How GOP Elitists Are No Different from Democrat Elitists

You may not have realized just how special Members of the House and Senate really are. Oh, you know about the fawning aides, exotic “fact–finding” junkets and free limo lease. But are you aware that Republicans in the House don’t think they should be subject to the same laws that dominate our lives?

They have the bizarre idea that saying publicly you oppose Obamacare means elected officials have done all they can and should be exempt from the law in the future.

I say their failure to defeat or repeal Obamacare means the baleful effects of the law should be doubled for them as an incentive to get off their behinds and defeat Squeaker of the House John Boehner and repeal Obamacare.

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Cromnibus: Spending As Usual in Boehner’s House

In spite of the impression you may have received in the MSM, passage of the Cromnibus was not pre–ordained.

For one brief shining moment conservatives in the House had a chance to do what voters wanted: Stop Obama in spite of the craven, accomadationist GOP House leadership ‘led’ by Squeaker of the House John Boehner.

Conservatives were winning the vote on whether or not to bring the Cromnibus to the floor. We had a chance to re–open budget negotiations and remove spending control from Harry Reid and President Obama.

And then Cong. Gullible and the Reindeer Farmer entered the picture and it was all over.

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Congressional Obamacare Hypocrisy: They Get the Subsidy, Taxpayers Get the Bill

Sen. David Vitter (R–LA) is in lonely fight against Congressional Obamacare hypocrisy.

Republicans claim to be against Obamacare, yet many protect their staff, along with their health plans, from the same federal meddling, cost and inconvenience taxpayers must suffer. One expects that from Democrats but it’s infuriating from Republicans.

Vitter has been trying to end this shuffle for more than two years.

Now there may be hope that Vitter will succeed with a little help from you over the Christmas and New Year holidays.

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Time to Put Farmers on A Glutton–Free Diet

Now that I’ve recovered from a bout of tryptophan poisoning, I’ve been giving some thought to the photos of this season’s Thanksgiving clemency ceremony. Do you think Obama’s executive order that pardoned an albino–white turkey is his idea of racial outreach in the wake of the Ferguson riots?

Are white turkeys executed in greater numbers during the ramp up to Thanksgiving than their proportion of the entire turkey population would warrant?

Is Eric Holder on this job, too?

My hope is, as the spirit of clemency wafts through DC, that maybe the taxpayer could be given a pardon in the New Year, starting with Thanksgiving dinner.

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Santa Claus on Line One!

Tired of getting hammered with a high cellphone bill each month? Weary of trying to determine the best plan? Who has the most minutes & data for the least amount of money?

Why it’s Uncle Sam!

Obamaphones are free, courtesy of some suckers that still think it’s smart to pay your own way. That’s so last century.

Complete details on how the old Ma Bell is now the free Uncle Sugar in this week’s Newsmax column: