What’s Next? Voting Absentee from Prison?

Banned-Tennessee-and-Florida-felon-votingMaryland Democrats are hoping that allowing 44,000 ex–cons to vote in the next statewide election will accomplish what cancer failed to do: Get rid of Republican Governor Larry Hogan.

As far as they’re concerned Hogan broke bad long before he was diagnosed with late stage 3 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in June of 2015. Since this is an aggressive form of cancer, the Skyler White strategy looked quite viable for a time and legislators prepared to wait for what they assumed would be the inevitable.

A sentiment Hogan didn’t share. A combination of his iron will, prayer, doctors at Georgetown University Medical Center and 18 weeks of intensive chemotherapy has rendered Hogan 100 percent cancer free.

Even worse for the opposition, Hogan’s public fight against the disease and his refusal to let chemo prevent him from keeping his campaign promises has made politically bulletproof in this uniformly Democrat–registered state.

A Goucher College survey that came out just this week shows his popularity is increasing despite of Democrat efforts to paint him as the Maryland Obama: Divisive, confrontational, arrogant and dismissive of the legislative branch. The only thing they haven’t accused him of is playing golf.

Hogan’s job approval has increased from 58 percent in October to 63 percent now.

It’s no surprise Republicans love him — 86 percent approval rating — which is expected, but half of Democrats surveyed also approve of his performance in office.

So for the legislature it’s now time for Plan V: Restore the Violator Vote.

Supporters of the plan like to talk about how these individuals have “paid their debt to society,” only in this instance these 44,000 are still making payments in the form of probation or parole. This is like allowing a layaway customer to take possession of the Xbox before he’s made the last payment.

Come to think of it, some of these future Democrat votes may be on probation or parole because they took the Xbox without making any payments.

Hogan originally vetoed the bill because he harbors quaint notions about the need for consequences to follow when someone breaks the law. He felt that no one put a gun to the criminal’s head and made them take up a life of crime. On the contrary the people with the guns to their heads were the law–abiding. Forfeiting the right to vote until they paid their entire debt to society was only right and proper.

Democrats saw a block vote coming their way in November and disagreed. They were so committed to erasing this so–called injustice they overrode Hogan’s veto. Still the inclusion of some rights and the exclusion of others by the Democrats almost forces one to conclude they are cynically exploiting this overwhelmingly minority voting block for purely political reasons.

If, as the Democrats say, these individuals are ready to assume their place in society as reformed men and women, why doesn’t the legislature also restore their Second Amendment rights?

It’s strange that a political party that has embraced a philosophy that avoids finality — except in the case of capital punishment for the unborn — would also have this fixation on permanently banning former felons from owning firearms. Don’t prison rehabilitation programs work?

Is the Constitutional right to vote absolute, but the Constitutional right to bear arms conditional?

I think the real reason Democrats don’t include the 2nd Amendment in right restoration is another instance of hypocritical self–interest. Democrat members of the legislature assume, with good reason, that former felons in the voting booth can only hurt Republicans.

While a rapist with a restored right to be in possession of a roscoe might not be concerned with asking one’s political affiliation before he opens up.

How States Call Weather a Disaster & Wait for the Check

funny-The-Simpsons-forecast-blizzard-stormIn 1930 if you told Big Government progressives in coming years they would be able to charge taxpayers for weather while increasing the size and power of the federal government, I doubt you would have been believed.

People weren’t as credulous then.

Today common weather events are declared “disasters” and governors go to Washington begging for federal handouts. That’s how taxpayers in Minnesota and Wisconsin wind up paying for a snow storm in Virginia.

The fact Virginia drivers lose control of their bowels when a snowflake hits the highway is not the fault of residents in the other 49 states. In fact none of this is the fault or responsibility of any other taxpayer outside the affected states.

These giveaways might stop if those same Minnesota and Wisconsin taxpayers demanded to know why their representatives sit idly by while the Commonwealth picks their pockets, but usually the only media coverage is in the states getting the money, not those being fleeced.

Complete details on this scam and why conservatives should stand up for local responsibility can be found in my Newsmax column. Just click below:



A Leftist and Her Money Are Soon Parted

Instead-of-going-to-Starbucks---lolSan Francisco leftists have once again decided to inflict another socialist utopia on an unsuspecting South American nation. What’s more, just like at Jonestown, a popular liquid is playing a prominent role.

This time instead of a male heretic imposing a fanatical religion, we have two women, Helen Russell and Brooke McDonnell, doing orthodox socialist missionary work.

The ladies are owners of Equator Coffee, a trendy gourmet emporium with two San Francisco area locations. The utopia is Finca Sophia a coffee farm owned by the company and located in Panama. The duo has decided to upend traditional coffee–growing practices in favor of importing California thinking, but since the ladies are card–carrying progressives this is not cultural imperialism.

It’s more a 21st Century White Woman’s burden.

In 2008 Equator flew in another female to manage the operation and got to work. In their view the land had been abused by being “clear cut.” (Local farmers, before the new owners parachuted in, called these treeless areas “fields.”) The new philosophy was planting with “sustainability in mind,” although that doesn’t appear to extend to economics.

The land was replanted with shade trees and a monoculture of Gesha coffee, a variety of bean that can be viewed “legendary” or forgotten, depending on your viewpoint.

Equator’s second break with tradition was coffee itself. Most coffee beans are grown at an altitude of approximately 4,000 feet. The altitude at Finca Sophia is 6,300 feet, which means the plants are as oxygen–starved as a socialist’s brain.

Since coffee and thought processes grow very slowly at that altitude, the new owners decided to occupy their time by upgrading the life of their “indigenous” employees. Equator provided free health care and education for employee families.

Then time passed. Think of it as coffee grown by the postal service. Racing against the 22nd Amendment, Equator was finally able to bring in it’s first crop before Obama left office. The hand–picked beans, soaked in ideology, were packaged and rushed to California where coffee connoisseurs have an opportunity to savor the social justice at a mere $15 for an 8 oz. cup.

Or if you prefer to risk making your own coffee at home without the supervision of Equator’s “coffee educator,” half a pound will set you back $75.00.

To put this in perspective, the US Navy’s alternative jet fuel — made from snips and snails and puppy dog tails — only costs $150 a gallon, while Equator’s java is $240! At that price you’d think ownership would throw in a free Bernie Sanders bumper sticker, unless Bernie’s voters are the ones pouring the coffee and glaring at people slurping down a whole hour’s pay.

At that price I could have a cup of coffee or lunch, but not both.

Fortunately for Equator, I’m not part of their customer base. According to the SFist, the people who are customers eagerly soak up the Market Street location’s daily allotment. But Equator owners are discovering the best of misguided intentions can’t avoid eventually colliding with reality.

Even at $15 a cup the store is losing money on every pour. And this is while the brew is new and noteworthy.

After the novelty wears off, Equator may discover most customers would prefer to drop a quarter in the UNICEF jar to express social justice solidarity and hold the coffee price to under five bucks a cup — rather than have their wallets recruited by management to support its caffeine Shangri-La.

Equator owners do deserve credit on two fronts: First, for using their own money to subsidize this fantasy and not my tax dollars.

And second, for providing the answer to the question of what’s going to happen if government continues arbitrarily raising wages and increasing benefits without any economic justification. Even $240–a–gallon coffee won’t generate enough revenue to cover the cost.

The Little Streetcar That Couldn’t

Not toy trainThere’s good news for Washington, DC area parents with small children. No longer will you have to travel hundreds of miles to Disneyland to let the little ones enjoy a thrilling ride on a toy train. Instead you can pack the wee folk off to DC and let them ride a streetcar line that’s as short as their attention span.

I know you’re thinking, “Ha, ha he’s talking about that little train that runs beneath Capitol Hill between House and Senate offices! But you can’t ride that unless you’re toting a Member of Congress’ sedan chair.”

Actually, that’s no problemo if you’re a campaign contributor. A large enough check and you’ll be like Trump — when he rides Donald gets to wear the engineer’s hat and blow the horn. But I’m talking about the new DC mini–mass transit system that connects a riverbank with Amtrak.

It’s another example of the elitist left’s fascination with boutique transportation “solutions.” You can find the rest of the details by clicking on the link below for my Newsmax column:



Two Words that Would Seal Trump’s Deal for Me

Term Limits photoI am well aware Donald Trump isn’t a conservative. What’s more, I’ve seen no indication that he’s interested in adopting a consistent constitutionally conservative philosophy. He’s the personification of the “random walk” brought to politics.

But none of that matters.

For our purposes we don’t need James Madison. The fact that Trump’s background is closer to that of Ashley Madison is entirely irrelevant to the tremendous service he can perform for conservatives.

What Donald Trump understands is winning and winning’s corollary: Getting even. And that’s why he’s the perfect candidate to give conservatives a real chance of achieving our greatest victory in the last 50 years.

And that’s where two words become crucial for my vote: Term limits.

If Trump adds term limits to his signature issue of immigration then I’m instantly a Trumpista. Term limits is another perfect issue for Trump and his eclectic assembly of voters who are fed up with a self–serving, unresponsive and corrupt political establishment.

Marco Rubio (R–Amnesty) might claim to be a unifier, but Trump really is. Republican and Democrat leadership in both the House and the Senate are completely united in their hatred and utter contempt for Trump and his supporters.

They would sooner get in a hot tub with Mullah Omar than invite the average Trumpista to a townhall meeting.

This week Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R–Weasel) said Republicans will drop Trump “like a hot rock” if he’s the nominee and the gopher–like McConnell gave them permission to run negative ads attacking their own presidential candidate! For the first time in history instead of fleeing a sinking ship, establishment rats are advocating mutiny.

President Trump will owe these cravens absolutely nothing except retribution.

That’s why he’s the ideal candidate to make term limits an integral part of his campaign. Term limits is an issue with overwhelming support in the electorate that’s been blocked by chair–warming incumbents for decades. If his first two fights with the beaten establishment are ending illegal immigration and turning incumbents into refugees his popularity will skyrocket.

Conservatives have never had an advocate for term limits in the Oval Office. Past presidents were more concerned with making nice with Congress so it would pass their legislative initiatives. Trump would have a better chance asking Iran for a tour of its nuclear bomb plant than he would have getting cooperation from this Congress, so he loses nothing by advocating term limits.

The amendment would be perfect if it included a three–year lobby ban on retired officeholders or any member of their staff. In a single stroke Trump will have ended the incestuous Congress–to–crony pipeline on Capitol Hill. But I’ll settle for just term limits. A maximum of 12 years in the House and Senate combined.

In a single stroke, being elected to Congress will stop being the first step toward a lifetime of sucking the public teat. Instead those 12 years can be the capstone to a career spent in business or some other occupation outside politics.

Please spare me the crocodile anguish over “losing all those years of experience.” Here are the top three longest–serving Republican members of the House and Senate.

Rep. Don Young 43 years

Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner 37 years

Rep. Harold Rogers 36 years

Sen. Orrin Hatch 39 years

Sen. Thad Cochran 38 years

Sen. Charles Grassley 39 years

Two hundred and thirty two years of spending and expanding government wrapped up in six eminently forgettable politicians who all happen to hate Trump.

Just imagine the splash Trump would make with these two issues. Republicans at all levels would finally see how using a vigorous, consistent message can bring incredible pressure to bear. Trump can simply point out to voters that if eight years are enough for him, why are McConnell and his ilk so angry about getting 50 percent more time?

Once the amendment hits the states it’s all over for perpetual incumbency. Voters in many states already have term limits and the one’s who don’t still hold Congress in contempt.

Please, Donald, make my dream come true. Just say the words.