New ISIS Definition: Idiotic Spending Increases Substantially

Obama doesn’t like to use our military to advance the interests of the United States, but when Saudi Arabia needs a Foreign Legion, he’s happy to loan the Pentagon. If ISIS is an existential threat, then why don’t we see Saudi and Egyptian boots–on–the–ground?

The chopping block is much closer to Cairo and Riyadh than Washington, DC.

Sure ISIS has murdered a couple of journalists, but Putin’s minions in the Ukraine shot down a civilian airliner and Obama didn’t so much as send a bullet. Of course they didn’t post a YouTube video of the missile launch and that’s probably the difference.

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NIH Makes Monkey’s Uncles Out of Taxpayers

The National Institutes of Health has billions of tax dollars to give away each year in the form of research grants. I’m sure that senior bureaucrats have the really famous diseases and maladies already booked up.

That means the newbies have to identify their own causes and studies to make sure that every last penny is given away each year.

Which is why NIH is one of the world’s leading producers of party monkeys and alcoholic mice. Complete details in my Newsmax column. Read it, post it on Facebook or shout it from the rooftops! Thanks.

Obamacare Encourages Emergency Room Freeloaders

A rational healthcare system would discourage emergency room frequent flyers from abusing the system to make room for serious cases and those who pay their way.

But we live in 21st Century America, the Obamanation where dependency and irresponsibility are nothing of which to be ashamed.

Complete details are in my NEWSMAX column here:

Taxpayers Fund Public & Private Porn

Your tax dollars are being used to pay sleazy federal bureaucrats whose days consists of surfing porn sites on the government dime. Even when public–spirited employees report the abuse, the pubic–spirited escape punishment.

And don’t get me started on the vile ‘art’ the misnamed National Endowment for the Arts supports with our money.

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Pre–K a Multi–Billion Dollar Handout to Potential Democrat Voters

My new NEWSMAX column is ready for your perusal. Head Start/Pre–K are failed programs that Democrats continue to support because the programs create client groups that vote Democrat and expand the size of government.

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