Seattle Candidates Launder Their Own Money

Seattle continues to be a sinkhole of economic illiteracy. Some cites put fluoride in the water, while Seattle evidently sprinkles in a little socialism. Michael Reagan has written here about the damaging effects of the politically–imposed $15/hr. minimum wage.

The last time this column visited it was another case of Sudden Socialism Syndrome. Entrepreneur Dan Price, already paying an average wage of $23/hr., reached for immortality in the pages of the New York Times and established a $70,000/year minimum wage at his company Gravity Payments. (Complete details in my column here.)

Currently Price is taking in renters to cover his mortgage — 70K appears to be both a floor and a ceiling since “Gravity” only functions in a narrow band — but in his favor Dan is using his own money in the pursuit of a fanciful goal.

The current city goal is even more fanciful than Price’s, but Seattle politicians wouldn’t dream of using their own money. That’s what taxpayers are for!

If you’re strong enough to learn about the latest conspiracy against the taxpayer click on the link below and through the power of the hyperlink you’ll be magically transported to my Newsmax column:



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