California Regulates Thanksgiving

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”          C. S. Lewis

I have good news for all you compulsive mask wearers. The people who religiously don their face burkas even when driving alone in their car. The wait is over. Your guidance is here. The bureaucrats who run Nannyfornia have finally issued the rules for observing Thanksgiving.

Assuming you’re willing to try and cheat death for a holiday that was created by dead white men.

Even though this is the first edition of Rules for a Safe Thanksgiving, and will no doubt be refined and expanded in future years, the edict is remarkable for its comprehensive nature.

Gov. Gavin Newsome’s Flu Manchu regime covers eight integral Thanksgiving topics:



                     Taking attendance

                     Seating arrangements


                     Serving sizes

                     Duration of dinner

                     Number of times you may legally eat turkey

We’ve come a long way from the government’s first tentative steps into inserting itself into the nation’s holidays. A few years ago, I wrote on Thanksgiving Day six federal employees will be sitting by the phone like the Maytag man, hoping it rings so the United States Dept. of Agriculture can spring into action and aid “people who need help preparing their Thanksgiving dinner.”

And on line #2 the National Institute of Health is ready to help Americans digest their dinner.

Hotline hours were limited to 8 AM to 2 PM, because even at double–time wages bureaucrats didn’t want to put in a full day. Callers who reached a human could hear handy tips on the ways injecting marinade differs from an enema. The reason playing “find the giblets” should be done before cooking. Why putting stuffing inside the carcass may qualify you for a new salmonella study. And finally, how the easiest way to take the turkey out of the oven is to reverse the procedure you used to put the bird in the oven.

None of the advice was coercive though, which is the big difference between pre–WuFlu advice and Pandemic poultry orders.

California begins by informing celebrants that their dinner will take place outside. In the backyard for homeowners and the parking lot for apartment dwellers (get there early to reserve a space!). No wandering into the kitchen to sample what Granny is preparing.

Attendance is limited to a maximum of three households, although there is still some dispute as to whether individuals with hyphenated last names count as one family or two. People with larger families, complicated parenting overlaps or multi–generational “undocumented” families are forbidden to employ the obvious solution: eating in shifts like buzzards.

Nannyfornia has thought of that and vetoed it, too. The Flustapo says, “participating in multiple gatherings with different households or groups is strongly discouraged.”

After you’ve winnowed the guest list, the state discusses seating arrangements. Each household will be seated together and the family groups will be separated by a minimum of six feet. So much for the kid’s table and the adult’s table, to say nothing of catching up with people you may not have seen for months.

Somewhere during your relative herding duties the host is expected to take attendance. An accurate list of everyone who attended along with their contact information must be kept in the event a germ escapes and the Flustapo decides to ask for your papers.

If you still have an appetite after all this regimentation, the state’s do–gooders don’t trust you to feed yourself. “…as much as possible, any food or beverages at outdoor gatherings must be in single–serve disposable containers.” And if Costco didn’t sell your turkey in bite–sized chunks then someone must be deputized to wear a face burka while she does all the serving, just like the lunch ladies in high school!

Speaking of face burkas, everyone is required to wear one even though you are eating outside separated by a distance that equals the depth of a grave. Once your first bite gets within three inches of your mouth, the mask may be removed.

At the end of the maximum two–hour celebration period allowed by the state — the clock starts when the first guest rings the doorbell — all attendees are ordered to mask up and disperse. Which marks California’s only nod to tradition.

Grandma will still have to clean up the Thanksgiving mess by herself.

Twitter All in for Biden, Suspends My Account

Gary McCoy, Shiloh, IL

It is now obvious that Joe Biden’s presidential ‘victory’ has entered the fabled realm of “settled science.” And in record time.

What took Global Warming a decade to achieve, Biden accomplished in less than a week.

The gloves are now officially off. Anyone who questions Biden’s ‘victory’ will be canceled. And the Kancel Kommissars have greatly expanded their reach. It’s not just the big fish. It’s any fish.

Kommissars landed me Wednesday morning and blocked my little Twitter account. (@ReluctantUser2 if you’re interested.)

That was followed by an email describing my offense as “posting or sharing privately produced/distributed intimate media of someone without their express consent.”

According to Big Twitter I was blocked for posting revenge porn. That’s a complete and utter lie. I can only assume it was because the Twits don’t have a violation for “Objecting to the Settled Science of Joe Biden’s Victory.”

After I appealed the Kancel Kommissars sent a reply with the violating tweet. The real insult was Twitter didn’t block me for something I wrote, it blocked me for retweeting a link written by someone else!

The link was to an article headlined: “Joe Biden’s votes violate Benford’s Law (Mathematics).” Benford’s Law, according to S. Stanley Young, “asserts that the number 1 should appear more frequently as the lead digit in a precinct voter count. The number 2 should be less frequent, etc. The distribution, with no fraud, should decline exponentially.”

The article reprints Young’s graph of the votes in Allegheny County, PA which indicate something fishy with Biden’s numbers, but also has two other instances where Biden’s numbers are completely Benford law–abiding.

In the meantime, I’m getting the NY Post treatment. I’ve appealed the false characterization of my tweet. That means my account is locked until the twits get around to adjudicating my case. Whenever that might be. If I don’t want to wait, I can delete the tweet and by doing so acknowledge I “posted privately produced/distributed intimate media.” That’s the same shuffle Twitter tried to force the NY Post to accept when its account was blocked for posting entirely factual stories on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

In other words, agree that you were wrong by deleting the tweet and you can have your account back. The NY Post didn’t bend the knee to Jack ‘No I’m Not Homeless’ Dorsey and I don’t intend to do so either.

Back in September I warned of this two–stage election. The first stage was Nov. 3rd. That’s when the left learned how many votes it would take in battleground states to guarantee a win for Gropey Joe. The second stage was the count where Trump’s Tuesday lead would miraculously disappear.

In 2016 Trump won Pennsylvania by 7 tenths of a percent. Michigan by 2 tenths of a percent. And Wisconsin by 8 tenths of a percent. In 2020 Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin have Democrat governors. In all three states the mayors of the three largest cities are all Democrat. That means the left controls the vote count machinery.

The BBC has thoughtfully provided us with a list of clues gained from elections in third–world countries to help observers spot election fraud. The list includes:

Unrealistic turnout figures, often in excess of 90 percent.

Unrealistic turnout in specific areas. (Say urban areas in battleground states.)

Large numbers of invalid votes. (Or tiny numbers of invalid votes.)

Delay in announcing votes. (Like when battleground urban areas simply stop counting.)

The Biden campaign is four for four.

A simple question, uncomplicated by statistics or Benford, why is the left adamantly in favor of a mail voting system that is so much more inefficient and slower than in–person voting?

Simple. In a vote–by–mail election it’s not who casts the votes that’s most important. It’s who counts the votes. And in too many battleground states the votes are going to be counted by the people who believe it’s morally unthinkable to allow another Trump win.

The clampdown on Biden–denial is part of the strategy. As RedState points out, “The left-wing pundit class [has] waved off these lawsuits as having no chance of success …this is all part of the same plan to convince Americans that Trump has lost the election, that a Biden Presidency is inevitable, and that the legal efforts underway are all part of an effort by Trump to remain in office — which is something the media began trying to condition the public to be suspicious of months before the election.”

It all adds up. Delayed vote counts until Trump areas report. Expelling GOP poll watchers. Rushed preemptive declarations of victory. Crushing dissent in the OpMedia and social media.

I just have to ask, here where Twitter can’t get to me. If the left isn’t up to no good, why is the left acting like they’re up to no good?

Trump HR Office Discovers the Concept of Loyalty

Adam Zyglis, The Buffalo News

I’m convinced Jared Kushner is responsible for creating the Trump Administration HR operation that’s the Chernobyl of Human Resources. Once he pushed Chris Christie out all the resulting multitude of personnel mistakes belong to him.

It’s just been one D’oh!ed thing after another in Kushner’s disastrous wake. By painful experience, mostly chronicled in the leaks on the front page of the Opposition Media, the new personnel folks learned it’s not a good idea to hire alligators if the goal of the boss is to drain the swamp.

The caption on a photo accompanying a story in Politico sums the situation up nicely, “Director of the Presidential Personnel Office Johnny McEntee …has clashed with some top agency officials over his efforts to install loyalists throughout the executive branch.”

Two months before an election, McEntee is trying to accomplish a task that should have been complete in March of 2017. The failure is not his fault. McEntee’s only been in charge of the office since February 2020 and evidently, he’s hit the ground running.

McEntee may have had something to do with the only positive Trump personnel development in recent months, the firing of two members of the Tennessee Valley Authority board. That happened after the CEO intended to import tech workers from India, using the H1–B visa program, to replace 200 US citizens already doing the job.

This is callous corporate arrogance at its most corrupt. An organization created by Congress to aid Americans has no more business importing foreign serfs to replace citizens than the USPS has hiring drug mules to deliver the mail.

Firing board members was accountability in the form of a lightning bolt.

McEntee wants to spread the accountability over the rest of Trump’s appointees. “The White House Presidential Personnel Office is considering asking nearly every political appointee in the Trump administration to write and tender provisional letters of resignation right before the election, according to two senior administration officials.

“The personnel office would then decide which ones to accept and which to reject — giving President Donald Trump maximum flexibility in choosing his team in a possible second term.”

My problem with this, once again, is timing. The letters of resignation should have been signed, but not dated, by every single appointee BEFORE they were allowed to take their job. It sends a clear message to appointees that they are working for President Trump and are not there to pad their resume or cement relations with members of the OpMedia.

These resignation letters would have been of such overwhelming importance, and the threat of being “misplaced” by one of the backstabbing political whores hiding in the administration so great, I would have assigned the file’s protection to the same military aide that carries the nuclear football.

Had that simple precaution been taken, there would have been no drama when Trump decides an appointee is not doing the job. Trump just dates the letter and announces he’s accepted the failure’s resignation and they can clear out the people’s desk.

