Let’s Take Back Our Country. Big Bang on May 1st.

After 9/11 a number of policy proposals were instantly shot down by our betters. Why if the proposals had been implemented it would mean “the terrorists won!” Today we live in a country where the virus won.


Our economy is euthanized. Constitutional rights canceled. We’re ordered to cower inside our homes.

This stifling regime is imposed from the top–down, without consultation, by leadership that doesn’t trust the people who elected them to make sensible decisions. In the case of Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib that’s probably an accurate description, but the rest of us deserve more than ‘shut up and obey.’

That’s why Friday, May 1st is time to start disobeying.

I’m advocating a massive Big Bang of civil disobedience from businesses and customers. Restaurants, barber shops, nail salons, gyms, auto dealerships and other business shut down by senseless shelter–in–place orders should open and welcome customers.

Businesses that don’t take reasonable WuFlu precautions won’t remain in business long after the Big Bang. Customers and employees will abandon them to a well–deserved (this time) bankruptcy. While the rest of us resume a semblance of normal life.

We no longer have the luxury of allowing feverish mini–Fuehrers to impose policy based on bad data and enthusiastically supported by advisors who’re still getting their weekly paycheck.

Dr. Scott W. Atlas, writing in The Hill, has analyzed Kung Flu data. It’s obvious the lockdown continues solely due to momentum generated by previous incompetence. Atlas has five crucial observations:

1: The overwhelming majority of people do not have any significant risk of dying from COVID-19.

2: Protecting older, at-risk people eliminates hospital overcrowding.

3: Vital population immunity is prevented by total isolation policies, prolonging the problem.

4: People are dying because other medical care is not getting done due to hypothetical projections.

5: We have a clearly defined population at risk who can be protected with targeted measures.

This means we’ve met conditions for “flattening the curve” that were ostensibly the reason for the Great Prohibition of 2020. So why are we still prohibited?

Because government moved the goal posts.

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak claims he “understands” the damage his orders are doing to the economy, but “saving lives” is more important.

Other governors say opening too soon will trigger another wave of infections. In California and New York, the economy can’t open until thousands of government “trackers” are hired to keep tabs on the infected.

And AP quotes a nonentity on the Clark County Commission who whines, “lifting restrictions too soon would be a slap in the face of those who sacrificed.”

Enough is enough.

Opening a business doesn’t mean grandma dies. If sex isn’t binary — as the left never tires of telling us — it stands to reason ending the WuFlu lockdown isn’t binary either.

These pocket–Putins are actually doubling down! In Harris County TX, on the day a $60 million China Flu hospital was being closed due to lack of patients, County Judge Lina Hidalgo issued a mandatory mask wearing order for all citizens. Kim Pagan was arrested and charged in New Jersey after she organized an anti–lockdown protest.

Herd immunity of a different type will help. The Flustapo can’t arrest us all.

You can do your part by encouraging businessmen like Milwaukee’s Dan Zierath who will be opening May 1st on Big Bang Day. He’ll enforce social distancing and the rest, but that’s it. He told the Journal Sentinel, “I feel like our constitutional rights are being taken from us. And I’m just not willing anymore. What’s going to happen is going to happen.”

If you’re a customer, contact your favorite business on its Facebook page and ask it to join the Big Bang. See if you can organize neighborhood social media outlets to generate momentum and potential customers. Then be sure to show up yourself.

If you’re an owner organize other owners to join you on Big Bang Day. Put the Chamber of Commerce to work for a change. Like they said in the ‘60s, “two, three, many Vietnams!”

The predictable hand–wringing backlash from the media and elites the Big Bang will produce confused me at first. Then it dawned on me: Transference. Since the left threatened government force to flatline the economy, they expect the same from us on Big Bang Day.

But that’s not how it works on our side. We believe in individual choice.

The elderly and people with pre–existing conditions can continue to self–quarantine with our blessing — along with assorted bed–wetters and pants–poopers still paralyzed by the Great Pandemic Panic.

They’re so fearful of dying they’ve decided to stop living. The rest of us aren’t. That’s what the May 1st Big Bang is all about.

Appeasement’s Damage to Education and Law Enforcement

America’s cultural suicide is gaining momentum. Two professions that are the bedrock of a successful culture are rotting from within. Education informs and civilizes our nation’s youth and prepares them to assume a productive role in society.

Law enforcement helps to ensure graduates stay civilized.

Nate Beeler, The Columbus Dispatch

Both professions require dedicated, motivated employees with high morale. The politicians who oversee education and law enforcement, and the administrators politicians select to supervise, are driving those employees out.

Their defacto National Enforced Apathy Policy culls the wheat from the chaff and then tosses the wheat.

Over the last decade the elites who run the culture have moved on from the War on Crime to a War on Police. Crime victims are no longer the people robbed, raped or murdered. Now the victims are the people doing the robbing, raping or murdering.

Travis Yates, at LawOfficer.com, writes, “[O]fficers are more scared of YouTube than violent criminals and they know that many in leadership roles are either silent or will throw them under the bus for just about anything.”

And the viral video is just the beginning. Politicians with no idea of what happens on the street will sit in judgement safe in the knowledge they can’t go wrong if they condemn the officer’s actions. Chiefs of Police — appointed by those same politicians — wait for the high sign from the mayor’s office before rendering a verdict. And news poodles interview the loudest voices and solemnly announce the “community” is concerned.

With the exception of some members of the “community,” most of these people sitting in judgement live quiet lives. The closest they come to a physical struggle is when the cork breaks off in the neck of their wine bottle. They have no frame of reference for police work.

It often requires violence to force suspects and lawbreakers to comply. If verbal commands were all that was needed, Fauxcahontas could enforce the law.

Officers most likely to star on YouTube are officers who are the most pro–active. They’re out of the cruiser and talking to suspicious individuals. They investigate when their instincts tell them something is wrong. They make more traffic stops and have more contact with the public.

Each time they set foot outside the cruiser it increases their chances of an encounter that turns violent and cinematic. Even encounters that don’t generate video, generate complaints because the high self–esteem community doesn’t like cops cramping their style.

Yates found officers nearing retirement are leaving at the first opportunity. Officers with 10 to 19 years on are “some of the most miserable in our profession.” And officers with up to nine years “have now realized that they work in the only profession that can ruin you for doing nothing wrong.”

Formerly pro–active officers now are indistinguishable from the department’s dead weight. They roll slower to hot calls. On scene they wait for a supervisor before acting. They stay in their cruiser until dispatched. They are reactive at best.

They stay in the good graces of the command staff by writing reports that reduce crime rates through creative word processing.

The only people shortchanged are the victims of crime that could have been prevented and residents of neighborhoods where the cops have ceded control to the criminal element.

The same conditions exist in education. Motivated teachers with standards also cause problems. They assign work. They have creative lesson plans. They want students to pay attention. They take attendance. They expect work to be turned in on time.

When students don’t do the work, pay attention or show up for class grades suffer and parents complain. That creates administration headaches. Parents complain. Students stomp out of class. Meetings must be held and parents pacified.

Just like in police work the good teachers are leaving the profession. What remains are popular teachers who go–along–to–get–along. They aren’t hung up on attendance. They stay behind the desk updating their Facebook page. There are no discipline problems because the teacher doesn’t expect a disciplined classroom. Every student gets at least a ‘C’ regardless of work.

Parents are happy. Ear–bud wearing students are happy. Administrators are happy. The only people shortchanged are students who want to learn.

The only real difference between the inert cop and the inert teacher is politicians aren’t promising to raise the salaries of the inert cops.

These two twisted, self–defeating standards, imposed by our clueless, leftist elites, serve to accelerate cultural suicide. When the actions and attitudes of the criminal element determine law enforcement policy and the actions and attitudes of oppositional students determine education policy you create a dangerous culture dominated by the uneducated and the out–of–control.

Celebrate the Unsung Heroes of the Great Pandemic Panic

After the Flustapo reversed course, we currently live in a world where the suspicious characters are the people who aren’t wearing masks.

The CDC’s bogus guidelines never made sense. Masks are vital protective gear for medical professionals, but the coverings will only serve to infect civilians? Who believes that? I’ve seen hundreds of medical professionals and their ears aren’t any different than ours. One on each side of the head, perfect for stretching elastic.

John Cole, The Scranton Times-Tribune, PA

I wasn’t the only non–professional who was skeptical. Masks in stores are scarcer than toilet paper. Obedient citizens can’t even find cheap painter’s masks with the metal band you smoosh over your nose to keep it from slipping.

Here in Texas the mask shortage has forced our family to adopt vintage clothing like my wife’s ancestors wore. We’re sporting bandanas tight over our nose just like Jesse James.

Bandanas have been another learning experience. During my shopping excursions, I’ve discovered robbing a train must have been much hotter work than it appeared in the movies. James Keach didn’t seem to break a sweat in ‘The Long Riders’, but I find the exhaust trapped by the bandana makes my face clammy and I have an overwhelming urge to yell, “Reach for the sky!” when I get to the cashier.

Then the cloth bandana eventually gets wet and you start to wonder if the bacteria you’re breeding next to your face are worse than the germs that produce the WuFlu.

Still, we shouldn’t let the negatives associated with the Kung Flu completely overshadow the positives. It’s been weeks since we’ve heard an Urban Movement Kommissar demand we abandon autos and invest additional billions in mass transit ‘to save the planet.’

That’s because we’ve learned when the public needs mass transit the most — say during an epidemic — it’s unavailable. While premium gasoline is under two bucks a gallon.

The Great Pandemic Panic has also caused many to start appreciating the unsung people without whose efforts society would soon be a Walking Dead episode. Starting with truck drivers. MSN.com found a driver named Bob Stanton.

Stanton is 62–years–old and has three underlying health conditions. That pretty much guarantees a fatal experience if he contracts the China Flu and he’s fully aware of the risk. In addition, he “only has a half can of disinfectant spray left. He doesn’t know where to go for testing if he were to develop symptoms, and he’s afraid of being caught far from his Illinois home if he gets sick.”

Stanton’s outlook on his role during the plague was so old fashioned he may as well have popped out of a time capsule. He has no intention of using his saved vacation time to self–quarantine until the WuFlu has passed. He’s also not demanding a hefty pay raise to continue to drive.

(Side note, why is it the evil ‘price gouging’ if a merchant raises the price on goods during a shortage, but perfectly fine if workers demand more money to do the same job they did before the Kung Flu?)

Stanton would like idiot governors to reopen rest stops they arbitrarily closed and it would be nice if truck stops could again serve sit–down meals. But that’s pretty much it. Stanton plans to keep working because, “If I take a couple of weeks’ vacation, you all starve. I’m out here trying to keep you all fed.”

God bless him for that.

Stew Leonard, Jr. the president of ‘Stew Leonard’s’ grocery is doing his part to protect employees and shoppers. He’s done his best to short–circuit panic buying. He was among the first to raise wages and install Pexiglas shields to protect his cashiers.

Leonard’s stores are still open. W. Kent Taylor’s restaurant chain, Texas Roadhouse, is essentially closed. He’s donated his entire salary and bonus — in the neighborhood of $1 million – to pay employees while China’s gift to the GDP rages.

One doesn’t have to be a tycoon help employees. Variety covered Mark O’Meara who owns two movie theaters in Fairfax County, VA. Many of his employees “make a living on a shoestring, and I can’t pay that well,” he said.

O’Meara then innovated by becoming the only movie theater in history of offer takeout. “He started to sell ‘curbside concessions,’ hawking large tubs of popcorn for $3.” The first day netting $25 in sales, but word–of–mouth kicked in and now he averages $300 to $400 per day. The money goes to the workers.

“I’ll do what I can to get these kids paid.”

Then there’s genuine tycoon Sheldon Adelson — owner of the Las Vegas Sands — who’s paying his 10,000 employees for the next two months.

You may not even be working yourself now, but you can do your part. Wave at a trucker and be extra polite in the store.

When Will 8,130 Deaths Each Year Become a Crisis?

The crackdown on the China Flu is an eye–opener in a number of ways. In Rhode Island the governor has police roadblocks on major highways stopping any cars with New York plates. She has also mobilized the National Guard and troops are conducting house–to–house searches for New Yorkers as other troops man outposts in airports, train stations and bus stops.

Rick McKee Augusta Chronicle

Rhode Island had 200 cases of China Flu.

Texas is confronting air passengers from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Louisiana ordering them into quarantine. Highways are also roadblocked to snare drivers from Louisiana.

Florida also has highway checkpoints and airport intercepts. In a new wrinkle the governor has suspended property rentals and some mayors are imposing curfews.

So far 54 dead.

California is using cell phone data to track the movement of citizens. The mayor of Los Angeles has threatened to cut off water and power to business that don’t comply with close orders. He’s also organizing citizen vigilance groups to inform on neighbors.

Even Honolulu, Hawaii, which has little to fear from even Louisiana drivers, is ordering roadblocks to catch violators of quarantine orders.

The goal of these extreme measures is to respond to an alien virus that threatens to kill thousands of Americans. It’s a crisis and the Flustapo measures are only temporary and justified because this extraordinary event threatens lives, imposes punishing wage losses and will change the culture.

What I’ve learned from this is that government has been lying to law–abiding citizens for decades. We’ve had the way to reverse a plague of illegal aliens all along. What we’ve lacked is the will from weak and collaborationist politicians.

How can I compare a virus to a massive violation of the law? Easy. Look at the similarities.

The China Flu is supposed to kill up to 200,000 (the estimate depends on where that day’s dart lands). Okay let’s compare deaths.

National Review found in just 2009 illegals in TX, NY, FL, CA and AZ were responsible for 5,400 murders in a single year. The GAO calculates between the years 2003 and 2009 illegals committed 25,064 murders nationwide. Since the illegal population increases each year the yearly total will no doubt increase, too.

Those are just intentional deaths. There’s collateral damage from Latin America’s national pastime, driving while drunk. Yearly estimates there range from a low of 3,000 by Americans for Legal Immigration, to a midpoint of 4,745 by Cong. Steve King — widely known as a racist because he calculated the numbers. And a high of 8,527 by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Study that no doubt includes sober illegals who just didn’t have a license or were hit by drunk citizens.

Let’s take King’s estimate. Roughly 232,505 people were killed in car crashes with drunk illegals between 2003 and 2009. Add in the homicides it’s a rough estimate of 257,569 deaths over seven years which puts us in Kung Flu territory, only slower.

(Getting a precise count of nationwide deaths caused by illegals is almost impossible because the government intentionally hides or doesn’t gather the data in the first place.)

Next is economic damage. Breitbart ran the numbers from an analysis by the National Academies of Science and found the avalanche of foreigners into the job market cost American’s $650 billion a year in lower wages due to a flooded labor market. Multiply by seven and you’re in federal bailout territory.

And as for the culture change, well press 1 for English.

Now your objection is the public won’t stand for a crackdown of Wufluenza intensity on those nice people who confuse our order in the drive–thru.

They might if they knew.

A recent Harvard/Harris poll found that only 2 out of every 15 Americans are even aware of the tidal wave of illegals, to say nothing of the death toll.

If the media gave the same level and intensity of coverage to the illegal death toll that it does to the projected China Flu death toll borders would become important again. Instead of treating illegals like the plague they are our political class treats them as a small price to pay to keep donors and tribal voting blocs happy.

You may be surprised to learn that instead of using this crisis to focus attention on citizens and encouraging illegals to leave — as I’ve been advocating — illegals will be getting Kung Flu checks from the Feds. The decision to use the IRS to dispense checks means every illegal who’s stolen a social security number will be getting a check and every illegal who’s committed Earned Income Tax Credit fraud will also be thanking Uncle Stupid for his 1,200 dinero.

The difference in the response to the alien virus and the illegal alien is the politicians protective detail can’t stop a virus.

Perfect Time for Trump to Fight the Other Alien Invasion

While it’s all–hands–on–deck fighting the invasion of an alien virus, it’s an ideal time to fight our continuing invasion of aliens, too.

Rick McKee Augusta Chronicle

The Wall Street Journal reports, “Hospitals in parts of New York City have become so full of critically ill patients that they have steered ambulances elsewhere.” And “hospitals in pandemic epicenters have passed a tipping point in the fight against the new coronavirus.”

John Milne, with Washington’s Providence St. Joseph Health, agreed. “The company’s Swedish Issaquah Campus hospital has run out of beds for incoming Covid-19 patients. ‘We’re on the threshold of being overwhelmed.’”

Lewis Kaplan, president of the Society of Critical Care Medicine, told the Washington Post (WoePost), “We are now on crisis footing. What you take as first–come, first–served …medicine is not where we are. We are now facing some difficult choices in how we apply medical resources.”

If that’s not a crisis, what is? It’s a perfect occasion to reestablish US sovereignty and the power of immigration law.

President Trump should issue an executive order governing the distribution of China Flu relief that puts US citizens first. States that pledge to limit emergency room slots, ICU beds and ventilators to US citizens will go to the top of the list for aid.

Prioritizing citizens over lawbreakers will be called ‘cruel’ by moral exhibitionists. The same conspirators supporting illegal alien sanctuaries. That blatant obstruction of justice has allowed illegal aliens to repeatedly kill citizens on the streets. It’s time to draw a line before the mere presence of an illegal kills citizens in the ICU.

Betsy McCaughey found, “In NYC, 1 out of every 4 people with a confirmed case has been hospitalized and 44 percent of them have needed a ventilator.” Back in 2015 New York was 16,000 ventilators short in the event of an epidemic. New York is still thousands short today.

Rationing hospital beds and ventilators is currently a topic of serious discussion. Lugubrious Gov. Andrew Cuomo vented his wrath at the suggestion we exhume the economy and let younger people work, “My mother is not expendable. Your mother is not expendable. … No one should be talking about social Darwinism for the sake of the stock market.”

What I want to see is Sanctuary Cuomo telling his mom ventilator rationing means there’s no room in the ICU for her because a younger illegal was deemed more likely to survive the Kung Flu.

In Washington State, age and existing disease will be used to determine who gets a ventilator. Medical organizations paralyzed by political correctness are considering using a random lottery, only this time the Mega Millions prize is four weeks on a ventilator.

Second prize is a pillow and Fentanyl.

Another proposal gives patients a ventilator audition that reverses The Masked Singer. Patients get five days on a machine and if they don’t improve doctors take the mask away. All rationing plans involve the participation of an impartial death panel that adds up a patient’s score and — unless she’s Cuomo’s mom — decides between the ventilation and elimination.

The NY Times quotes Christopher McCabe, of the Institute of Health Economics in Canada. “There’s no perfect way to choose who gets lifesaving treatment. At times like these, society may be more forgiving of utilitarian decision making.”

Putting citizens first is both rational and utilitarian.

Federalism means states will determine rationing criteria. What Trump should demand is the first decision point be geography. If you aren’t a US citizen or Green Card holder, then it’s time to head home for healthcare.

Being the ER for Latin America is a luxury we can no longer afford.

This order would put political pressure on sanctuary states to explain to families why Pedro got the ventilator and PawPaw didn’t. Sanctuary state residents may have previously downplayed murders by illegals as a byproduct of wrong–place–wrong–time bad luck. Being told your family suffers from wrong–disease–wrong–time by a state functionary should end their passivity for all time.

States compliant with Real ID driver’s licenses can use that for verification. States without can use passports, birth certificates or some other method approved by the Trump administration.

Trump could soften the blow by offering to fly the illegal’s entire family home if they agree to never return. And to prove I’m not entirely heartless, the flight doesn’t have to be on Spirit Airlines. I hear United currently has plenty of excess capacity.

The point is during this crisis US citizens who play by the rules should have absolute priority over all the sad stories and claims of abuse by people who broke the law to enter our country. They gambled when they crossed the border and now it’s time to collect their bets.