A Minneapolis Neighborhood’s Bold Experiment in Victimhood

The New York Times has a story that’s entertaining reading for conservatives. It concerns a mostly white, solidly leftist neighborhood so inspired by the death of George Floyd at the hands of a rogue policeman, they decided to volunteer to become victims, too.

Rapidly the residents of Minneapolis’ Powderhorn Park began living in Powderkeg Park.

Gary McCoy, Shiloh, IL

Almost en masse, the “progressive neighbors have vowed to avoid calling law enforcement into their community. Doing so …would add to the pain that black residents of Minneapolis were feeling and could put them in danger.”

The headline was “A Minneapolis Neighborhood Vowed to Check Its Privilege.” Checking your privilege to those forward thinkers means volunteering to be a crime victim. It’s not white folks promising to ‘stop snitchin.’’ They’re promising to never start snitchin’.

It was a bold step into the past.

When one of the first don’t–ring–the–cops ringleaders moved into Powderhorn, it was plagued by prostitutes, johns and gangbangers. She spent most of her time shooing off ‘working girls’ and calling the cops.

This new experiment in Hobbesian living is characterized by the philosophical thread linking all leftist experiments in utopia. The project is judged by the intent of the effort and not the results. No one is required to take personal responsibility. And in any evaluation of the effort the only moral position is the one taken by the left.

Possibly the neighborhood is nostalgic for grit or maybe there is such condition as criminal naiveté. Either way, I want to give credit where credit is due. Normally the procedure for elite leftists is to make other people live up to their high ideals. Meanwhile the elite’s money, personal security and gated communities insulate them from any consequences.

Not this time. These leftists are living the nightmare themselves.

Before you could say ‘police brutality’ vagrants erected a tent city in the park the neighborhood was named after. “The multiracial group of roughly 300 new residents seems to grow larger and more entrenched every day. They do laundry, listen to music and strategize about how to find permanent housing. Some are hampered by mental illness, addiction or both.

“Their presence has drawn heavy car traffic …some from drug dealers. At least two residents have overdosed in the encampment and had to be taken away in ambulances.”

Powderkeg Park is no longer a sea of tranquility. One of the pledge–takers lives in fear. She dreams of using a bat to defend herself from home invaders. Sexual harassment stopped another from walking her dog in the park. One’s ideological commitment to a false narrative has resulted in her kids being drafted into the cause. Like the dogs, they can’t play in the park either because it’s unsafe.

This has not caused commitment to lag. “The women agreed to let any property damage, including to their own homes, go ignored.” And if they saw anyone in real danger they decided to call the vigilantes at the American Indian Movement.

Mitchell Erickson could have used an AIM war party. He was confronted by the new arrivals. “Two black teenagers who looked to be 15 …cornered him outside his home a block away from the park.” One of the oppressed pointed a gun at Erickson and demanded his car keys. Understandably rattled, he gave the thugs his house keys instead, so they went down the street and stole another social experimenter’s auto.

Erickson forgot his commitment to social justice and backslid. He called the police. He atoned for his lapse by pledging “not [to] cooperate with prosecutors in a case against the boys.”

Days later he was still riven by regret. ” I regret calling the police. It was my instinct but I wish it hadn’t been. I put those boys in danger of death by calling the cops.”

And there you have the leftist mindset. A rare combination of condescension, noblesse oblige and racial stereotyping.

No one is responsible. Everyone’s a victim of circumstances beyond their control. Drugs too cheap. Work too early. School too boring. Otherguy did it.

The real irony for this collection of calamity volunteers is that if they would only agree to be baptized they could personify the weak, meek, generous, forgiving Christians the secular world demands believers become!

What’s confusing was why a ‘reporter’ as mendacious as Caitlin Dickerson — she peddles the lie that “scores of police killings [are] part of a systemic problem of the dehumanization of black people by the police” — would let facts that weren’t all butterflies and balloons into the story?

Then it dawned on me. Dickerson doesn’t consider white men with a gun shoved in their face, white women being MeTooed and white folks in general losing access their neighborhood park to be negative at all.

College Football Becomes a Political Football

Swiss politicians have allowed prostitutes to open up for business. Here the ubiquitous Dr. Fauci approves of Tinder dates getting down and dirty. But for some reason the thought of football players going hands–on is controversial.

Bruce Plante, Tulsa World

Initially it looked like hatred of capitalism. Colleges are desperate for TV broadcast money to prop up athletic departments. Only hookers aren’t in the game for the joy of making new friends either. Blocking football must be another entry in the Great Pandemic Panic.

Government K–12 schools are going to get every last dime of your property tax money regardless of whether students are “distance learning” or playing Halo. Universities though, are reluctant participants in the free market.

That’s why the NCAA Division I Council approved ‘voluntary’ workouts in football and basketball. The SEC will allow athletes on campus June 8th. Big 12 schools begin on June 15 because SEC teams need an additional week of publicity to make that obscure league competitive this fall.

Lincoln Riley, head coach at my alma mater the University of Oklahoma, is waiting an additional two weeks. OU will open July 1st just a few days after the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival concludes. Presumably the Flu Manchu will be recovering from the festivities, making the virus weaker and less contagious.

The combination of money and football has the Washington Post’s Social Justice Warriors in an uproar. Columnist Jerry Brewer’s undies are particularly bunched, “here are two simple sentences to kindle your critical thinking: In many states, it may be too dangerous to have students on campus this fall. Nevertheless, universities are willing to consider staging football practices and games.”

Let’s take a brief intermission to review the SCIENCE!

Sunlight kills the virus. Football practice takes place in the sun.

In a study of 318 outbreak clusters in China — home of the Kung Flu — only two of the outbreaks occurred outdoors. Football practice (see above).

The CDC calculates for a person between the ages of 15 and 24 (think football age) living in the US the chance of any type of death during a single year is 80 deaths per 100K population. According to Johns Hopkins the current death rate for the WuFlu is 30 deaths/100K and 80 percent of those are among the elderly.

The chance of a football player dying from the China Flu is about one–third the chance of dying from any random cause.

The only players who might face an elevated risk are those morbidly obese offensive and defensive linemen. Maybe it’s just me, but I think the game can get by with 270–pound offensive and defensive linemen as it did for decades before the recent era’s Great Bloating. The big tuskers can stay home and lose weight on a full scholarship.

Brewer can’t seem to grasp that if there are very few students on campus it will be safer for the players, since there will be fewer potential virus vectors wandering around.

SCIENCE doesn’t matter to Brewer: “I don’t know what is more diabolical: prematurely committing to college-as-usual and ignoring the health risks for the hidden purpose of preparing to play ball or drafting players to come back and be covid-19 football guinea pigs.”

That argument ignores the fact the players and their parents have a great deal of say in the matter. If they subscribe to his ‘we’re all gonna die!’ philosophy, the players will stay home.

Brewer acts like players are being ordered to participate in the Ebola Bowl, but the facts don’t support his dire fantasies. Iowa State intends to open its season September 5th as planned, but only season ticket holders will be allowed in the stadium. That cuts capacity in half, reducing exposure for fans, just as their masks will reduce the volume of cheering.

When you write for the WoePost, everyone either is a victim or will soon be one. What Brewer obviously never considers is most of the players will WANT to come back. Brewer was not a college athlete and there is no evidence he competed in a serious athletic league after college. That leads me to believe he doesn’t understand players define themselves by what they play. Paternalistically banning football in the name of neurotic safety concerns, erases the core of their self–definition.

Football is an inherently dangerous sport and players are well aware of that. Football players are risk takers. If they weren’t they’d be playing ballerina ball or swimming. Letting a virus that mostly passes over young people kill their season is simply cruel.

Brewer’s solution is in keeping with the scolds who lack proportionality and ignore SCIENCE that doesn’t conform to their ideology: “No school. No ball. No excuses.”

That’s easy enough for Brewer to declare. The clock isn’t ticking on his career.

We’ve Found the Cure for a Pandemic!

Wow, what a relief that is. Here I was thinking it would take months for a new vaccine to eliminate the WuFlu and release Americans Held Hostage. When all it really took to eradicate Pandemic Panic was looting a few Apple stores.

It was low tech, but it worked. Sure, there were millions of dollars in property damage and the reputation of law enforcement was tarnished. But look on the bright side: It’s been two weeks since we’ve had to listen to Dr. Anthony Fauci!

Just because we’re sweeping up glass and sand–blasting graffiti we shouldn’t forget the hidden victims of the Flu Manchu. Patients in hospitals and nursing homes dominated the airwaves for months. They were visible victims and the ostensible reason for the lockdown.

What we didn’t see were the invisible lockdown victims and they are just as real.

The Washington Examiner explains. “Doctors in Northern California say they have seen more deaths from suicide than they’ve seen from the coronavirus during the pandemic.”

Suicide is the most extreme manifestation of a widespread problem. SFGate reports, “A third of Americans are showing signs of clinical anxiety or depression, Census Bureau data shows, the most definitive and alarming sign yet of the psychological toll exacted by the coronavirus pandemic.”

The Kung Flu may pass over young adults, but the lockdown hasn’t. “Those results reflect a deepening of existing trends: rising depression, stress and suicide among young adults. Maria Oquendo, a professor of psychiatry, says, ‘What’s worrying is the effect this situation is clearly having on young adults.’”

The question is how many instances of depression have victimized a particularly vulnerable segment of our younger population? A segment already wracked with insecurity, paranoia and all–pervasive anxiety.

Daryl Cagle, CagleCartoons.com

You know who I’m talking about: Vegans.

These stick–figure fanatics put on a bold front, claiming how their grass–clippings diet makes them more ‘energetic,’ ‘cleansed’ and ‘natural,’ but it’s all a delusion. One among many. Cornell University’s Daniel Rosenfeld published an article in Appetite that found vegetarians (viewed as heretics and backsliders by hard–core vegans) taken as a whole were more likely to be depressed than meat–eaters.

Psychology Today found a study of 90,000 adults conducted by French researchers. They analyzed normal, well–adjusted meat eaters, along with vegetarians, pescatarians and vegans. As anyone who’s ever eaten bacon for breakfast could have told them, “The incidence of depression increased with each food group that was given up. People who had given up at least three of four animal-related food groups (red meat, poultry, fish, and dairy) were at nearly two-and-a-half times greater risk to suffer from depression.”

It’s the pressure from the vegan’s Old Testament–like dietary laws. Each time they sit down to eat it’s a mini–broadcast of Dinner Plate CSI. Where did these vegetables come from? Was the greenery harvested within 100 yards of a cow? And am I depriving a harmless rabbit of his dinner?

Their rules for eating have replaced the old rules for sex in the vegan’s hierarchy of social taboos. A cultural reversal that makes church–going folks who’ll eat almost anything except bait and Chinese bats a bunch of licentious hedonists.

Now there is a literature sub–group composed of people who tell harrowing tales of abandoning the vegan lifestyle.

Victoria Hoff for example, “When I told my parents …I had decided to adopt a vegan diet, the declaration instigated an argument that ultimately ended in a vow from me. ‘I’ll only do this as long as it serves my health,’ …adding that I’d make good on the promise with regular blood testing to monitor my nutrient levels.”

That statement points out the basic flaw in the vegan lifestyle. Any food regimen that puts you on a kind of dietary life support — requiring regular medical monitoring to stave off death — is probably not good for you in the long run.

It certainly wasn’t for Victoria. She only lasted nine months.

Vegan blogger Jordan Younger told the New York Post, “My vegan diet almost killed me.” She was bloated, constipated and often felt so exhusted she had to blog from bed. When Younger announced she was embracing the cow, enraged cud–chewers crashed her website and issued death threats.

Fortunately for her, most of them were probably too weak to carry out the threat.

Inflicting a cellulose–only diet on yourself is bad enough. Doing to your children can be considered child abuse. Empty Prince Harry and his equally vacant wife, Meghan are toying with raising baby Archie as a vegan. In Belgium doctors say that’s dangerous and parents who do it should be prosecuted.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t heard from your vegan friend. Please check on them. They could have missed a blood test during the lockdown and be passed out on the floor.

Never a Cop Around When You Need One

It’s been a tough year for keepers of the peace. First you had the “heavily–armed” 2nd Amendment supporters in Richmond, VA. The Associated Press warned it was going to be a “show of force.” That looming threat forced Virginia Gov. Ralph ‘Blackface’ Northam to declare a State of Emergency, ban weapons from the capitol grounds and mobilize the state police.

Rick McKee, Counterpoint

It was touch–and–go. Cong. Don Beyer of Northern VA tweeted, “[Richmond] drew large numbers of white nationalists, militias and racist conspiracy theorists…Neo–Nazis tried to use the rally to launch violent attacks.”

Petula Dvorak, the Washington Post’s chubby chronicler of conventional wisdom, lamented, “Y’all, it smelled like fear out here in Virginia.”

After the rally, the increasingly unstable leftist stenographer for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Will Bunch, screamed, “America — although we may be too frightened to even admit it — just witnessed arguably the most successful use of terrorism on U.S. soil in nearly a generation.”

The aroma of cordite had barely cleared the air before fanatical anti–WuFlu lockdown protestors took to the streets selfishly wanting to go back to work. Business owners, drunk on visions of Ayn Rand, threw open the doors to their establishments and actually tried to attract customers.

Some restaurants boldly began serving food!

Concerned relatives rushed home from the liquor stores and pot shops to shrink–wrap their grandmothers as those uncaring disease vectors took to the streets without masks or social distancing.

A few preemptive arrests, forcible business closings and punitive fines managed to extinguish that outbreak. Only to suddenly have pastors start to go rogue. Churches that willingly gave up Easter services got restive and threatened to start worshiping God again.

Then came a miracle! Politicians who never darken the door of a church — unless it’s to troll for votes — suddenly became concerned about the welfare of Baptists. Rapid response saved the day. A few pastors spent the night in jail, state police photographed the license plates of worshipers daring to disobey Caesar and a local police entered sanctuaries to tell worshipers to go home.

All that safe–keeping comes at a steep price. One can only be on high alert for so long before exhaustion takes its toll and the system begins to break down.

Thank goodness, peaceful protesters objecting to George Floyd’s in–custody death finally showed up to give authorities a well–earned break. And the rest of us a lesson.

If your cause is blessed by the leftist establishment, the treatment is kid gloves. If your cause isn’t PC enough, God help you.

The over 20,000 gun–toting 2nd Amendment supporters in Richmond were met with unrelenting hostility on the part of the state and the city.

Police forced protesters into an enclosure ringed by fencing that looked like Gitmo for Guns. Activists that wanted to be part of the official proceedings were forced to go through a single metal detector. That caused a tremendous backup only matched by a second backup inside the fence where thoughtful police provided a single bathroom to serve thousands.

Protesters who didn’t disarm had to stay outside and wander the streets. At the conclusion of the Day of Disdain on the part of the authorities, the capitol grounds were left spotless and the streets of Richmond quiet.

Here’s where I’m confused. The peaceful Floyd protesters are met with open arms by city, state and the OpMedia. Protesters come and go as they please. Police chiefs can’t say enough about how inspiring the protesters are. And after all that love, I could swear I saw buildings burning and stores being looted.

