Taxpayers Flying Coach Pay for Politicians in First

Finally “bi–partisan” legislation that’s not a sellout to leftist extremists by collaborationist GOP leadership! Republican Paul Gosar is and Democrat Raul Ruiz have introduced legislation in the House to prohibit congressmen and senators from flying first class on the taxpayer’s dime.

Instead, if the potentates want to be in first they will foot the bill themselves, an entirely alien concept to most of the members.

Of course the legislation has no chance of passage, but it makes a great question to ask at the next town meeting your representative and senators hold. Complete details in my Newsmax column:


Meet the New Senate Hypocrites, Same as the Old Hypocrites

Republican duplicity continues on the Obamacare front and it’s got me stumped. What’s the bigger lie?

If you like your doctor, you can keep him?

Or if you elect a Republican Congress we’ll repeal Obamacare?

Potentially even worse than the lying is the hypocrisy. Members of Congress colluding with the administration are now receiving a yearly subsidy of between $5,000 and $10,000 to buy an Obamacare policy regardless of their total household income.

One expects this from Democrats, but now Republicans are enjoying the handouts and preventing efforts at repeal from Sen. David Vitter (R–LA). The entire,depressing story is in my Newsmax column:

Let a Smile Be Your Ballistic Vest

US Army’s everyone–wins–a–beret leadership continues to be confounded by poor morale in the ranks. They don’t understand why their efforts to accommodate malcontents, losers and the mentally ill are undermining the confidence of majority of the troops.

Don’t the grunts realize that with this administration if you’re in the Pentagon and want a promotion you have to put “diversity” and “inclusion” far ahead of unit cohesion?

If they could only find a way to reduce the amount of testosterone in the ranks, short of adding potassium nitrate to the macaroni! In the meantime, the Army has wasted almost $300 million on a morale–boosting indoctrination program that doesn’t work.

Expensive details in my Newsmax column at:

Don’t Worry if Your Cheese Is Older Than You

The USDA contends 36 pounds of food per person is wasted each month because easily frightened consumers are tossing groceries based on pessimistic expiration dates.
That’s probably a low estimate. I periodically have to go hands–on with my wife when she experiences a busy–body seizure and attempts to toss food that is merely gaining momentum in my refrigerator.
Learn the proper way to help cheese and milk celebrate its birthday in my Newsmax column: