Meet the New Senate Hypocrites, Same as the Old Hypocrites

Republican duplicity continues on the Obamacare front and it’s got me stumped. What’s the bigger lie?

If you like your doctor, you can keep him?

Or if you elect a Republican Congress we’ll repeal Obamacare?

Potentially even worse than the lying is the hypocrisy. Members of Congress colluding with the administration are now receiving a yearly subsidy of between $5,000 and $10,000 to buy an Obamacare policy regardless of their total household income.

One expects this from Democrats, but now Republicans are enjoying the handouts and preventing efforts at repeal from Sen. David Vitter (R–LA). The entire,depressing story is in my Newsmax column:

Let a Smile Be Your Ballistic Vest

US Army’s everyone–wins–a–beret leadership continues to be confounded by poor morale in the ranks. They don’t understand why their efforts to accommodate malcontents, losers and the mentally ill are undermining the confidence of majority of the troops.

Don’t the grunts realize that with this administration if you’re in the Pentagon and want a promotion you have to put “diversity” and “inclusion” far ahead of unit cohesion?

If they could only find a way to reduce the amount of testosterone in the ranks, short of adding potassium nitrate to the macaroni! In the meantime, the Army has wasted almost $300 million on a morale–boosting indoctrination program that doesn’t work.

Expensive details in my Newsmax column at:

Don’t Worry if Your Cheese Is Older Than You

The USDA contends 36 pounds of food per person is wasted each month because easily frightened consumers are tossing groceries based on pessimistic expiration dates.
That’s probably a low estimate. I periodically have to go hands–on with my wife when she experiences a busy–body seizure and attempts to toss food that is merely gaining momentum in my refrigerator.
Learn the proper way to help cheese and milk celebrate its birthday in my Newsmax column:

It’s Time Veterans Had Freedom of Choice

It’s ironic that veterans are always characterized as having fought for our freedom, but when it comes to their health care, they have no choice. Their only options are the totalitarian VA hospital system or buying a copy of the ‘Operation’ board game at Target for DIY treatment.

EBT benefit cards are good at any store that sells groceries. Those recipients aren’t forced to buy at Uncle Sam’s Slim Pickin’s Food Store. My solution is to give vets the freedom to choose their medical care.

Details in my Newsmax column:

Social Critic Zubeidat Tsarnaev Prompts Another Look at Welfare

The surviving Boston bomber has been convicted. A taxpayer leech for the most of his life, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will still be living on the taxpayer dime for the rest of his miserable life in prison.

The whole family is living proof of the failure of the US welfare and immigration system, which means it might be a good idea to take another look at the social safety net.

Fortunately, Republican–controlled states are doing just that and making much needed reforms. Details in my Newsmax column:

Social Security Administration: A Graveyard for Competence

Many baby boomers are rightly worried about the solvency of the Social Security Administration, but even if the system has the money there is no guarantee the check will arrive.

Social Security sends money to people who are dead while at the same time balancing the equation by declaring the living to be dead and cutting off their access to the system. It’s government efficiency at its finest.

I’ve got all the details in my Newsmax column. Click on this link:

GOP Candidates Continue to Toss Money Down Cornhole

GOP handout recipients have trouble eliciting sympathy.

GOP handout recipients have trouble eliciting sympathy.

The really big difference between Republican and Democrat handout recipients is their ability to be sympathetically photogenic. When pressed, the average Democrat welfare recipient can hide the flat–screen TV, stash the cellphone in a drawer and refrain from cigarette smoking. And it’s not too much trouble to pretend to fill out the job application or limp convincingly to prove the bad back disability claim as long as photographers and media are around.

The Republican dependency class is another genus entirely. Empathy generating photo shoots and news coverage for these check–cashers is simply a non–starter. Hiding the Rolex, wheeling the executive jet inside the hangar, displacing the butler from the servant’s quarters and convincing the first wife to pretend to supervise the caterer is just too difficult to organize.

If Democrat welfare beneficiaries can avoid arrest, making jihad videos and Judge Judy the money continues to arrive completely free of social disapproval.

Not so for GOP crony capitalists. These leeches fight a two front war: Prevent competition and confuse conservatives. They are loud and proud “job creators,” economic mainstays and incubators of breakthrough technology! All the favored crony industry requires for total success is billions of taxpayer dollars in perpetuity while the people who supply the tax dollars maintain a discrete and respectful silence.

And Republican officeholders must pretend the conservative market principles they espouse in campaign commercials somehow don’t apply to this particular crony.

A disappointing number of 2016 GOP presidential candidates recently did just that in Iowa during the quadrennial Pour Money Down the Cornhole Festival otherwise known as the Iowa Ag Summit.

There Republican presidential candidates worship the ethanol subsidy and praise ethanol entrepreneurs for their selfless addiction to subsidies and environmental fairy tales.