No doubt Jared didn’t embrace the idea because he thought it was tacky. In a bit of unintended hilarity, the totally oblivious Politico reporter makes my point for me, “The officials familiar with PPO’s plans said they would instill fear and uncertainty in political appointees.”

Do tell.

Politico contacted members of the two Bush interregnums. Those were the times when housebroken conservatives kept the wheels of government aired up and the tank topped off. Ready to go when the Democrats took over again and fired government up. The thought of those administrations embracing the social issues that helped elect the Bushes was beyond repugnant.

Doing something for the base is what Democrats do. Republicans would never stoop so low.

Naturally the Bushites were appalled by Trump’s effrontery. “’None of the Republican administrations have done that before,’ said a former official who has worked in the personnel office in past GOP administrations. A former senior Obama White House PPO official also said that the office did not ask for letters of resignation from all political appointees back in 2012, and slammed the potential move as ‘incredible.’”

That’s good enough for me. If the swamp doesn’t approve of the policy, I say Damn the Alligators! Full Speed Ahead!

Many of the failures of the Trump administration are self–inflicted. I don’t think Trump really expected to win in 2016. Consequently, he was unprepared to staff the administration. That mistake was compounded when his administration made a point of hiring people for whom the thought of working for Trump was just a bit beneath their dignity.

If Trump is re–elected — and that possibility is looking pretty bleak — I suggest he unleash Johnny McEntee. That way we Deplorables can witness firsthand what a Trump administration filled with supporters can accomplish.

Senate Republicans & The Babylon Bee

The Babylon Bee could avoid the punitive scrutiny of our Big Tech overlords if the site would just follow the lead of Senate Republicans.

The Power of Tech Giants by Christopher Weyant, The Boston Globe, MA

The Babylon Bee is a conservative Christian satire site that has – in the eyes of Silicon Valley censors – committed the unforgivable sin: It’s too effective and too funny.

The Bee is different because it’s unpredictable and most important it satirizes all sides. It pokes gentle, non–profane fun at Christians and atheists, along with conservatives and leftists. This is not to say the satire is split 50–50. The Bee leans conservative and many of the satiric items require insider knowledge of how Christians worship and wrangle.

For example, an insider headline from today’s homepage: “KJV-Only Church Still Staunch Defender Of Early Web Design Principles”

Then Trump is targeted: “Trump Tries To Win Suburban Women By Starring In Series Of Romance Novels.” That article features Donald Trump wearing a frilly, pirate shirt open to his navel on a book titled, “Orange Passion: Four More Years of Ecstasy.”

Two generations of Bidens are satirized. Joe gets, “Health Experts Now Recommend Maximizing Social Distance By Attending A Biden Rally.”

And the son merits, “Heartwarming: Amy Coney Barrett Just Adopted A Local Troubled Youngster Named Hunter.” Under that headline is the familiar Barrett family photo with a Photoshopped Hunter Biden inserted into the last row.

My favorite was the “KJV” headline, but I know it stands for King James Version of the Bible. The casual reader probably wouldn’t recognize the abbreviation or know that Christians have been arguing about what version of the Bible to use in Sunday services for over 100 years.

Had the Bee stayed with Christian insider jokes it would have been safe at least until Kamala Harris’ second term. Publishing topical items is what attracted the Eye of Sauron. The Bee’s Facebook page was demonetized this week after it published, “Senator Hirono Demands ACB Be Weighed Against A Duck To See If She Is A Witch.”

Demonetized means any ad revenue generated by visitors to the site will no longer be shared with the Bee. Facebook will keep all the money. It’s censorship abetting theft. Facebook isn’t worried about repercussions. It’s a monopoly and monopolies do as they please.

The Babylon Bee can’t exist without revenue, which is exactly the point.

Facebook’s justification for digital robbery was the story “incites violence.” Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon summed the situation up nicely, “So after a manual review, Facebook says they stand by their decision to pull down this article and demonetize our page. I’m not kidding. They say this article ‘incites violence.’ It’s literally a regurgitated joke from a Monty Python movie! In what universe does a fictional quote as part of an obvious joke constitute a genuine incitement to violence?”

The Babylon Bee is being punished for being too effective and having too much reach with its impure thoughts.

This could have been avoided if the Bee would only follow the lead of the country club conservatives in the Senate. The last few days have seen a coordinated effort by Big Tech to censor a series of stories from the New York Post based on the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Less than three weeks before the vote Silicon Valley is suppressing an international scandal that could prove deadly to Biden’s chances for winning the election. It’s unprecedented election interference by Big Tech monopolies.

Senate Republicans on the Judiciary Committee were initially talking tough. Subpoenas were going to compel Twitter and Facebook CEOs Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg to explain their enormous in–kind contribution to the Biden campaign. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R–Spineless) promised a vote this week.

Now Politico says even that tiny bit of umbrage has been stamped out. “Judiciary staff has indicated internally that plans for the vote were delayed in part due to some GOP panel members wavering on whether to support the action. Republican officials have also expressed trepidation about how quickly the committee has moved to vote on the subpoenas.”

