Wolf Blitzer’s Hand–Wringing Drowns Out Debaters

Blitzer memeThe last GOP debate of the year proved once again John Kasich is the most tone–deaf politician in the contest. There he was — America’s Angry RINO —clinging to his edge of the stage with that desperate look on his face that only comes from knowing a poor performance means next time he’ll be with Lindsey Graham sharing a riser in front of a Winnebago.

His handlers evidently told him an angry, arm–waving, buttinski was not what Republican voters were in the market for this election, so Kasich decided to be an arm–waving Jimmy Carter instead.

After he informs a breathlessly waiting America that his daughter doesn’t like politics because, “there’s too much fighting, too much yelling. It’s so loud, I don’t like it.” The question everyone at home asked was: “Is her name, Amy, too?”

Good grief. Being lectured on bickering by the likes of John Kasich is like being advised on debate preparation by Donald Trump.

Jeb Bush also tried to add something new to his performance and Wolf Blitzer managed get the Moslem question exactly backward, but to learn details that you must click on link below and be magically transported to Newsmax.com for the remainder of this column.




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