The Renewable Fuel Standards law requires all gasoline refined in the US be 10 percent ethanol. Ethanol is the wonder product, made from corn, which makes gasoline more costly while reducing miles per gallon and increasing wear on internal combustion engines.

Diluting perfectly efficient gas with ethanol is like forcing mom to add sawdust to her cake recipe to protect our valuable flour stockpile. Sure the additional roughage keeps dad regular, but wear and tear on teeth and the occasional oven fire — not to mention that Home Depot flavor — doesn’t come close to compensating for the missing wheat.

The same is true for ethanol, all at a cost to taxpayers of $6 billion a year in handouts.

Somehow those facts didn’t make it into the spiel GOP mega contributor and summit sponsor Bruce Rastetter made.

Ethanol supporters would have one believe that before the bill was passed requiring refineries to dilute your gasoline, corn grew wild in Iowa and no one was even aware there was a use for the weed, other than the occasional frontier corn fritter. And even after wise agronomists in Washington started throwing money at corn farmers the fuel market was controlled by sinister forces that prevented innovation.

Just like the whale oil cartel prevented widespread drilling for oil until the early 60’s.

As columnist Paul Driessen wrote Rastetter’s pitch to the assembled candidates was pointed and effective: Failure to support ethanol handouts in Iowa means no victory in the 2016 caucus and no chance for the GOP nomination.

Naturally Big Government Republicans didn’t require much in the way of pressure to crumble. Jeb Bush said corny gasoline reduces the demand for imported oil. Mike Huckabee said it’s a way for the nation to “fuel itself.” (No pun intended.) And Lindsay Graham solemnly stated “Every gallon of ethanol … is one less gallon you have to buy from people who hate your guts,” which makes you wonder when Obama started pumping gas.

Rick Santorum, trying to get someone to pay attention, thought the RFS means something besides oil and natural gas “are allowed into [the energy] stream.” And Scott Walker was a profile in cowardice as he abandoned his 2006 call for an end to ethanol subsidies.

Rick Perry split the difference and wanted to end federal ethanol subsidies, but said that individual states could choose to be a foster parent for corn, which is at least a Constitutionally valid stance and would exempt most states that don’t grow corn and corn lobbyists.

The only candidates claiming to be conservative supporters of market competition and having the courage to tell Iowa voters the subsidy spigot should be turned off were Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio — although Rubio did refer to corn as “maize.”

There’s an old song about moonshiners called “White Lightening” with a refrain that goes “Mighty, mighty pleasin’ my pappy’s corn squeezin’s.” Until Republicans can stop “pleasin’” crony capitalists with subsidies at the expense of the public, taxpayers will continue to be subject to regular “squeezin.”

When the Candles on Granny’s Birthday Cake Become a Fire Hazard

Crack bureaucrats at the Social Security Administration have 6.5 million names in the database of people 112 years old and older, which is quite an accomplishment when you consider the average life expectancy in the Obamanation is 85.

No wonder you have to honk at drivers in the right–on–red lane to get them to move.

Even more remarkable, many of these individuals are still paying INTO the system while they learn to speak English in the 7/11 parking lot.

That’s longevity Uncle Sam style.

Read all about these seniority oozing seniors in my latest Newsmax column at:

CPAC 2015 Jindal Surprises, Walker & Paul Solid

CPAC 2015 featured a number of unlikely and unacceptable alleged candidates for president including Big Mouth Donald Trump and Deadbeat Carly Fiorina. Of course Trump is just in it for the branding boost and the ego massage, which actually makes sense in a Kardashian sort of way.

But how could Fiorina possibly think she’s a credible candidate? She ran once for the Senate in California and lost. To top that off she stiffed her consultants for thousands of dollars in bills she still refuses to pay. Other than the odd bankruptcy, I think even Trump pays his bills.

But enough of the sideshow candidates.

There were solid presidential candidates at CPAC and you can have the benefit of my opinions and abuse in this week’s Newsmax column found here:


Laws that Are Good for Us Aren’t Good Enough for Them

Last December I wrote of Sen. David Vitter’s lonely fight to make our elected panjandrums and their courtesans live under that same laws we do. You can find that column here.

As you might imagine this is very difficult because our “public servants” mostly consider themselves better than the public they serve.

Sen. Vitter believes in the principle that restaurant food is better if the cook eats it, too. And the same goes for legislation, although politicians don’t have to eat the bill — not even Nancy Pelosi needs that much roughage.

Just live by the laws they pass, like the rest of us do.

I interviewed Sen. Vitter last week and he’s making progress on requiring Washington to suffer under Obamacare, too, but even with a Republican House and Senate the struggle remains an uphill climb.

Complete details are here in my Newsmax column: