Marco Rubio Purges US Tech Workers from STEM to Stern

Rubio milk cartonMarco Rubio (R–Amnesty) claims to be the one GOP candidate who can “bring us together.” Unfortunately, for many of us the meeting is going to be in the unemployment line.

Rubio’s slavish support of H1–B visas mean that more hard–working citizens will be out of work and replaced by cheaper foreign labor hired by law–breaking employers.

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A Poisoned Apple in the Garden of Liberty

Apple privacyApple, which invades your privacy by checking to see if you had a non–Apple repair on your phone, is now refusing to cooperate with the FBI on unlocking the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone.

In spite of all of Tim Cook’s “privacy” posturing, it’s not a privacy issue at all. San Bernardino County owns the phone and they, too want it unlocked.

Instead it’s all about market share. Apple thinks making a public fight over privacy in the US will help it keep market share among Western consumers, while bending over backward to grant Communist totalitarians access to customer data in China will also preserve government–controlled market share there.

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Trump Tizzy in Virginia Long Before Primary

Orange TrumpThe Virginia Republican Party has discovered it’s one thing to issue a political “Do Not Resuscitate” order and quite another to get it to stick. Back in September the State Central Committee decided to require all voters in the March 1st GOP primary to sign a pledge that states: “My signature below indicates that I am a Republican.”

The idea behind this plea to be left alone was Virginia Republicans didn’t want a bunch of Trump voters cluttering up the polling places and spreading dangerous ideas about standing up to condescending elites.

Why you’d have thought they were asking for bi–lingual ballots!

Whoops, my mistake. The bi–lingual ballot folks are just the voters the GOP establishment hopes to welcome any decade now. As one insider told the Washington Post, “the party is highlighting the [loyalty pledge] to box in Trump, whose swipes against illegal immigrants have been an “unmitigated disaster” for a party trying to expand its outreach to minority voters.”

You can imagine that insider’s dismay when Hillary was the first candidate to be photographed in a Chipotle. I expect to see Chris Christie and John Kasich there soon, if their campaigns can hold out until the quarantine ends. Why should party panjandrums work to welcome independents and swing Democrats when you can make the Chamber of Commerce happy by legalizing generations of big government Democrat voters?

Why don’t they ask for asylum and allow Univision to be a debate sponsor? Whoops, yet another mistake! Univision WAS a debate sponsor until a potential revolt of GOP candidates — even the Canadian — forced the Republican establishment to listen to citizens for a change.

I’ve never understood the hubbub Trump causes among GOP apparatchiks. If the Democrats can allow a man who’s not even a member of their party to run for president, why can’t the me–toos that run the GOP allow independent and swing voters to participate?

I say let Trump’s anchor–Republicans vote. Who knows, it could prove habit forming.

The other feeble justification for oaths is to prevent crossover voting. This is when members of the other party vote in the opposite primary to attempt to elect a candidate that will be harmful in the fall. Instances of successful crossover voting operations are as hard to find as instances of Islamophobia.

In any event crossover attempts can be stopped dead by notifying voters their participation in the primary means they’ll be receiving Republican junk mail for the next decade. My wife and daughter are still getting mail from abortionists, alternate lifestyles advocates and amnesty supporters dating from their participation in Rush Limbaugh’s ill–advised stop Obama crossover operation in 2008.

Isolationist GOP officials held out as long as possible and then gave up last month. Like Marxist true believers, instead of admitting it was a bad idea from the beginning, party officials are now claiming the oath wasn’t a problem it was the state election board’s implementation that forced the party to recant.

Now voters participating in the GOP primary will be able to vote without signing a loyalty oath or passing a literacy test.

My suggestion for the future would be instead of harassing voters, the party should require a loyalty oath from candidates. Make them sign an pledge that if a candidate runs as a conservative, he promises not to govern as a RINO (Republican In Name Only). One law Virginia has that more states should adopt is the “sore loser” law. This states that any candidate who loses a primary election can’t run as an independent in the general election.

That would stop both Trump and Hillary.

Personally, I’m going to miss signing the pledge. I was hopeful there’d be plenty of room on the signature line so I could add: “My coerced signature indicates this party is run by morons.”

The Single Best Reason to Vote Trump So Far

I’m always under the gun when it comes to writing a Donald Trump column. There’s an almost overwhelming urge to post it quickly, because he may implode at any minute.

And I’ve been wrong every time. Trump keeps offending and leading or leading and offending; your choice. But old habits die hard, so here is my latest Newsmax column with the single best reason I’ve found to vote for The Donald.

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I Wish My Column Was ‘More Addictive Than Cocaine’

Pennywise and cocaineCocaine is commonly recognized as the baseline for degradation clichés in the US. A product, pastime or vice has made it big when an authority figure compares its addictive power to that of cocaine while warning the public of a looming threat to domestic tranquility.

Once a reporter is told something or other is “as addictive as cocaine” the story practically writes itself. And if the reporter happens to be hooked on cocaine, too, it’s finished in no time.

Our latest addiction cliché comes courtesy of Republican state senator Todd Weiler who has introduced a resolution that would require Utah to recognize porn as a “public health hazard” and take steps to prevent it’s spread.

The senator gets points for concern, but this will be like preventing the spread of humidity.

Weiler contends an addiction to pornography “is more difficult to overcome than cocaine.” It’s certainly cheaper. Once the victim is past the fixed costs of a broadband connection and a viewing technology the product is essentially free. At least that’s the case in Utah where, although porn viewing is pervasive, the average time online is the second shortest in the nation.

The trailers and teasers appear to satisfy, so to speak.

The senator does recognize there is the potential for government overreach, so he plans to take a hands–off approach with regard to masturbation. Weiler told the NY Daily News, “My resolution does not deal with [self–abuse], I think that’s beyond the scope of what I’m doing.”

Pornography now joins the long and surprisingly diverse list of “more addictive thans.”

Time magazine found a Connecticut College study that claims Oreos are as addictive as crack cocaine to lab rats. And the findings are certainly applicable to humans since the rats eat the creamy center first, too.

The L.A. Weekly contends you can’t go to the grocery store without falling into the clutches of Demon Food, because “food can actually be considered more addictive than crack.” This warning is based on research indicating two–thirds of Americans “have significant difficulties controlling their food intake.”

A phenomena you can witness yourself during Chocolate Buffet night on any cruise ship.

This warning does have a motivational bright side. Now dieters can feel as heroic as Robert Downey, Jr., since they can describe hunger pangs as withdrawal symptoms.

The Daily Mail says being in front of a computer can still be a problem even if you keep your hands to yourself. Swedish researcher Sven Rollenhagen warns the online World of Warcraft has been part of every case of game addiction he’s treated. Yes, “It is the crack cocaine of the computer game world. Some will play it till they drop.”

It’s obvious why the warning industry has so much invested in the “addictive as cocaine” cliché. If cocaine were found to be no more dangerous than powdered sugar, Oreos would vanish from the shelves overnight and Chicken Littles would be verbally disarmed.

That resistance is why the National Survey on Drug Use has trouble getting traction. It found 80 percent of those surveyed who had tried crack — supposedly even worse than cocaine — had not used it in the past year. What’s more, the initial experience appears to have been beneficial to society as a whole. The blow testers also report paying their taxes on time, stopping before turning right on red and never parking in handicapped spaces.

Cocaine effectiveness is also under attack on the chemical side. Some claim Fentanyl — which sounds like something you drink on a date with Bill Cosby — is now the most addictive drug, but I don’t see that cliché catching on. It’s too hard to spell and too hard to pronounce.

The bottom line for me always returns to the messenger: Wouldn’t the expert have had to be addicted to cocaine at some point to be able to accurately compare dependency power and if so, does America want to take advice from a bunch of former crack heads?

Marco Rubio Gets the Full McCain from Mainstream Media

Rubio as WoodyMarco Rubio’s third–place finish in Iowa was enough for the mainstream media to anoint him the “real winner.” Why? Easy, as far as the left is concerned Rubio is the Republican Obama: An opportunistic, inexperienced empty suit — only his ears are bigger.

Don’t fall for the hype from an MSM that only wishes conservatives ill. Particularly if Rubio is falling for it.

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The Typo that Bloated a Nation

stupid-fat-people_o_689465For decades Americans have been laboring under a misconception that has fueled the growth of Jenny Craig, stretched spandex to the limit and turned people–watching at the mall into a vaguely unsettling experience.

Mothers, teachers and motorcycle cops have been lecturing us for years that “haste makes waste.” Meaning rushing through a project, test or municipal speed trap can result in sloppy work, wrong answers or hefty fines.

Yet the advice is completely wrong. Haste has almost no correlation to waste. A slap–dash effort directed toward your chores or homework enables you get back to updating your Facebook page that much sooner. And speeding tickets are just a tax on velocity and no indication of a lack of attention to detail.

What these authority figures should have been telling us was “haste makes WAIST.

Japanese researchers with a strange mastication fetish have been studying how people eat. They’ve discovered a direct relationship between how fast you consume and your time in the 40–yard dash. Wait, that can’t be correct. Foot speed is an indirect result. After analyzing 23 other studies, the New York Post tells us, researchers determined diners that wolfed down their food “were more than twice as likely to be obese than those who said they ate more slowly.”

The weight disparity could have been because the fast eaters asked, “are you going to finish that?” and cleaned the slow eater’s plates before they had a chance to respond.

Since a significant portion of the social science community makes a living performing tests that merely serve to confirm conventional wisdom and/or common sense, none of the researchers admitted mom was right when she told you to “chew each bite 40 times.”

It’s possible this judgment is a bit harsh. Maybe the scientists are unfamiliar with the digestive dictum. Judging by the number of people I see in restaurants chewing with their mouths open or talking with their mouths full it could be that mom has completely given up on chewing frequency and is content if the kids avoid becoming cannibals.

Evidently a satiation race begins each time we sit down in front a full plate and begin to eat. According to the science, which I have questions regarding, the longer food stays in your mouth “the more it triggers sensors in your tongue and oral cavity to send satiety signals to your brain.”

This clears up one question I’ve had. In the past I merely assumed it was the cancer keeping tobacco chewers so slim and trim, but evidently it was because their tongue was confused and told the brain they weren’t hungry. Or they were simply nauseous from swallowing the juice.

One would think with the head start an impulse from the tongue has over one from the stomach, keeping the brain up–to–date on digestive progress wouldn’t be hard, but that’s not the case. Like Ben Carson answering a foreign policy question, the full impulses are always a bit behind the curve. Gravity and peristalsis — combined with a Henry Ford, assembly–line style of eating that always has another bite ready as soon the previous morsel disappears down the hatch — appear to give incoming demands the advantage. Before you know it, it’s standing room only in the stomach.

Had America taken mom’s 40–chews–per–bite advice and ruminated more over dinner the nation might be less bovine in appearance now.

If you’re going to haste regardless of your waist, another nutritionist has a suggestion. This time drink 16 ounces of water at whatever breakneck pace you choose, only do it just before you eat. The water will take up space and reduce the size of your meal regardless of how lethargic your tongue receptors are.

I’ve tried this technique in restaurants and it works like a charm. Midway through the meal I have to excuse myself and use the bathroom. At my age by the time I return the waiter has frequently cleared the table, eliminating any temptation for additional eating.

Whether or not you decide to pre–soak your stomach before dinner, please keep in mind “haste makes waste” eating doesn’t mean you get another stain on your pants. It means you get another pound on your hips.