Well, yes. No need to be hasty. It’s not like there’s an election at stake! These collaborating conservatives will slither back into their offices and hope the storm passes. They don’t particularly like Trump and certainly don’t want their Twitter or Facebook accounts to be frozen.

Instead of continuing to feature the Hirono satire on its home page, the Bee could have buried it with the rough draft of the Senate subpoenas. The Senate’s housebroken conservatives have grown accustomed to bowing before Big Tech.

Had the Babylon Bee stuck to critiquing the cuisine at Baptist potlucks, all this could have been avoided. Just follow the advice of Matthew 10:16 in the Senate Revised Version: “Therefore, be as craven as serpents and harmless as doves.”

The New Abbreviation for Omerta Is FBI

Omerta is the Italian word for the Mafia’s code of silence. When a button soldier was arrested he was expected, upon pain of death, to maintain complete silence regarding the crimes of his fellow Mafiosi.

Rick McKee Augusta Chronicle
Rick McKee Augusta Chronicle

The code broke down after the FBI got serious and started making arrests. When confronted with the choice of a long prison stretch or testifying against the family, the Mafia’s ‘made men’ sang like canaries.

Surprisingly, Omerta was contagious. Close contact with Mafia members during investigations has caused Omerta to jump the lawbreaker — law enforcement barrier and spread to the FBI.

My prediction is Omerta will last much longer among the corrupt FBI’s headquarters staff. That’s because the chances of ‘special agents’ who break the law being prosecuted by fellow members of the Injustice Department are slim and none.

The Federalist has examined the latest text messages coup plotters wanted to keep hidden. Three years of the Russia Collusion Delusion has given Americans a good idea of who the major players in the conspiracy were.

It takes quite a few minions to keep the wheels turning on a coup. Now we are getting more insight into machinations of less famous plotters.

Text messages show the whole Russia investigation was the FBI doing opposition research on Trump for Hillary Clinton, “[D]oing all this election research – I think some of these guys [FBI senior officials] want a [C]linton presidency.”

It quickly became obvious to the minions that the scope of the unprecedented tampering with Trump’s campaign was driven by conspiracy–obsessed anti–Trump fanatics, “I’m tellying [sic] man, if this thing ever gets FOIA’d, there are going to be some tough questions asked. [A]nd a great deal of those will be related to Brian having a scope way outside the boundaries of logic[.]”

The pursuit of Michael Flynn was a witch hunt from the beginning, with no basis in reality. It was simply a way to get back at Flynn, whom Obama hated, and disrupt the Trump administration. Instead of using a subpoena to investigate Flynn’s finances, which require a judge to approve, rogue FBI agents used a “national security letter” that bypassed judicial review and didn’t require probable cause.

The actions of the leaders of the FBI and the Obama administration — who should have been defending the Constitution — remind me of the KGB under Lavrentiy Beria who famously told Stalin that guilt or innocence were unimportant, “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.”

Michael Flynn was the man.

The minions understood the ruse. “What do we expect to get from an NSL[?]” an agent texted. “We put out traces, tripwires to community and nothing.”

“[B]ingo,” was the response. “[S]o what’s an NSL going to do – no content. If we’re working to close down the cases, I’m not sure what NSL results would do to help.”

“[E]xactly that makes no sense,” was the reply.

It got so bad, some agents even took Trump’s side and said the president was correct when he tweeted “The ‘Intelligence’ briefing on so-called ‘Russian hacking’ was delayed until Friday, perhaps more time needed to build a case. Very strange!”

The texts again, “So [the Trump investigation] is going to stay open???”

“[Y]ep. [C]rimes report being drafted.”

“[Obscenity],” the first agent replied.

“[J]esus,” a third agent wrote. “[T]rump was right. [S]till not put together….why do we do this to ourselves. [W]hat is wrong with these people[?]?

What indeed?

The minions saw the Constitution being undermined. They saw the FBI being perverted by power–mad bureaucrats. They witnessed the law and FBI regulations being broken. And what did they do?

Become whistleblowers? Leak to the press? Resign in protest? Make an arrest on their own?

Certainly not. Like good Mafioso, they observed the code of Omerta. And they hedged their bets by buying personal liability insurance to protect themselves if a new attorney general started asking pertinent questions.

Aside from that, they continued to be Good Germans and follow orders as willing participants in the greatest political scandal in US history.

One of the anonymous agents typed, “Hahah this is a nightmare.” He was referring to the investigation, but the truth is the nightmare is ours.

There was no one in the FBI or the Justice Department with the moral courage to put a stop to this coup. There was no one willing to defend the Constitution or the 63 million Americans who voted for Trump. They kept quiet and kept their jobs at the expense of their honor and our country.

Conservatives can stop dreaming about a groundswell of law enforcement officers and government officials bravely remembering their oaths. Federal law enforcement officers who will refuse to obey unconstitutional orders from a Biden/Harris administration.

The left has both Omerta and the FBI. We are on our own.

What If Antifa Sponsored a Presidential Debate?

I’ve got good news for conservatives and independents who watched last Tuesday’s first presidential debate. If you had ‘Witness a Train Wreck’ on your Bucket List, feel free to check that one off.

R.J. Matson, CQ Roll Call

The encounter was a disaster for Trump supporters. When all viewers can recall from a debate is the bickering and not a single sound bite, then the strategy was a failure.

And forget about fighting over earpieces. Tuesday was the first debate in history where allowing candidates to use a teleprompter would have been an improvement. In extemporaneous situations Trump has always been Wham–bam–thank–you–ma’am when it comes to staying on message. One quick mention and he’s done.

A ‘prompter might have kept Trump on message and would’ve allowed voters to see Biden can’t even follow a script.

Trump ignored Napoleon’s maxim: Never interfere with the enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself. Each time Biden was busy digging himself into a hole, Trump would interrupt and grab the shovel.

I assumed Trump spent about five minutes on debate preparation, but now I think that estimate was generous. He should have been ready for four topics and one strategic problem: Flu Manchu, racism, the economy and law & order. The strategic problem was Chris Wallace who was guaranteed to be a hostile interviewer whose sympathies were with Biden.

Most candidate debate preparation includes pre–rehearsed zingers to use on the opponent when he walks into a trap. Think Ronald Reagan and “there you go again” with Jimmy Carter. Trump’s zinger should have been prepared for Wallace with the goal of putting him and the rest of the OpMedia on notice.

Trump could have watched the video of Dick Cheney emasculating the oleaginous Wolf Blitzer. Cheney rejected the premise of loaded questions and refused to fall into Blitzer’s slimy “some people say” innuendo.

Wallace may have guaranteed his retirement income as the chair of a prestigious journalism school with his performance, but Trump didn’t have to help him. The perfect zinger opportunity was when Wallace asked Trump, “But are you willing tonight to condemn white supremacists and militia groups…”

Instead of bending over backwards to accommodate Wallace, Trump should have jumped down his throat.

A sample answer, “Let me explain something. I’m the President of the United States and I was elected by almost 63 million Americans of every race, creed and color and I’ve about had it. You sit there like some prim little schoolmarm and smear those Americans by baselessly implying we welcome the support of racists, bigots and supremacists. You want an answer to your question? Well here it is: I won’t dignify that slander with an answer.”

That would have been the Trump voters elected in 2016. Trump voters are tired of being on the defensive about race and he botched a perfect opportunity.

And that wasn’t the only dropped ball. Trump failed to put the WuFlu in context. When Biden said Trump’s responsible for 200,000 Kung Flu deaths, the president should have said the WuFluenza victims were at least getting treatment. During the Obama/Biden administration 307,000 veterans died WAITING for treatment in VA hospitals.

And the worst is Trump may not have an opportunity to recover because there is a good chance Biden may quit winners and refuse additional debates.

In the 2016 presidential matchup Trump was the challenger and his goal was to reassure conservatives and Republicans that he would fight for them and that he would implement and defend conservative policies.

He did an excellent job. After his performance in the classic second debate I was converted from tepid to triumphant. Still convinced Trump would lose, I was nevertheless eager to get to the polls and vote for him.

This year his goal was different. Trump was the incumbent and defending his record is part of the job description. He didn’t have command of his own facts and it undermined his credibility much more than any OpMedia attacks ever did.

It contrast, Biden’s job was easy. The Trump campaign and columnists like me set the expectations for his performance so very low that all Biden had to do was prove for 90 minutes that he wasn’t Bart Simpson’s grandfather. And that may be enough.

Even worse Trump, the tribune of the forgotten, forgot to speak to directly to the ‘deplorables’ who elected him. He never once looked at the camera — as Biden did — to address his people.

My suggestion to Trump is acquire some discipline and fast. Conduct the next debate tactically and counter–punch rather than counter–shout. Otherwise there is a very real danger that on November 3rd he may be on the receiving end of two words he made famous, “You’re fired!”

Stealing an Election, the Slow–Motion Way

This will come as news to most voters, but we’re having a two–stage presidential election this year. The first stage is Tuesday, November 3rd. The plutocrats at JP Morgan warn Trump’s chances at that stage are improving and consequently advise clients to “position accordingly.”

I assume that means double down on investments in tear gas and fireworks manufacturers.

Gary McCoy, Shiloh, IL

A consulting group funded by Mike ‘Money Can’t Buy Me Love’ Bloomberg agrees. Trump will do well on election day, but Hawkfish CEO Josh Mendelsohn describes Trump’s Nov. 3rd win as a “red mirage.”

That’s because election day only serves to set a target threshold for the left. Once the count is over on Nov. 3rd the left knows exactly how many mail ballots will be required to produce a victory for Gropey Joe Biden.

Mendelsohn is only preparing Trump voters for the final letdown, “The reason we talk about a red mirage is in fact because we believe that on election night, we are going to see Donald Trump in a stronger position than the reality actually is …the data is going to show on election night an incredible victory for Donald Trump.”

A ‘victory’ that will be steadily eroded as mail ballots — or at least the mail ballots that are counted — turn decisively in Biden’s favor.

The Hawkfish prediction of the before–and–after Electoral College count is enough to empty gun stores of the few remaining boxes of ammunition still on the shelf.

Trump will have what appears to be an unassailable lead of 408 Electoral Votes to Biden’s 130. Magically, only seven days later, the count flips and now Biden wins 334 to 204.

I don’t think I’m alone in hearing the chattering wheels of cheatery at work.

Strangely, when I write the left intends to steal the election with a stamp, pushback is immediate from both thieves and victims. Many independents and Republicans mistakenly think the 128,838,342 votes cast in 2016 makes a presidential election is too big to steal. They’re confident that even if the left tries, it would take too many fraudulent votes to change the outcome.

That is a dangerous misconception.

The presidential election is really 50 individual elections. The left could inundate the polls with mimeographed ballots in New York, California, New Jersey, Illinois, Washington and Oregon and it would make no difference, because Trump was never going to win those states.

It’s swing or battleground states where the election will be stolen and Trump’s 2016 margin of victory in those states was whisker–thin. A New York Times analysis found a mere 107,000 votes nationwide “effectively decided the election.” That’s only 0.0008 percent of the total vote. A completely stealable number, particularly when vote counters have a couple of weeks to do it.

In 2016 Trump won Pennsylvania by 0.007 percent of the vote. He won Michigan by 0.002 percent. Wisconsin by 0.008 percent and Florida by 0.012 percent. The political apparatus in three of those four states is a solely–owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party. Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin have Democrat governors. In all three states the mayors of the three largest cities are all Democrat. That means the left controls the vote count machinery. Election judges are appointed by Democrat officials and trained by same. Republicans may be observers, but they won’t be in control.

We saw how this works in the 2008 election in Minnesota that inflicted Al Franken on us. Incumbent Sen. Norm Coleman led by 215 votes at the end of the official count. During the re–count ballots were ‘found’ in the trunk of a car and previously rejected ballots repented and were accepted. Even the ballots of voters in prison were counted, although that was illegal. In the end Franken ‘won’ by 225 votes.

Minnesota was a swing state Hillary won by only 0.016 percent and that was without riots. You can be sure enough mail ballots will arrive after election day to keep the state in Biden’s column.

This is why the lockdown is so important for the left. No school. No work. No return to normal. Fueling the Great Pandemic Panic is designed to frighten people. Frightened people won’t go to the polls and will instead vote by mail. This unprecedented, tsunami of mail ballots will swamp the system.

Ask yourself, why is the left adamantly in favor of a mail voting system that is so much more inefficient and slower than in–person voting?

Simple. In a vote–by–mail election it’s not who casts the votes that’s most important, it’s who counts the votes. And in too many battleground states the votes are going to be counted by the people who believe it’s morally unthinkable and their duty to prevent another Trump win.

Powerful TVA Learns Little People Can Fight Back

From day one the Trump HR operation has been the Chernobyl of Human Resources. Instead of hiring some of the 63 million people who voted for Trump, the administration made a point of hiring people for whom the Trump administration was a bit beneath their dignity.

Rick McKee, The Augusta Chronicle, GA

At least a few of the appointee failures could have been solved by having all new hires attend an orientation that consisted solely of watching a 2016 Trump campaign rally in full. That would have been the first exposure to the issues that won the election for Trump for many and would have served to put them on notice regarding the administration’s priorities.

Now, as Trump’s first term draws to a close, the administration is finally taking steps to punish wayward appointees. Although in typically Trump fashion it isn’t a systematic effort. Instead Trump became aware of the betrayal when a group of little people decided they weren’t going to lie down and take it.

The story begins in Tennessee. The Tennessee Valley Authority is a federally–chartered corporation created by FDR during the depths of the Great Depression. The TVA’s goal was to control flooding by harnessing the rivers for hydroelectric power and then generate economic development.

Like most government behemoths, TVA long–ago lost sight of its mission as a US entity supposed to help US citizens. The new CEO, Jeff Lyash, evidently decided he was tired of creating jobs in Tennessee and wanted to start growing careers in Thiruvananthapuram.

The Chattanooga Times Free Press found Lyash intended to import tech workers from India, using the H1–B visa program, to replace 200 US citizens already doing the job.

This is callous, corporate arrogance at its most corrupt. An organization created by Congress to aid Americans has no more business importing foreign serfs to replace citizens than the USPS has hiring drug mules to deliver the mail.

The H1–B visa scam is a popular in corporate suites because this government–sponsored wage–reduction program that’s an ideal solution for tech executives who don’t like to travel.

Instead of shipping jobs overseas, cynical U.S. corporations violate U.S. law to bring the workers here.

Problem solved. The boss doesn’t have to worry about drinking the water and the US wage scale is now identical to that of Bombay. The part of the law that says visas are only to be used for jobs the company can’t fill domestically is winked at by everyone, except the 200 Americans doing the work previously at TSA who get fired.