Armed lockdown protesters in Michigan that legally entered the capitol building were described by the media as “storming the capitol.” While Floyd rally attendees who did storm a police station are ‘mostly peaceful.’

The people who want to open the stores that looters loot feel the full weight of the law when they step out of line. While the peaceful protesters lay waste to downtowns across the nation.

Here’s the real lesson for people who pay taxes. The moral cowards who compose our modern authorities specialize in arresting those they know won’t put up a fight. People like you.

If there is a chance for controversial coverage by yapping news poodles, the authorities won’t even try to enforce a curfew that would save local businesses. They claim to be “overwhelmed.”

As the gutless mayor of Minneapolis admitted to WCCO, he surrendered a police station to peaceful protesters because he wanted to “reduce our footprint in the Third Precinct. …de-escalate and prevent hand–to–hand combat.” Too bad enforcing the law is often hand–to–hand.

There’s only one more powerful symbol of the collapse of law and order and the utter cowardice of politicians than a burning police station. And that’s a burning policeman.

Our Country Club Conservatives Dodge Defending Liberty

Breitbart has an interesting interview with conservative Alabama Republican Cong. Mo Brooks. Brooks believes China Flu lockdown orders violate the Constitution. “As citizens start to wake up [regarding] the liberty and freedom that they’ve lost, coupled with the recognition that what state has done, or cities have done, are unconstitutional and illegal deprivations of life, liberty and property — that’s when I think you’re going to see the bell go off, …and people starting to figure out …we need to fight for our rights.”

Adam Zyglis The Buffalo News

Just keep in mind, you’ll be fighting alone.

In the past few weeks we’ve seen anti–lockdown protests in Michigan, New Jersey and Texas. The rallies have featured barbers, gym owners, hairdressers, nail technicians, restaurant owners, restaurant patrons, muscle heads, political activists, stay at home moms and various independent entrepreneurs.

What the protests haven’t had is a single conservative politician willing to risk arrest along with the voters. Politicians run on aggressive slogans like ‘Fighting for You!’ Yet when it comes time to fight, lead or even show up these worthies are suddenly MIA.

Let’s take Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick of Texas. Back in March he appeared on the Tucker Carlson Show and said WuFlu lockdowns are killing the economy. The 70–year–old Patrick said he’s willing to take his chances with the virus, because the economic meltdown is certain.

In May Patrick was offered the perfect opportunity to put his person where his mouth was when Dallas salon owner Shelley Luther opened her business in defiance of lockdown orders. Shelly was there. Customers were there. The media was there. Dan Patrick wasn’t there.

Luther refused to voluntarily re–enter government imposed bankruptcy and in a Boston Tea Party–like action, tore up a cease–and–desist order from county government. She was arrested and sentenced to a seven days in jail. Two hundred miles away Patrick offered to pay her fine and volunteered to serve the sentence in Luther’s place. (A ludicrous offer Patrick knew wouldn’t be entertained.)

How much difference would it have made if Patrick had been there in person with Shelley, letting his actions back up his words? What if Patrick had invited his 84,000 followers to join him at Luther’s business when it was still open?

Instead of a handful of rebellious conservatives complaining in a liberal (for Texas) city, it would have been an anti–lockdown statement with real political clout. The chances of an arrest then would have been vanishingly small because even the Flustapo can count.

A case could be made that Patrick didn’t want to get crosswise in Austin with Gov. Greg Abbott, a fellow Republican. That objection doesn’t apply to the congressional delegation in Washington. Luther’s business Zip Code includes two Republicans, “conservative stalwart” Rep. Van Taylor and Kenny Marchant.

Neither of these ‘conservative’ exemplars said so much as a single word regarding Luther’s arrest defending the constitutional rights they claim to support.

There was a similar situation in Owosso, Michigan when barber Karl Manke opened his shop in defiance of Gov. Gretchen ‘Half’ Whitmer’s erratic and punitive lockdown. She directed the Dept. of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs to jerk Manke’s license in response.

That launched Operation Haircut. Hundreds of Michigan residents converged on the capitol to protest. Barbers set up on the capitol grounds and gave haircuts.

Whitmer ordered the State Police to give their wallets a trim by issuing $500 disorderly conduct tickets.

Shelley Luther made the trip from Dallas to offer support for Manke and the other lockdown resistors. Notable by their absence were Republican Reps. John Moolenaar (Manke’s own congressman!), Jack Bergman, Bill Huizenga, Fred Upton, Tim Walberg and Paul Mitchell.

Maybe if Operation Haircut had passed the hat and offered to make a campaign contribution, one might have found time to support the rights of the voters that elected them.

In New Jersey, Ian Smith, owner of Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, was also on Tucker Carlson announcing he planned to open up, too. The first day police issued a disorderly conduct summons to the owner. Later a camera was placed in the parking lot and officers followed patrons home to issue citations. Finally, the Camden County Division of Environmental Health posted notices on the gym door ordering it closed.

With the exception of Carlson, no public figure supported Smith, although new Republican convert Cong. Jeff Van Drew, whose district is just south of the gym, sent a two–page letter to the governor. The other GOP Rep. Chris Smith did and said nothing.

And here is the lesson for conservative voters who value the constitutional rights that have been quarantined during the Flu Manchu Pandemic Panic.

When push comes to shove in the fight to defend the Constitution, the only people in the fight are going to be the people.

The politicians will be pacifists.

WuFlu Puts Jesus in Intensive Care

The most remarkable impact the Flu Manchu has on America is the sight of pastors waiting, like dogs anticipating a treat, until Caesar gives them permission to start rendering unto God.

Gary McCoy

You couldn’t have convinced me in March that Baptist preachers would cancel Easter Services. Easter is the central pivot of Christianity. Without the Resurrection, Christianity is pointless.  As Paul explains in 1 Corinthians 15:14, “And if Christ is not risen, then our preaching is empty and your faith is also empty.” The birth of Christ (Christmas) is only important because of Easter.

And Christian shepherds surrendered without so much as a whimper.

The 1st Amendment clearly states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” It’s as plain as day. Equally plain, “prohibiting the free exercise” is exactly what happened.

Call it a tale of two prohibitions.

When alcohol Prohibition began in 1920 a nationwide movement quickly started to manufacture and consume forbidden booze in spite of legal consequences for both buyer and seller.

In 2020 when the China Flu Church Prohibition began, pastors meekly submitted, along with their parishioners, in fear of the unconstitutional legal consequences.

Preachers were lambs when facing the secular authorities, but lions when facing criticism for doing nothing. Believers can’t possibly expect senior pastors to risk arrest or a negative news story just to hold worship services!

The situation is equivalent to the occasional media complaints from harried medical workers as they fight the Kung Flu. Sure, it’s tough, but isn’t this what they signed up for? The chance to make a difference in a real health emergency?

Or was their commitment only broken wrists and sprained ankles?

Christ died on the cross. Today His worship is prohibited and pastors in general haven’t even been willing to risk getting a visit from the Flustapo, much less make a personal sacrifice. Defender of the Faith evidently doesn’t include risking the wrath of the bureaucracy.

JustTheNews has covered Christian leaders who aren’t ready to rely on God for protection just yet, but might be willing to file a lawsuit. In Maine Calvary Chapel has gone to federal court. They hope to reopen for Mother’s Day — a Hallmark Holiday not found in the Bible — but missed Easter entirely.

Two Kansas churches got a judge’s permission to gather together. In California, Church United relied on a law firm to host a petition. Michigan churches are suing power-mad Gov. Greta — excuse me — Gretchen Whitmer. And Breitbart found 260 Massachusetts pastors ready to get tough. They sent a letter to the governor begging him to “recognize churches as ‘essential.’”

Why you can almost hear the skin being twisted as they wring their hands.

It’s simultaneously laughable and pathetic. This is what Christians get when they hire pastors based on compassion and not fire. The lawsuits may make the deacons who are also lawyers happy but it undermines the status of the church.

Lawsuits are defensive, deferential and submissive. Even when the church wins the suit — after months of empty pews — the victory still allows government to set the conditions for worship.

Christ is either King or He’s just another activist with an opinion.

Worship does set an example. Not worshiping shows the world church is secondary to secular control. Continuing to worship shows Christ is still in control of the believer’s world.

Some pastors know this.

In Chicago, Metro Praise International knows the stakes and has been demonstrating “passive resistance” to the state. The pastor doesn’t plan to sue, he plans to preach. GraceBuilt Church in Waynesboro, VA is finally defying Gov. Blackface Northam.

And Louisiana pastor Tony Spell preached last week with an ankle monitor on as he defied a judge’s order to stay home and stay silent.

That is what should’ve been done all along. Worship first then, if necessary, the courts to get the pastor and the parishioners out of jail.

Hold services with social distancing, sanitizer in the baptismal and individual Communion packets. Urge seniors and the vulnerable to stay home. Hold plenty of services each Sunday so everyone who wants to attend can social distance their way inside. For those that can’t, the staff can visit them personally and pray through the storm door during the week.

The important point is to demonstrate you believe Christ is important enough to worship regardless of Caesar.

Sure, some churches will flaunt the WuFlu rules — we’ll call them snake–handlers — but those congregations were probably dangerous before the epidemic.

Anything is better than what Believers have now. The Great Pandemic Panic is the biggest victory for the secular, Christianity–hostile left in decades. A victory facilitated by docile, fearful, spiritually–lacking pastors who sat passively while the powers and principalities that rule this earth convinced Christians that God and worship were non–essential.

Don’t Confuse US Women’s Soccer with the Facts

The US women’s national soccer team just scored a spectacular ‘own goal’ in California US District court. Their lawsuit, contending they were underpaid in comparison with the men’s team, was rejected in a summary judgement.

Dave Granlund

And without so much as a single dramatic courthouse steps news conference starring the purple–haired Norma Rae: Megan Rapinoe.

A dejected spokesperson for the team tweeted, “We are shocked and disappointed with today’s decision, but we will not give up working for two bites at the same apple. We are confident that with the right judge and a gullible jury, women’s soccer will be able to have our cake and eat it, too!”

Whoops! My mistake! That’s what she should have said. The real statement was,” …shocked and disappointed –therapeutic buzzwords – equal pay – wah, wa, wa – gender.”

The lawsuit, which has the strong support of feminists, leftists and sportswriters has been a lie from the beginning. Last September I wrote about the initial filing and the immediate support it gained from the Washington Post and various Hollywood hairdos.

Fact is the women’s soccer team is paid under the provisions of a contract the women negotiated with US Soccer and then approved by a majority vote. It wasn’t a document the overseer brought down from the massa and made the field women sign.

Their contract differs significantly from that of the men due to tradeoffs the women demanded.

In negotiating terms of employment there’s a tradeoff between risk and reward. The salesman who agrees to be compensated solely by commission has a much higher potential income than the worker who wants a set and regular salary.

The contract the women negotiated rewards the collective at the expense of the individual. During negotiations, the women were offered a contract that more closely matched the incentives in the men’s agreement and they turned it down. They preferred a sure thing even if upside potential was limited.

National Review explains the women wanted, “guaranteed contracts, injury protection; health, dental, and vision insurance; child-care assistance; severance pay; guaranteed rest time. In short: more security and more benefits” along with more guaranteed slots on the team. That is a low risk agreement.

The only item the women didn’t demand was a Teamster’s lapel pin.

The men’s contract was a high risk “pay to play” arrangement where “all the economic risk was borne by the players in exchange for more upside if the players made the team and the team was successful.”

The women had second thoughts about the men’s agreement after their championship season and realized ‘damn! If we’d taken that offer, with our record, we’d really be rich!’

(This is why gamblers – regardless of sex – aren’t allowed to bet after the dealer has revealed his cards.)

Sally Jenkins, who covers the estrogen beat for the WoePost sports page, was incensed last year when the women filed suit and now that the salary portion of the lawsuit has been dismissed she’s incandescent.

To Jenkins the “summary judgment” that was issued by the judge didn’t mean the unequal pay claim was “completely without merit.” Sally said it meant “Male Entitlement!” Jenkins didn’t have time for the facts last year and certainly doesn’t now.

Did Gloria Steinem consult an economist before she set fire to her drawers?

Jenkins is obsessed with the idea of equal–pay–for–equal–work. What she can’t grasp is that this isn’t about reporters in the WoePost bullpen. Women’s soccer and men’s soccer are completely different games. The men’s fan base is larger. Men’s soccer brings in more money and the TV audience is much larger.

As hapless as the US men’s team is on the world stage, and it’s pretty pitiful, if the men played the US women they would streamroller the women. The women couldn’t even beat a team of 15–year–old boys during an exhibition match in 2015, and that was a year when the women won the World Cup.

This is why even the most talented player in the Lingerie Football League makes a fraction of the salary of a player on the NFL’s worst Miami Dolphins.

And to prove this suit has the intellectual content of an argument with your ex–wife, NR points out, “The lowest-paid member of the women’s team made more money than the highest-paid member of the men’s team.”

The women negotiated their contract. They opted for security over reward. And now they want the courts to impose terms on US Soccer the team rejected during negotiations because, like women, they changed their collective mind.

What’s particularly ironic is, even though the lawsuit failed, the contract the oppressed members of Team Estrogen formerly agreed to is still paying them during the WuFlu lockdown. While the men haven’t seen one thin dime.

Leftists Pretending to Be Pro–Life

The WuFlu has been a godsend for the left. And I’m not talking about the startling discovery that 95 percent of the USA is willing to be confined to quarters solely on the basis of a computer model whose numbers are undergoing constant revision to repair past mistakes.

Rick McKee Augusta Chronicle

Instead the China Flu gives the left an unparalleled opportunity to attack conservatives, who would like to borrow their lives back, on the basis of defending the lives of the vulnerable.

It’s quite a change from ‘Shout My Abortion!’

Atlantic writer Amanda Mull is today’s case in point. Her entry in the ProLife sweepstakes is “Georgia’s Experiment in Human Sacrifice.” Summary: Re–opening the state will be grannies on a gurney as far as the eye can see.

Gov. Brian Kemp decided enough is enough. His state will no longer be held prisoner by what amounts to high–tech witch doctory. Mull writes, “Kemp abruptly reversed course on the shutdown, ending many of his own restrictions on businesses and overruling those put in place by mayors throughout the state.”

That’s misleading. The restrictions Kemp ended were closures. There are plenty of Flu Manchu Security Theatre measures that reopened businesses will be required to follow. All that’s missing is random TSA agents pawing through your drawers while you wait to enter the barbershop.

Social distancing, masks, limits on occupancy, temperature checks and the death penalty for sneezing are all in the mix.

It’s important to note, in contrast to the mandatory lockdowns so beloved by the left, reopening is optional.

Mull’s antidote for opening is to administer another dose of the Great Pandemic Panic: “Kemp’s order shocked people across the country. For weeks, Americans have watched the coronavirus sweep from city to city, overwhelming hospitals, traumatizing health-care workers, and leaving tens of thousands of bodies in makeshift morgues.”

That’s the medical reporting equivalent of invoking the Boogie Man. Even in New York City no hospitals were “overwhelmed.” And I think the “makeshift morgues” were in China.

Mull really amps up the “sacrifice” theme with “In the grips of a pandemic, the approach is a morbid experiment in just how far states can push their people. Georgians are now the largely unwilling canaries in an invisible coal mine, sent to find out just how many individuals need to lose their job or their life for a state to work through a plague.”

I’m forced to guess indignation got the best of Mull here, since the jobs are already lost, that’s why Kemp decided to reopen Georgia. No one is going to be going through assisted–living facilities forcing MeMaw and PePaw to get jobs at Walmart.

Kemp’s reopening is designed to protect the Kung Flu vulnerable — mostly the elderly — and let the rest of us stop cowering and start living.

When counting WuFlu deaths in Georgia we learn pretty quickly that Mull’s worries about “human sacrifice” depend solely on which humans may or may not be sacrificed.

Johns Hopkins reports 1,043 residents have died from the WuFluenza, a death rate of 10 per 100K population. That puts Georgia in 11th place in the death derby. The largest proportion of those deaths — DURING A LOCKDOWN! — were in nursing homes and long–term care facilities.

Those deaths were unintentional. Now let’s compare unintentional with intentional deaths. Intentional deaths that are part of a regime Mull enthusiastically supports.

The Guttmacher Institute reports the shocking numbers of abortion deaths in Georgia: 30,330 unborn children were sacrificed on the altar of convenience and “Choice” in 2017. That’s 286 per 100K population. Besides being almost 30 times the number of WuFlu deaths, every last one of those unborn were killed intentionally.

Evidently those numbers are the bare minimum acceptable for Mull’s grim calculus. When the legislature passed HB–481 — the Georgia Heartbeat Bill which banned most abortions after eight weeks, when a heartbeat is detectable — Mull called it “the so–called heartbeat abortion bill” and worried about the women “whose reproductive rights would be affected.”

Zero concern for the wholly vulnerable population of the unborn.

Zealots like Mull hide their obscenity behind talking points. The unborn aren’t ‘viable.’ When in truth, a child really isn’t viable until about age six and even then, it’s touch–and–go. What they are after birth is VISIBLE and that makes all the difference.

Mull’s crocodile tears for the elderly are contemptible as is her hysterical concern for “human sacrifice.” The left’s insincere concern for people they would normally ignore is just another avenue to attack Trump and his supporters.

My suggestion for Mull is if she really wants to see humans sacrificed and dumped in a “makeshift morgue” all she has to do is take a stroll by the dumpster hidden behind an abortion mill.

Let’s Take Back Our Country. Big Bang on May 1st.

After 9/11 a number of policy proposals were instantly shot down by our betters. Why if the proposals had been implemented it would mean “the terrorists won!” Today we live in a country where the virus won.


Our economy is euthanized. Constitutional rights canceled. We’re ordered to cower inside our homes.

This stifling regime is imposed from the top–down, without consultation, by leadership that doesn’t trust the people who elected them to make sensible decisions. In the case of Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib that’s probably an accurate description, but the rest of us deserve more than ‘shut up and obey.’

That’s why Friday, May 1st is time to start disobeying.

I’m advocating a massive Big Bang of civil disobedience from businesses and customers. Restaurants, barber shops, nail salons, gyms, auto dealerships and other business shut down by senseless shelter–in–place orders should open and welcome customers.

Businesses that don’t take reasonable WuFlu precautions won’t remain in business long after the Big Bang. Customers and employees will abandon them to a well–deserved (this time) bankruptcy. While the rest of us resume a semblance of normal life.

We no longer have the luxury of allowing feverish mini–Fuehrers to impose policy based on bad data and enthusiastically supported by advisors who’re still getting their weekly paycheck.

Dr. Scott W. Atlas, writing in The Hill, has analyzed Kung Flu data. It’s obvious the lockdown continues solely due to momentum generated by previous incompetence. Atlas has five crucial observations:

1: The overwhelming majority of people do not have any significant risk of dying from COVID-19.

2: Protecting older, at-risk people eliminates hospital overcrowding.

3: Vital population immunity is prevented by total isolation policies, prolonging the problem.

4: People are dying because other medical care is not getting done due to hypothetical projections.

5: We have a clearly defined population at risk who can be protected with targeted measures.

This means we’ve met conditions for “flattening the curve” that were ostensibly the reason for the Great Prohibition of 2020. So why are we still prohibited?

Because government moved the goal posts.

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak claims he “understands” the damage his orders are doing to the economy, but “saving lives” is more important.

Other governors say opening too soon will trigger another wave of infections. In California and New York, the economy can’t open until thousands of government “trackers” are hired to keep tabs on the infected.

And AP quotes a nonentity on the Clark County Commission who whines, “lifting restrictions too soon would be a slap in the face of those who sacrificed.”

Enough is enough.

Opening a business doesn’t mean grandma dies. If sex isn’t binary — as the left never tires of telling us — it stands to reason ending the WuFlu lockdown isn’t binary either.

These pocket–Putins are actually doubling down! In Harris County TX, on the day a $60 million China Flu hospital was being closed due to lack of patients, County Judge Lina Hidalgo issued a mandatory mask wearing order for all citizens. Kim Pagan was arrested and charged in New Jersey after she organized an anti–lockdown protest.

