ll be magically transported to my Newsmax column:



Democrats Reassure Perpetrators Instead of Victims of San Bernadino

Gary McCoy

Gary McCoy

In the Three Monkeys tradition characterizing Obama’s policy on Islamic terrorism (See No, Hear No & Speak No Evil) Rep. Don Beyer (D–Dhimmi) invited other Democrats to join him in visiting the Virginia mosque that hosted of two of the 9/11 attackers in a “show of solidarity with American Muslims.”

He told the New York Times: “After Paris…we just thought it was really important to continue to reiterate to the many, many peace-loving Muslim Americans that they were still a welcome part of our community,” without even mentioning San Bernardino.

My question is, I know women in Saudi Arabia can’t drive, but what about the men? Would it inconvenience the imams if they hit the road and asked the largest Christian church in the neighborhood if Moslems could attend services to express “solidarity” with people the imam’s parishioners are murdering?

Plus, since the services tend not to overlap, why not make a weekend of it and attend a synagogue and meet Jews on their own turf? That would be a welcome change. For once a group of unarmed Moslems wants to get close to Jews.

Instead, in our morally confused culture the victim community rushes to console the institution producing the victimizers.

If this is the approved template for keeping the peace, then why doesn’t Obama speak at the NRA convention to reassure the vast majority of peaceful gun owners he doesn’t hold them responsible for the wrongdoing of an isolated few that perverts the 2nd Amendment?

Or after the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting why didn’t a gaggle of exhibitionist Democrats visit their local churches or pro–life pregnancy counseling centers? It wouldn’t take long to assure both groups that no one blames them for the action of a lunatic who poops in the woods.

And speaking of Colorado, the shooter was alleged to have said “no more baby parts” and that was all it took for him to be branded a Christian anti–abortion terrorist. Yet a burka–wearing Moslem mail–order–bride, who pledged allegiance to ISIS, and her bearded, Israel–hating husband, can shoot up a Christmas party and their motivation is a complete mystery to the FBI.

Investigators were busy scouring the jihadi’s home trying to find an ISIS membership card or a souvenir Al–Qaeda prayer cap so authorities can determine a cause. That reluctance is willful blindness. All it takes is a copy of the Koran and the would be jihadi is good to go. When Moslems get “radicalized” searching for an additional motive isn’t necessary when they go all jihadi on you. It’s part of the package.

Yet if these attacks really have nothing to do with the Religion of Peace, why does the appeasement chorus immediately head for a mosque? That smacks of stereotyping.

Wouldn’t a halal grocery or kebab shop do just as well?

But that’s just it. The problem IS the religion. The wife is described as “very religious” and after the marriage the husband became “religious,” too. That means it’s time to watch out.

By comparison, when a father finds out his son and daughter–in–law have embraced Christianity the result is less dangerous for the surrounding community. Cleavage will probably disappear and dad will have to cancel the HBO subscription, but the firearm inventory will remain stable.

When a Moslem couple becomes “religious” it’s time to hide the fertilizer and notify the FBI.

Besides if these victims of Sudden Jihad Syndrome are really lone wolves, why doesn’t the rest of the ummah act like it?

Where are the mosques that announce they cooperate with the FBI or local authorities? Where are the imams that invite anti–terror experts into the mosque to conduct classes on how to spot radicals and avoid having your family or friends radicalized?

As former FBI Counterterrorism Agent John Guandolo told Breitbart News, “Since 9/11, ‘we collectively have received nearly zero help from the [Moslem] Community.’”

The ostensible reason for these grovel–thons is always to head Islamophobia off at the oasis. So after repeated terrorism incidents where is this dreaded backlash? Other than drastically increased damage deposits at rental agencies when bearded men wearing prayer caps pick up an SUV, it’s not happening.

Jews are assaulted in anti–Semitic attacks at almost four times the rate Moslems experience “hate crime” incidents. Yet Obama can’t even be bothered to attend Sunday’s National Menorah Lighting ceremony. He sends a staffer and rushes off to the Kennedy Center to attend a party.

Beyer summed up this administration’s attitude when he finally got around to mentioning San Bernardino, “It’s just another unfortunate data point.”

There’s a good chance it won’t be the only “data point” as long as this administration and this mindset rules.

Why It’s Cheaper to Ask Dr. Seuss Why Babies Won’t Eat

Green eggs and hamI do not like food with a sneeze.

I do not like licks on my cheese.

I do not like already chewed.

I do not like tests on my food.

I would not eat them for a guest.

I would not eat them in a test.

I would not eat them by the gram.

I would not eat them Uncle Sam!

(With apologies & thanks to Dr. Seuss)

This is another instance of crafty people getting paid to do what mothers have been doing for free for centuries. No, not that, I mean learning by trial–and–error what babies will and will not eat. The Washington Free Beacon’s eagle–eyed reporter Elizabeth Harrington has found another expensive federal study that means to improve on centuries of practical experience.

This time “The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has spent nearly $1.5 million studying how infants think about food.” The University of Chicago — the same institution that brought us the atomic bomb — has now focused it’s considerable brainpower on a smaller project called “Infants’ and Children’s Reasoning About Foods (sic).”

As part of the preliminary results these intrepid researchers have announced young children don’t like to eat foot that has been licked or sneezed on, unless done by a dog. No doubt the next release of data will assure mothers it is a toss–up between whether an infant prefers to eat or throw his food.

The grant application for this project, like many of its kind, makes for unintentionally hilarious reading: ““Evidence suggests that infants’ and children’s earliest patterns of eating have lasting consequences for health across the lifespan.” This is what happens when childless grad students and nanny–wielding professors collaborate.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The highchair years are the one time in your life you’ll eat puréed rutabaga and it’s all thanks to dear old mom. When my son was an infant we conducted an experiment and fed him picadillo, a Caribbean dish with complex spices. He loved it. Now, at age 20, Karl wouldn’t touch picadillo while wearing a haz–mat suit.

The same goes for more benign food (see, ‘food’ doesn’t require an ‘s’ to be plural!) like bananas and raisins.

Karl may have been the world’s youngest food bigot. For years if food wasn’t white and bland, he wouldn’t eat it. And since he was such a suspicious child, we couldn’t cover colored food (can I say that?) with white gravy to sneak it past the palate police. Karl always took the time to dig under the sauce.

Feeding him was like running the kitchen at the Golden Years Hospice. The only meat Karl would eat was chicken, so naturally when I wanted him to eat something else, I just said it was “chicken.” This included steak, sausage, hot dogs and hamburger. This ploy worked like a charm until he learned how to read.

The grant goes on to pontificate: “Despite the complexity and significance of food selection, developmental psychologists have devoted surprisingly little attention to studying how infants and children perceive, learn, and reason about foods (sic).” Of course it could be no one wasted time and money studying how “children perceive, learn, and reason” about food because kids were growing up just fine without Uncle Nanny’s help and they couldn’t find a sucker foolish enough to fund it, until NIH came along.

In fact, if I remember correctly, the childhood obesity epidemic began just a few years after the federal government decided we needed to be told what to eat. Before then we successfully maintained our weight with a combination of cigarettes and booze.

“Scientists” contend infants have “limited knowledge in the food domain.” True, but I can assure you they know what they like. What they don’t like it easy to identify because it winds up on the wall.

According to Harrington the project began in 2012 and will continue until 2017 when any children the researchers have will be old enough to know they’re being exploited. Taxpayers have been dunned $1,486,521 for this close examination of common knowledge.

It’s easy to be complacent about this relatively small, in federal terms, amount of waste, but that’s a mistake. This study is another building block in the foundation of the all–pervasive Nanny State. The fact these studies are methodologically useless won’t matter. (Click here to see how half of the cognitive psychology tests produce results that can’t be confirmed by verification tests.)

Other government bureaucrats in agencies that are hotbeds of regulatory activism — USDA comes to mind — will use the study as part of our betters’ program to exert government control from crib to crypt.

And we’re helping them do it by not objecting to pointless, federally–funded studies that research the obvious.

Ever-Vigilant USDA Oversees Thanksgiving

While you were giving gluttony a bad name on Thanksgiving Day, six federal employees were be sitting by the phone like the Maytag man, hoping it would ring so the United States Dept. of Agriculture can spring into action and aid “people who need help preparing their Thanksgiving dinner.”

And on line #2 the National Institute of Health was ready to help Americans digest their dinner.

Copyright — and a reluctance to step on my own jokes — prevents me from writing any more about this stirring saga here, but you can get all the facts, outrage and laughs by clicking on the link below, which will take you to my Newsmax column.