Most of the time companies force citizens to train the foreigners who have come to take their job, which is like ISIS making captives sharpen swords. The company keeps the terminated employees quiet by forcing them to sign non–disclosure agreements if they want to receive severance.

The employees at TVA decided to fight back. They met with the president and after the meeting Trump finally laid down the law firing two members of the board, “So, let this serve as a warning to any federally appointed board. If you betray American workers, then you will hear two simple words: You’re fired. If the TVA does not move swiftly to reverse their decision to rehire their workers, then more board members will be removed.”

TVA’s response indicates Trump must keep firing. Lyash has no intention of changing his policy. In his breathtakingly arrogant and duplicitous response to the president he let fly with a burst of HR jargon, “We have a rigorous decision–making process that includes dialogue with the impacted union and an appeals process that is still underway. No potentially impacted employee from TVA will be let go until that entire process is complete.”

If Lyash intends to obey the president there is no need for an “appeals process” because he would simply stop giving US jobs to foreigners and rehire the citizens. What’s more, the “appeals process” is simply a method of delaying until after the election when Lyash hopes Trump will be gone and he can tell the citizens who stood up to him not to let the door hit them in the behind.

This is the bureaucrat swamp mindset that Trump has faced since he took office. It’s an indictment of his lack of seriousness that he didn’t drop and continue dropping the hammer on these popinjay potentates from the day he took the oath of office.

Lyash personifies the ‘I’m all right Jack’ mentality of our corporate titans. When he took over as president of Ontario Power Generation, he booted some Canadian out of a job, so why should he care if US little people get fired?

Trump should make him care. That’s why Trump was elected.  It shouldn’t have taken Trump four years to take action.

Liz Cheney Bites Off Less Than She Can Chew

There exists a type of country club conservative that desperately wants to fit in after being elected. The cultural issues most important to the base are cringe inducing for these squishy Republicans. Abortion, immigration, term limits, fighting consonant crusaders and America First might be briefly discussed during the campaign, but are avoided after taking the oath of office.

Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune

Slippery, shape–shifting GOP elected officials in state capitals and Washington could be eliminated if state Republican parties insisted candidates sign a pledge to support a legislative agenda after election. State delegates could decide on the top five priorities. Candidates who won’t agree to support those priorities after election aren’t allowed to run as Republicans.

Officeholders who renege on their promise can’t run for re–election as a Republican.

That’s a penalty with teeth. If only we had state GOP leaders with equally sharp teeth.

It’s easy to spot the cocktail conservative. Fitting in for them means signaling lobbyists and the Swamp that they have no intention of rocking the bateau.

House Republican Conference Chairwoman Rep. Liz Cheney (R–WY) is the latest example. She’s making it abundantly clear that in House leadership Cheney is former Speaker Paul Rino in a skirt.

Cheney is a political dynasty candidate who would have preferred to hold office as a member of the aristocracy, but was forced to become a Republican if she expected to win. She mouths conservative talking points with the same sincerity as Joe Biden taking Communion.

Cheney never misses an opportunity to signal to elite America that she’s not one of THOSE Republicans.

As the WoePost delicately puts it, “[Cheney] is carving out a lane for herself in a post–Trump world and plotting an ambitious ascent in the leadership ranks.” A “post–Trump world” is a world where Trump voters are once again on the outside looking in as our housebroken conservatives dine with lobbyists and determine our fate.

Liz has defended the increasingly erratic Dr. Ubiquitous Fauci and his Flu Manchu lockdown regime. She’s criticized President Trump’s Kung Flu strategy, giving aid and comfort to the left. And she embraced the phrase Nancy Pelosi used to attack the president when Cheney tweeted, “Dick Cheney says WEAR A MASK. #realmenwearmasks.”

Her collaboration with the left led to a mini–revolt in the House GOP Caucus.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R–FL) tweeted, “Liz Cheney has worked behind the scenes (and now in public) against @realDonaldTrump and his agenda. House Republicans deserve better as our Conference Chair. Liz Cheney should step down or be removed.”

A source described as a GOP senior staffer told Breitbart News, “The rank-and-file House Republicans are attempting to get leadership that actually reflects their voters on issues.”

What cemented Cheney’s reputation for me as a craven Swamp toady was her latest internal attack on her own party.

Quisling conservatives signal their distaste for the base by attacking a powerless fringe segment of the party. Cheney chose QAnon.

Immune to perspective, Liz thundered QAnon is “dangerous lunacy that should have no place in American politics.”

She may have been shooting for a Profile in Courage. What Cheney achieved was a Profile in Irrelevancy.

QAnon is the bizarre theory that a cabal of Satan–worshiping pedophiles is running a shadow government trying to overthrow Trump. One successful GOP candidate has expressed mild interest. If that candidate wins in November, the percentage of QAnon–influenced GOP incumbents tops out at 0.003 percent.

Had Cheney wanted to demonstrate genuine leadership, there is a dangerous lunacy in American politics that has a great deal of support and presents a tangible threat.

It goes by two names: Systemic racism or institutional racism. It’s a philosophy that’s even nuttier than the claim pedophiles run pizzerias. The last time the USA suffered from institutional racism was in the South under Democrat–imposed Jim Crow laws. That systemic racism ended in the last century.

The election and re–election of Barack Obama proves institutional racism is dead. No other 1st–world nation has elected a black man as its leader. The “dangerous lunacy” that labels the USA as a racist state is a destructive lie that fuels violence and hate.

An online search of Cheney public statements produces zero mention of either ‘institutional racism’ or ‘systemic racism’.

That’s the lunacy Cheney should have attacked. Liz didn’t because that would mean taking Big Tech, Big Education, Big NGOs and all the rest of the left head on. It would have rocked the bateau for sure. It would have been a fight worthy of a member of the House leadership.

The fact Cheney ignored burning cities produced by race hustlers and instead attacked a handful of anonymous Internet fruitloops tells you everything you need to know.

Liz Cheney is just another collaborationist conservative easing into the Swamp.

Let’s Unleash RICO on the Meat Mafia

I am forever indebted to the anonymous Trump supporter that had a crate of desk calendars shipped to the White House. Knowing what day it is in that turbulent environment is always a plus, but this donor went the extra mile and evidently took time to circle election day in red.

Rick McKee, The Augusta Chronicle

I’m convinced that calendar shipment is responsible for the recent flurry of activity regarding the campaign promises responsible for Trump’s election.

Let’s take immigration, the premier issue that powered the Trump victory. With the exception of a few executive orders, appointees in the executive branch did almost nothing. The Department of Justice is a prime example.

Attorney General Sleepy Jeff Sessions recuses himself from the Russia Collusion Delusion, and was evidently convinced he couldn’t get involved with any investigation that involved foreigners.

It was open borders, open season until the calendars dropped.

Now Mark Krikorian, writing in the National Review, finds a crackdown, that if it continues, could finally begin to reverse the flow of this human river.

Immigration & Customs Enforcement “has just announced the first indictments against managers at some of the Mississippi chicken plants [raided one year ago]. Four people at two of the plants have been charged with a variety of crimes, including harboring illegal aliens, wire fraud, identity theft, and more. All four could potentially spend the rest of their lives in prison.”

This is important because the cost of illegal immigration is transferred to the people and companies benefiting from luring illegals across the border.

The Meat Mafia looks at aiding and abetting illegals on a cost–benefit basis. And currently the benefits of conspiring and hiring illegals far outweigh the minimal cost. First, when you import your labor from Tijuana you also import Tijuana’s wage scale. Employee benefits are picked up by the surrounding community, at practically no cost to the company. Emergency rooms function as health insurance. Taxpayers foot the bill for education, breakfast and lunch. And Walmart is always bilingual.

These involuntary subsidies extorted from the surrounding community make hiring illegals easy to justify to upper management. The only additional cost is campaign contributions to state and federal politicians so as to keep enforcement confined to the occasional 7/11 parking lot.

These Mississippi indictments change the calculus and start shifting the burden to those causing the problem. Krikorian believes it took a year for the indictments because of the complexities of the case and the difficulty of proving the executive suite “knowingly” knew of the hiring policies. “Tysons was acquitted in a 2003 case because, while the lower- level managers were indisputably guilty, top corporate management had enough buffers between it and the button men in the field that it was able to beat the rap.”

I’m sure management jefes just assumed the overwhelming predominance of Spanish spoken on the production line was just a function of the growing popularity of soccer in the US.

Here’s a suggestion that would speed prosecutions and really make hiring illegals too expensive for the Meat Mafia. What other criminal organization uses buffers and winks–and–nods to shield the bosses from the underlings? If you said the Mafia, you win. So why not use the law that broke that criminal organization to break these corporate criminals?

As Wikipedia explains, “indictments under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act allows the leaders of a syndicate to be tried for the crimes they ordered others to do or assisted them in doing, closing a perceived loophole that allowed a person who instructed someone else to, for example, murder, to be exempt from the trial because they did not actually commit the crime personally.”

It’s no exaggeration to compare the Meat Mafia to the real Mafia. Indictments at the Agriprocessors beef plant included, “a variety of crimes, including harboring illegal aliens, child labor, ID theft, document fraud, bank fraud, mail fraud, money laundering, and more.” These employers are a criminal conspiracy that deserves prosecution under conspiracy law.

Even better, RICO allows for civil suits against the organization from others damaged by its criminal actions. Hospitals suing for unpaid medical bills, relatives suing for loved ones killed by drunk–driving illegals and school districts suing for over–burdened classrooms would quickly make the cost of hiring illegals to be prohibitively expensive.

And there is the prison time.

These crackdowns work. Tyson’s, even with the buffers that allowed it to beat the rap in 2003, got the message. It’s been investing heavily in automating the production line, something that wasn’t necessary under the Juan Crow regime that imported cheap, illegal Latin American labor.

The truth is illegals aren’t doing the work Americans won’t do. Illegals are doing the work robots could do. And robots won’t be filling emergency rooms, schools and welfare agencies.