Herd immunity of a different type will help. The Flustapo can’t arrest us all.

You can do your part by encouraging businessmen like Milwaukee’s Dan Zierath who will be opening May 1st on Big Bang Day. He’ll enforce social distancing and the rest, but that’s it. He told the Journal Sentinel, “I feel like our constitutional rights are being taken from us. And I’m just not willing anymore. What’s going to happen is going to happen.”

If you’re a customer, contact your favorite business on its Facebook page and ask it to join the Big Bang. See if you can organize neighborhood social media outlets to generate momentum and potential customers. Then be sure to show up yourself.

If you’re an owner organize other owners to join you on Big Bang Day. Put the Chamber of Commerce to work for a change. Like they said in the ‘60s, “two, three, many Vietnams!”

The predictable hand–wringing backlash from the media and elites the Big Bang will produce confused me at first. Then it dawned on me: Transference. Since the left threatened government force to flatline the economy, they expect the same from us on Big Bang Day.

But that’s not how it works on our side. We believe in individual choice.

The elderly and people with pre–existing conditions can continue to self–quarantine with our blessing — along with assorted bed–wetters and pants–poopers still paralyzed by the Great Pandemic Panic.

They’re so fearful of dying they’ve decided to stop living. The rest of us aren’t. That’s what the May 1st Big Bang is all about.

Appeasement’s Damage to Education and Law Enforcement

America’s cultural suicide is gaining momentum. Two professions that are the bedrock of a successful culture are rotting from within. Education informs and civilizes our nation’s youth and prepares them to assume a productive role in society.

Law enforcement helps to ensure graduates stay civilized.

Nate Beeler, The Columbus Dispatch

Both professions require dedicated, motivated employees with high morale. The politicians who oversee education and law enforcement, and the administrators politicians select to supervise, are driving those employees out.

Their defacto National Enforced Apathy Policy culls the wheat from the chaff and then tosses the wheat.

Over the last decade the elites who run the culture have moved on from the War on Crime to a War on Police. Crime victims are no longer the people robbed, raped or murdered. Now the victims are the people doing the robbing, raping or murdering.

Travis Yates, at LawOfficer.com, writes, “[O]fficers are more scared of YouTube than violent criminals and they know that many in leadership roles are either silent or will throw them under the bus for just about anything.”

And the viral video is just the beginning. Politicians with no idea of what happens on the street will sit in judgement safe in the knowledge they can’t go wrong if they condemn the officer’s actions. Chiefs of Police — appointed by those same politicians — wait for the high sign from the mayor’s office before rendering a verdict. And news poodles interview the loudest voices and solemnly announce the “community” is concerned.

With the exception of some members of the “community,” most of these people sitting in judgement live quiet lives. The closest they come to a physical struggle is when the cork breaks off in the neck of their wine bottle. They have no frame of reference for police work.

It often requires violence to force suspects and lawbreakers to comply. If verbal commands were all that was needed, Fauxcahontas could enforce the law.

Officers most likely to star on YouTube are officers who are the most pro–active. They’re out of the cruiser and talking to suspicious individuals. They investigate when their instincts tell them something is wrong. They make more traffic stops and have more contact with the public.

Each time they set foot outside the cruiser it increases their chances of an encounter that turns violent and cinematic. Even encounters that don’t generate video, generate complaints because the high self–esteem community doesn’t like cops cramping their style.

Yates found officers nearing retirement are leaving at the first opportunity. Officers with 10 to 19 years on are “some of the most miserable in our profession.” And officers with up to nine years “have now realized that they work in the only profession that can ruin you for doing nothing wrong.”

Formerly pro–active officers now are indistinguishable from the department’s dead weight. They roll slower to hot calls. On scene they wait for a supervisor before acting. They stay in their cruiser until dispatched. They are reactive at best.

They stay in the good graces of the command staff by writing reports that reduce crime rates through creative word processing.

The only people shortchanged are the victims of crime that could have been prevented and residents of neighborhoods where the cops have ceded control to the criminal element.

The same conditions exist in education. Motivated teachers with standards also cause problems. They assign work. They have creative lesson plans. They want students to pay attention. They take attendance. They expect work to be turned in on time.

When students don’t do the work, pay attention or show up for class grades suffer and parents complain. That creates administration headaches. Parents complain. Students stomp out of class. Meetings must be held and parents pacified.

Just like in police work the good teachers are leaving the profession. What remains are popular teachers who go–along–to–get–along. They aren’t hung up on attendance. They stay behind the desk updating their Facebook page. There are no discipline problems because the teacher doesn’t expect a disciplined classroom. Every student gets at least a ‘C’ regardless of work.

Parents are happy. Ear–bud wearing students are happy. Administrators are happy. The only people shortchanged are students who want to learn.

The only real difference between the inert cop and the inert teacher is politicians aren’t promising to raise the salaries of the inert cops.

These two twisted, self–defeating standards, imposed by our clueless, leftist elites, serve to accelerate cultural suicide. When the actions and attitudes of the criminal element determine law enforcement policy and the actions and attitudes of oppositional students determine education policy you create a dangerous culture dominated by the uneducated and the out–of–control.