Richmond Proves the Left Hates You and Your Gun

Virginia’s 2nd Amendment rally was a huge disappointment for Big Nanny Mike Bloomberg, Gov. Ralph Northam and gun–grabbing busybodies across the nation. The event failed to produce the Reichstag Fire the left was secretly hoping would occur.

Rick McKee Augusta Chronicle

Over 22,000 armed 2nd Amendment supporters gathered in the state capital with loaded firearms and there wasn’t even a single accidental discharge.

Talk about your misfire!

And the “armed militia groups planning to storm the Capitol” that ‘forced’ Northam to declare a state of emergency? The feds arrested six losers before they could stock up on jerky and one of those was a Canadian.

Had there been violence, it would have provided the perfect pretext for the left to accelerate the 2nd Amendment rollback in Virginia. Simply owning a gun would be all the ‘red flag’ authorities would need.

Although entirely peaceful, the event was a failure. The very next day leftist legislators passed three 2nd Amendment violations the rally crowd specifically opposed.

What the rally did accomplish was revealing how the left, it’s stenographers in the Opposition Media, its elected officials and its stooges in law enforcement view normal Americans who value a Constitutional right leftists don’t like.

That view alternates between utter contempt and hyperventilating fear.

The left initially tried to discourage turnout by characterizing the gathering as a Klan rally without the carbon footprint. Those who were willing to risk being photographed near the only confirmed racist in town — Gov. Northam famous for his blackface/Klan robes photo and nickname ‘Coonman’ in his college yearbook — received additional discouragement when warned they might be caught up in violence from armed militia groups were going to “storm the capitol.”

Law enforcement stooges angling for an appointment piled on, too. Attendees who wanted to convene on the capitol grounds were going to be penned up like illegals behind an Obama fence. Participants were told to come early because there would only be one entrance to the concentration pen and there would be a single bathroom inside for thousands. (The accepted rule of thumb for abortion ‘rights’ rallies and illegals’ amnesty gatherings is 1 bathroom per 100.)

Fortunately, 2nd Amendment supporters aren’t a stupid as Gov. Coonman. Rather than be herded into Northam’s Gitmo for Guns, thousands more armed supporters stood outside the fences where current law allows the open carry of weapons. (Look for this to change in the near future.)

Storming militias, white supremacist groups, assorted bigots, law breakers, armed bullies and trigger–happy vigilantes all failed to put in an appearance. That didn’t stop the left from using its favorite adjectives anyway.

Northern VA Cong. Don Beyer tweeted, “[Richmond] drew large numbers of white nationalists, militias and racist conspiracy theorists…Neo–Nazis tried to use the rally to launch violent attacks.” All of which are lies.

WoePost columnist Petula Dvorak, the chubby chronicler of conventional wisdom, combined lies and contempt. “Y’all, it smelled like fear out here in Virginia…One group pushed through crowds in a conga line of camo and Carhartt…‘Racist, white supremacists coming through,’ one line leader bellowed, laughing, like everyone should know he really isn’t racist.”

The writer who really captured the left’s Zeitgeist was a creature named Will Bunch who writes for the Philadelphia Inquirer. He’s also the most dangerous because he would deny your constitutional rights because he’s afraid.

Here’s his description of a gathering of law–abiding Americans exercising a right guaranteed by the Constitution, “America — although we may be too frightened to even admit it — just witnessed arguably the most successful use of terrorism on U.S. soil in nearly a generation, even if this time was non- lethal…American citizens were deprived of [1st Amendment] rights on Monday — on Martin Luther King Day, of all days — by an intimidating bullying, armed mob. Do not dare call this ‘peaceful.’”

Bunch was evidently too lazy to discover the Virginia Civil Defense League, which organized the rally, has been holding their event on that day for over a decade. Why? Because 2nd Amendment supporters have jobs and need a day off to travel to Richmond to contact their legislators.

And Bunch is too fearful of an inanimate object and too drunk on his faux outrage to grasp that my exercise of a constitutional right does not threaten him.

His fear is our problem.

There’s no compromise with anti–gun extremists. They have an agenda and a long–term plan. Each ‘compromise’ is another step toward neutering the 2nd Amendment.

