Informed Voters Are the Best Ethics Commission

When the family moved to Dallas, just prior to my junior year of high school, my parents enrolled me in Highland Park High School, an uppity establishment proud that “disposable income” was its middle name.

Relatives of one of my classmates tried to corner the silver market. I’m friends with a guy who owns a private island. A female classmate was the granddaughter of the founders of 7/11.

And I think another acquaintance’s family financed the Kennedy assassination.

Professionally I’ve known people wealthy enough to start foundations that — in contrast to the Clinton foundation — give away their own money. Yet in all that time not one of these plutocrats has seen fit to give me a $6500 watch or take my wife on a $15,000 shopping spree.

But then I’ve never been elected governor either.

New job, instant new friends. What a dilemma. Details on the problem and handy guidelines on how politicians can avoid jail are in this week’s Newsmax column:

Government Phone Trees from Hell

I’ve always admired my fellow citizens whose unquenchable optimism leads them to expect to get help when they call a government complaint line.

For me, the term government “complaint line” always creates suspicions regarding sincerity. I can’t help but recall the bumper sticker I once saw on the back of a truck careening through traffic on the Beltway: Don’t Like My Driving? Call 1–800–EAT–S*#T.

I just assume that’s the response I’ll get when calling Uncle Sam, too.

And it will be if you call the IRS for help this tax season, since they are cutting back on “customer service.” But we’re just greedy taxpayers and not people coming here as Jeb Bush says in “an act of love.”

Once their eyes adjust after coming out of the shadows, illegals will be able to call up to three complaint lines including: Customs & Border Patrol, Immigration & Customs Enforcement; and Citizenship & Immigration.

If you’d like to know the cost to install a fourth line for taxpayers incredulous over this waste of money then you need to read the rest of my Newsmax column at:

By Executive Order Obama’s White House Is a Reality–Free Zone

During Nixon’s final months in office many in Washington and the media were worried about what might happen to the country since we evidently had a paranoid mental case with his hand near the nuclear button.

Today the occupant in the oval office is evidently delusional, but since Obama shares the fantasies of the Left the MSM isn’t worried and in fact supports him.

Obama’s 2015 budget is the latest evidence of his mental health crisis and show how far gone he really is. Details in my Newsmax column: