Obama’s Not the Only Democrat Hearing Voices

He may not even be the first. Earlier this year the Democrat elite that runs Arlington County, VA (a DC suburb) heard the voices of all the voters too lazy to participate in a special election for the board.

So they refused to consider canceling their latest plan to use tax dollars to prop up a boutique transportation system from the past, even thought the anti candidate beat the establishment stooge.

Then came the November election where Swami Obama channeled the voices of non–voters and came to the conclusion all those Republicans were elected to work with him to pass legislation. (Unfortunately, establishment GOP leadership appears to agree.)

But in Arlington something amazing for democracy and taxpayers happened.

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Halloween Hypocrisy Exposes Open Borders Elite.

They were almost ready to set up checkpoints and invite Sheriff Joe to supervise in Georgetown last week. The cause of the outrage? Children from outside the toney, elite neighborhoods had the audacity to invade and take candy intended for Buffy and Belgium.

Most of the time the elite Left is insulated by money from the baleful effects of their bad ideas, but this time it hit home.

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