The language Northam, Beyer, Dvorak, Bloomberg and Bunch use is not how one refers to someone whose views they respect. Their language is not how one refers to someone whose constitutional rights they respect.

Their language is how the authorities refer to people they intend to disarm and force into an outdoor enclosure with one bathroom per 6,000.

Hospitals Play Pin the Price on the Donkey

Consumer knowledge is consumer power. That is why hospitals fight tooth–and–toenail against any efforts to post turnkey prices for medical procedures.

Bagley Salt Lake Tribune

Hospitals want to maintain price opacity. If you ask a hospital what it costs to have your appendix removed you get one of three replies: Uproarious, table–pounding laughter. Thinly veiled contempt at such an ignorant question. Or dead silence.

In theory health insurance companies should be staunch allies of consumers in this fight for price transparency. Unfortunately, health insurance companies are basically utilities run by bureaucrats who move paper instead of electricity. They’re content to be wards of the Obamacare state.

Fortunately, the Information Iron Curtain has been under assault by at least three local efforts.

The Dallas Morning News reports Crystal Roberts was rushed to an emergency room after a car crash. Fortunately, she was home in only three hours. Unfortunately, lacking insurance, she was billed at the ‘This Is Gonna Hurt’ rate and charged $11,037 for procedures that didn’t require hospitalization.

This exemplifies the greed and sadism that typifies hospital administrators. They attempt to charge the highest prices to people who have already demonstrated they are either broke or idiots because they don’t have health insurance in the first place.

It’s literally adding insult to injury.

Crystal found a personal injury lawyer working on commission and sued the hospital. The state supreme court, bless its heart, ruled if the hospital intends to prove its $11,000 walletectomy is “reasonable” it must “share … details about the discounted rates it had with health insurers.”

That’s real progress, but the danger is the rats will see their hospital ship is sinking and settle out of court without releasing the prices.

The Maryland Health Care Commission is our second example. It published a limited list of turnkey prices for medical procedures. Limited because the prices cover operations on women or the elderly or elderly women. But it’s a start. The numbers cover 21 different hospitals in the state and along with prices the percentages of medical errors are also posted.

Finally, the private sector has done its part. Kaiser Health News covered the North American Specialty Hospital company that offers its business clients a program where employees leave the country for less expensive surgery.

Donna Ferguson had a knee–replacement done in Mexico by a surgeon from the Mayo Clinic. You’re no doubt thinking, yeah Mexico this year but it’ll be Somalia in 2020 if greedy capitalists can save a dime. Our suspicion is misplaced. Donna had the option of staying in Mississippi. What made the difference was the $5,000 check she received from her employer for agreeing to the lower–priced package.

Now the Trump administration has joined the fight. If you doubt the importance of access to pricing information, the response of hospitals to the Trump administration’s Hospital Price Transparency Rule makes my point eloquently.

They sued to block implementation. That’s because if it were up to hospital administrators, patients wouldn’t be able to find out what it cost to park until they tried to exit the parking garage.

The New York Times explains, “The nation’s hospital groups sued the Trump administration over a new federal rule that would require them to disclose the discounted prices they give insurers for all sorts of procedures.” Including the cash price it will accept from individual patients.

It’s interesting that while hospitals have no compunction about forcing Crystal to hold bake sales to make the monthly payment on her hospital bill, the effort involved in publishing price information would bring the friendly folks in hospital billing to their knees. “’The sheer volume of data that the government is proposing health plans disclose is staggering — dollar amounts for every single item or service, for every single provider and facility, for every single individual and employer plan,’ wrote executives from America’s Health Insurance Plans and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.”

If that’s really the case, how do hospitals calculate the bill? Is it by taking the total overhead and anticipated profit for the month and divide it by the number of procedures? Or does the information already exist and they are simply lying through their lawyers?

Hospital price transparency has been one of the few sustained efforts on behalf of normal people from the Trump administration.

This fight is too important to leave to lawyers and judges. Consumers need to be heard. Call your congressman and tell him you support the Hospital Price Transparency Rule. And send an email to the Department of Human Services in support, too.

If consumers don’t make their voice heard you can be sure the vacuum will be filled by the blandishments of hospital lobbyists.

Virginia Is a Preview of What Gun–grabbers Would Do Nationally

A surprising development is occurring among staunch members of the left at the Washington Post and elsewhere. These woke scolds have come out strongly against sanctuary cities and counties. Before it was either silence or tacit approval for government sheltering a population that was “in the shadows,” which makes sense when you remember they’re running from the law.

Beeler – Columbus Dispatch

Sanctuary jurisdictions serve to protect a criminal class estimated to be 22 million strong at the expense of law–abiding citizens.

And what an expense it is.

These serial law breakers are responsible for the deaths of approximately 3,000 American citizens every year. Over the course of an average lifetime, the total cost to taxpayers for supporting people who have no right to be in our country is estimated by Center for Immigration Studies to be $746.3 billion.

And even those figures don’t include the cost to individual citizens of identity theft, property crime, lowered property values, assault, gang activity, crowded schools, packed emergency rooms and ‘Press One for English.’

The WoePost referred to sanctuary movement as “disturbing,” “reactionary,” “ugly,” and “dangerous.” Sanctuaries were even compared to “slavery” which makes perfect sense when you recall the idea behind sanctuaries is to protect cheap, controllable labor for unscrupulous employers.

WoePost columnist Petula Dvorak wrote “sanctuary cities” are populated by “extremists.” Virginia Delegate David Toscano compared sanctuaries to the Massive Resistance backlash that opposed public school integration.

Only I need to clarify. The WoePost wasn’t condemning sanctuaries that protect illegal aliens from richly deserved punishment. It was condemning the new 2nd Amendment sanctuaries protecting the constitutional rights of law–abiding citizens from undeserved collective punishment.

That’s because the extra–legal selective law enforcement the left uses to protect people who have no right to be here is out of bounds for citizens to use to protect rights granted them at the founding of the nation.

And that’s not the only contrast. Illegal alien sanctuaries are imposed on an electorate from the top down to protect a pool of future leftist voters. The 2nd Amendment sanctuary movement is a grassroots effort that petitioned elected officials to protect constitutional rights and the officials responded.

Even the WoePost admits the “movement has driven throngs of people to show up at boards of supervisor’s meetings. Their numbers are remarkable — 400, 800, even 2,000 in attendance.” As this is written over 110 Virginia counties, cities and towns have passed some form of 2nd Amendment sanctuary resolution that says that jurisdiction will not enforce or impose unconstitutional gun ownership restrictions on its residents.

Gun Owners of America Senior Vice President Erich Pratt has one of the best explanations of the 2nd Amendment sanctuary movement, “Sanctuary resolutions are important because they provide the best way for local officials to inform the newly elected General Assembly and the governor that if they rush forward to create new felony crimes to jail law-abiding Virginians — just for exercising their most fundamental and natural right of self-defense — then they cannot expect localities to enforce such unjust laws.”

Gun owners are right to be concerned. This isn’t the anodyne “common sense gun regulation” that is so innocent during the campaign. It’s always different after they win.

Richmond is now controlled by the angry left. Gov. Ralph ‘Coonman’ Northam has discussed requiring all owners of so–called ‘assault rifles’ to register their weapons with the state. And he requested an increase in the prison budget to cover the “increase in the operating cost of adult correctional facilities resulting from the enactment” of gun grabbing laws.

When gun confiscation speculation was running rampant in Richmond, US Rep. Don McEachin suggested the governor call out the National Guard to confiscate weapons.

Del. Dan Helmer introduced a bill that would ban indoor shooting ranges in buildings with more than 50 employees. Ranges that survived would be required to keep an Orwellian log of each shooter’s name, address and phone number.

Presumably so the state police could call ahead and have the owner pack his weapons for faster confiscation.

Del. Mark Levine’s bill would confiscate any magazine that held more than 10 rounds of ammunition. Those who didn’t turn their property over would be felons.

And that’s just the beginning.

There’s nothing “common sense” about these precursors to confiscation, which is the end game for the left. These despicable people subvert the law to protect their protected class of illegal aliens and future Democrats while using the law as a club to punish gun owners who vote Republican.

David French hit the nail on the head when he described the left’s gun fixation, “All too often gun-control proposals operate as a form of collective punishment on the law-abiding while serving as barely a speed bump in the path of the criminal.”

Sports Commentariat Demands More Inequality in College Sports

Sports was much more enjoyable when reporters covered sports. Now print and broadcast coverage is cluttered with breathless opinionating regarding race, ‘gender’, inequality and which high school will next host barnstorming Colin Kaepernick’s Aerial Circus.

Koterda Omaha World Herald

The latest social justice crusade for the sporties is what Sally Jenkins terms the NCAA’s “economically preying on athletes rather protecting them.”

This doesn’t mean the NCAA is forcing scholarship athletes to pay for housekeeping in away stadium locker rooms. It means the NCAA is using player’s images to promote college football without paying the athletes. The NCAA also stifles individual initiative by forbidding athletes from cashing in on their reputation while they are still playing in college.

Or as Jenkins with high umbrage terms it, “NCAA denies athletes their natural economic rights, and hijacks their names, images and likenesses for financial gain. Ohio State’s Chase Young is a star who may not sign his own autograph for money or endorse a Columbus car dealership.”

She then pulls out an apples–to–oranges comparison that supposedly wins the debate, “What member of a university marching band is told that they must not profit from the trumpet so long as they’re at the university?”

The answer right now is none, but when the Pride of Oklahoma starts recruiting trumpet players like the football team recruits the next Baker Mayfield, we’ll have to revisit the trumpet’s last call.

Fact is the football players Jenkins is putting up for auto dealer adoption are already being paid. In 2011 Dr. Patrick Rishe – at the time an Associate Professor of Economics at Webster University – ran the numbers on the value of a football scholarship.

At the University of Oklahoma, the out–of–state scholarship value was $124,556. And that’s not all, “intangible benefits associated with the scholarship [include] free gear, free publicity, free high-quality training and coaching, free access to trainers and fitness centers [and] lower unemployment rates for college graduates.”

Plus, the relief of avoiding the ball–and–chain of student loan debt.

Rishe concludes, “adding the short-term cost savings to the long-term earnings enhancement, the value of a college football scholarship at the Top 25 schools is potentially as high as $2.2 million for those student-athletes that complete their degrees.”

Those were 2011 numbers. The total value would be higher now.

The players, whose pain SJW sportswriters are feeling, represent maybe three percent of all the scholarship players on a team. Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence might cash in by endorsing hair salons but the vast majority of the team would remain anonymous and uncompensated.

And if you think the college football and basketball recruiting process is sleazy now, wait until boosters can bid for 5–star recruits! The players may as well list themselves on Ebay during their last semester of high school.

John Feinstein, another player pay supporter, does make an interesting point. Non–revenue or minor sport athletes, usually also–rans for collegiate attention, could benefit handsomely. “Why not pay a star swimmer, soccer player, tennis player or golfer to put on clinics for local kids? When Oklahoma State wins the NCAA golf championship, maybe local businesses around the state might want to use some of their players to promote products — or their golf courses.”

California just passed the “Fair Pay to Play Act” that will allow in–state athletes to go on the auction block. Other states are checking with head coaches who have winning records to discuss feasibility. While a miscellaneous congressman wants to strip the NCAA of its tax–exempt status if it doesn’t surrender.

Jenkins is convinced the NCAA is doomed because a political consultant told her so, “once the public suspects an organization’s motives don’t align with its mission, ‘we often see a rapid decline in the public seeing that organization as indispensable.’”

Maybe if Jenkins had been a paying client she would’ve been told the rest. Individuals often despise an organization overall, say Congress, but heartily approve of their individual congressman. The same is true of the NCAA and universities.

The situation may not be perfect, but players on a football team currently enjoy a rough equality. Some are more famous than others, but they all labor under the same economic system. And they are all getting more compensation than the rest of the student body.

Players are only undercompensated when compared to the NFL, which most of them will never join.

What Jenkins is advocating will replace this equivalence with a permanent caste system that geometrically enhances the inequality the left purports to abhor.

Think California, only in cleats.

Chase Young, Jenkins’ pet, will be making buckets of money, while the lineman next to him continues to labor in obscurity and now relative penury. It’s a recipe for jealousy, dissention and team disintegration.

Only Murderers Are Allowed to Be Amateurs

Even coverage of an attempted mass shooting successfully stopped by the NRA’s “Good guy with a gun” is not immune from the Opposition Media’s anti–gun agenda. One of the bedrock beliefs of the gun–grabber crowd is the average citizen has no need to own a gun, unless the weapon is strictly for hunting and safely stored somewhere in the Fortress of Solitude.

R McKee The Augusta Chronicle

All other uses of firearms should be restricted to government–approved experts, criminals and random crazy people. Law–abiding citizens need not apply.

That’s why early reports on the shooting at the West Freeway Church of Christ — located in White Settlement, TX — made a big deal about the hero, Jack Wilson, being a “former FBI agent.” It fit perfectly with the experts–only mindset of the OpMedia. Both the Daily Mail and the CBS outlet in Dallas, to name but two, highlighted that description in early coverage of the event.

Verifying that someone actually was a “former FBI” agent shouldn’t be that hard and certainly should be part of the story. One could begin by asking Jack, himself. And a call to the FBI would also be in order to completely verify. Lord knows the FBI should be eager to cooperate if it was true. An ex–agent stopping a shooting would provide some much–needed positive PR for the tarnished, Comeyfied institution.

Since Wilson was a candidate for county commissioner, those reporters could’ve checked for a bio on his website. But “former–FBI” like “Russia collusion” was just too good to check. The good folks at did and discovered Wilson was a former reserve deputy with the Hood County Sheriff’s Dept. Not a former FBI agent.

That revelation presented a real quandary. If there is one class of law enforcement the OpMedia despises more than police, it’s reserve police. Reserve officers, which include deputies, are usually unpaid volunteers who are frequently only required to attend abbreviated law enforcement training.

Snobby reporters view reserves as little more than vigilantes with a badge and certainly not someone decent folks would feel comfortable around if they knew reserves were armed.

The experts–only narrative was saved when it was learned that Wilson was also a firearms instructor and formerly owned a gun range. That’s why the WoePost ran the headline: “Firearms instructor took out gunman at Texas church service.”

A follow–up editorial in the WoePost asserted, “The hero in Sunday’s shooting was not, as gun advocates would want us to believe, an ordinary churchgoer …but rather a firearms instructor and gun range owner who has been a reserve deputy with a local sheriff’s department. It’s not hard to imagine an even greater tragedy if there had been someone less skilled than Mr. Wilson…”

A hysterical editorial page writer at USA Today’s echoed that sentiment, “In other words, he’s exactly the kind of man you want around with a firearm. But we know nothing about the at least six other parishioners who also appeared to draw their handguns at West Freeway Church …And that’s terrifying.”

Mike ‘Big Nanny’ Bloomberg — Democrat presidential candidate and moneybags behind Everytown for Gun Confiscation — even weighed in. When asked about the shooting he opined that, “It’s the job of law enforcement to have guns and decide when to shoot. We just do not want the average citizen carrying a gun in a crowded place.”

In other words, Bloomberg’s message for the 247 members in the congregation when the random crazy person opened up with a shotgun was leave it to the experts.

Keep Calm & Hope You Don’t Die.

Judging by the video of the shooting, Wilson has kept his firearms instructor license current. But in spite of what the credential–crazy media would have you believe he hasn’t been in law enforcement for over 33 years and his range closed in 2016. Wilson’s definitely better than the average bear, but he’s not John Wick.

And if Wilson had not been attending church that day, I’m guessing the congregation would have been happy if any of the other six armed parishioners had engaged the shooter. Particularly when the only other choice was to wait nine or more minutes for the experts to arrive.

It’s really not that complicated. People with concealed carry permits carry a gun because they’re too weak to tote a cop.

It’s been said time is money, but time is also life during an emergency. This idea that Americans can outsource their personal defense to the authorities is false. You are personally responsible for your family’s immediate safety. The gunfight inside West Freeway Church of Christ lasted only six seconds because the congregation had immediate responders who didn’t wait for first responders.

And that made all the difference.