A Wake–up Call for Snooze Alarm Conservatives

‘The Hunt’ has hit a shunt and count me among the deeply disappointed. The Hollywood Reporter informs us, “Universal has decided to scrap the release of ‘The Hunt’ — an R-rated satire in which elites hunt “deplorables” for sport — following a series of mass shootings across the country.”

Rick McKee, The Augusta Chronicle

Many conservative commentators hail this as a victory. Take that, Hollywood degenerates!

Only they’re wrong. Any time conservatives are celebrating censorship we’re both losing and hypocritical. Second, the more conservatives who see this movie the better. Banning it only helps the left.

‘The Hunt’ is a visual demonstration of just what Hollywood, Ivy League elitists and the Twitterati really think of Trump voters. The Sonderkonservatives who believe their Never–Trumpism or I–only–voted–for–him–because–of–trade–policy disdain will save them from being lumped in with MAGA–hat wearers are in for a shock. Paying the illegal mowing their lawn more than the minimal wage won’t erase the stain.

In culture wars anyone who’s not a leftist is the enemy. One of the victims in the movie is targeted because he’s not blood thirsty enough.

His mistake was being Pro–Life.

The movie would’ve proved to be Jolt Cola for the country’s complacent conservatives who sleep placidly, safe in the mistaken belief the left’s animosity doesn’t involve them. When some washed up female ‘comedian’ poses with a picture of Trump’s decapitated head, they’re briefly aroused and paying attention. Then they hit the snooze button again.

It’s not their concern. They don’t own a MAGA hat. They aren’t a baker or a florist. They don’t make political contributions. And Roscoe will be sick the day gender–benders come to Show & Tell.

Besides, Trump has Secret Service protection.

Only the people being hunted in this movie aren’t White House staffers, political appointees or activists with a Trump bumper sticker on the pickup. They are rank–and–file Deplorables. Sitting in a darkened theatre listening to the audience laugh when people like you die in a ‘satire’ would have proven to be an enlightening experience.

Prey people in this movie can be found at any gas station, Walmart or football stadium. They wear caps, cowboy shirts and own guns.

Fox News reported, “The violent, R-rated film from producer Jason Blum’s Blumhouse follows a dozen MAGA types who wake up in a clearing and realize they are being stalked for sport by elite liberals.”

THR shares this bit of dialogue from one of our unhappy betters, “At least The Hunt’s coming up. Nothing better than going out to the Manor and slaughtering a dozen Deplorables.” The action that follows ‘features guns blazing along with other ultra-violent killings as the elites pick off their prey.’”

The El Paso shooter had his manifesto. This is the Hollywood manifesto.

In a nice bit of symmetry Hillary Swank stars as a hunter. She’s killing the voters her candidate Hillary Clinton first called ‘Deplorables.” Swank’s murder of people just like you and me is described as “deeply rewarding.”

We know ‘The Hunt’ is a fantasy because rich leftists know how to use a gun. An accurate movie would have had the One Percenter’s security team – people a notch above Deplorables and willing to take orders – do the killing while ‘asylum seekers’ acted as beaters and drove the victims toward their death.

The One Percent would watch via drone on a Jumbotron.

Regardless of its rich Democrat portrayal, finally this movie should make you snooze alarm conservatives start thinking.

Swank takes the role of conservative killer convinced she will suffer no damage to her career. Jason Blum knows the movie won’t hamper his next effort to produce a picture. Universal knows approving the movie won’t harm its stock. And theatre chains know showing the movie won’t cause a riot.

This is an entire chain of individuals and companies that know with certainty they are immune to any repercussion.

That alone should begin to worry you. Where else do the losers of an election freely discuss killing government supporters? Certainly not in a genuine fascist state. When Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, with only 37 percent of the vote, Fritz Lang wasn’t making movies about hunting Brown Shirts.

Hollywood feels free to do it here because they know Trump isn’t really a fascist and there is no danger. The left controls the culture, college, government education, corporate boardrooms, the media and the permanent government bureaucracy.

All the Deplorables had was their vote and that has condemned them in the eyes of the left.

There are no neutrality agreements or conscientious objectors in this culture war. It’s binary. You are with the left or you are the enemy. It’s high time snooze alarm conservatives woke up and smelled the culture burning. Seeing ‘The Hunt’ would have helped.

Federal Employees Want Taxpayers to Keep Their Distance

The Washington Post (WoePost to regular readers) recently had a very ominous quote. Sandra Salstrom, a lobbyist for the American Federation of Government Employees, told an eager stenographer, “It seems like if they are successful here, this could just be the tip of the iceberg. We don’t know who’s next.”

Rick McKee – Augusta Chronicle, GA

What inhumane, outrageous and bigoted Trump administration policy has attracted the attention of Ms. Salstrom? Has someone purchased a one–way ticket to Somalia for Rep. Ilhan Omar?

Not exactly, but the outrage does involve travel. The Trump administration is planning to move portions of the Dept. of Agriculture and the Bureau of Land Management closer to where agriculture happens and land is managed.

Placing swamp bureaucrats closer to the people over which they rule is evidently inherently offensive. Cong. Steny Hoyer (D–Barnacle) warned, “In the White House, there is, among some people, a real disrespect for federal employees, animated by their disrespect for the government generally. So if you’re hostile to government, you’re then . . . hostile to those who work in government.”

For the USDA this means part of that behemoth will be moving to the Kansas City area. And if I lived in either Kansas or Missouri, I’d be offended. They got some crazy little women there, but I don’t think they hurt no one.

The left is acting like the destination really is Somalia — not that there’s anything wrong with that!

The WoePost, which slavishly covers the federal workforce, even has a swamp columnist. Joe Davidson writes the impending move of the Economic Research Service portion of the USDA has caused employees to “quit in droves.”

Which only proves the “drove” isn’t what it was formerly cracked up to be. The total headcount of this “drove” was six employees. That doesn’t even qualify as a crowded elevator, but it’s typical of the sky–is–falling response to any change in the bureaucracy.

The average employee attrition at ERS had been about one–per–month. After Sec. Sonny Perdue heralded the crack of doom and the arrival of Mayflower, the attrition rate doubled to two–per–month. For a 300–person agency the former rate was 4 percent and the doom–laden rate was 8 percent, which is still much less than the nationwide attrition rate for “government, education & non–profit employment sector” of 11.2 percent.

Even the relatively humane approach of the Trump administration is twisted into a choice between life among the wretches who pay their salary and professional suicide: “The Agriculture Department is offering employees a rare choice: accept a forced transfer to a post 1,000 miles away or be fired.” Having a choice certainly beats the George Clooney treatment where an employee is escorted to a conference room while his office is packed up in his absence. But that’s the savage private sector, not the humane, understanding federal government.

We’re also supposed to be concerned about the priceless “scientific talent” the nation will be using, but when you remember it was USDA “scientists” that foisted the high carb – low fat diet on the nation that resulted in an obesity epidemic, I think we can get along just fine without them.

And they can take their BMI index, too.

The Bureau of Land Management is also pulling up stakes. The plan is to move “84 percent of the agency’s headquarters staff west of the Rockies.” Coverage there was equally grim. “This announcement is deeply unsettling, and has created a lot of uncertainty for us,” the participant said. “The best part of my job is my co-workers, and they are working to tear us apart for purely political reasons. I’m sick to my stomach.”

I’m wondering when we’ll start seeing photos of former USDA employees sitting on the top of railroad cars heading to Canada for asylum when this item caught my eye, “Other employees embraced the reorganization, according to the meeting participant, asking how early they can leave Washington.

Yet, strangely enough, there were no quotes or additional information from employees happy with the impending move.

It’s tough to take this wailing and gnashing of teeth seriously when it’s accepted government practice to shuffle military families like balls in a bingo drum, but somehow moving a bureaucrat is cruel and unusual punishment.

Conservatives should cheer this Trump initiative. It’s not shrinking the size of government, but it is breaking up the concentration of bureaucratic empire–building in the metro DC area. Why shouldn’t the entire USDA be moved to the Midwest where it’s closer to the farming heartland? Why shouldn’t the Dept. of Energy be moved to an area where energy production is supported and not condemned?

Best of all, maybe the work habits of average citizens will rub off on the newly–arrived swamp denizens.

Evidently Ahab Mueller Wasn’t the Captain of the Pequod

There are some questions that just aren’t asked at a hearing because the questions are superfluous. The answers are part of everyone’s database. At least everyone who counts.

Adam Zyglis: The Buffalo News

When Special Prosecutor Robert ‘Ahab’ Mueller testified before the House I would’ve asked about FISA warrant applications. Why Sen. Diane Feinstein was warned about a Chinese spy in her office but Trump was put under surveillance. And why Republicans were indicted and Democrats weren’t.

It never would have occurred to me to ask Mueller if he was familiar with the Steele Dossier and Fusion GPS. Knowledge of those two entities was taken as a given.

Only everybody didn’t know.

As the rabidly anti–Trump, pro–Russia–Collusion Politico reported, when Mueller was asked about the Steele Dossier and Fusion GPS, “He said he was unfamiliar with the so-called ‘Steele dossier’” and he was equally “unfamiliar” with Fusion GPS.

This is the equivalent of Dr. Robert Oppenheimer — the director of the Manhattan Project — being “unfamiliar” with uranium and Albert Einstein. The Pope being “unfamiliar” with the New Testament. Or Abbott being “unfamiliar” with Costello.

The Steele Dossier was the basis of Russia Collusion Delusion. It was used to get a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. It is the genesis of the entire investigation.

Fusion GPS is the band of sleazes who tried to peddle the lies contained in the Steele Dossier to law enforcement and the media. One of the Fusion staff is married to a top FBI official who influenced the investigation.

Without Fusion GPS there is no Steele Dossier and without the Steele Dossier there is no special prosecutor. This entire investigation and its corruption of the FBI and Justice Department was like Watergate if Woodward and Bernstein were the burglars and then tried to pin the job on Nixon.

How could Mueller not be aware of both?

A brief Google search on Fusion GPS produces almost 92 million hits. A news search has 836,000 references. A similar search on Steele Dossier has 2.3 million general hits and 75,000 news mentions. Federal retirees are always griping about their pension, but surely Mueller can afford an iPad and a Panera gift card.

The Opposition Media made Ahab Mueller into an icon of integrity and gravitas. That lasted until he opened his mouth. Mueller sounded like the confused, out–of–touch senior citizen the left claims Donald Trump is when they have dreams of invoking the 25th Amendment.

Mueller was only there to give the investigation a patina of probity while the 19 Angry Democrats went to work. Evidently, Mueller showed up at the office looking iconish, played some computer solitaire, went home to watch Walter Cronkite and then to bed.

This explains why the investigation went so far outside the parameters of the Dept. of Justice brief. Mueller couldn’t run a canasta game at an assisted living center. The 19 Angry Democrats kept him topped up on Ensure and out of the way.

It was like Howie Carr said on the radio, “I asked why [Mueller] was bringing a lawyer with him, when it was clear from his earlier press conference at the Justice Department that what he really needed was a nurse.”

Even if the Justice Dept. figured out something was amiss they lacked the courage to rein in the investigation. Trying to supervise what was going on in the Special Prosecutor’s Office would likely result in leaks to the OpMedia’s Hallelujah Chorus claiming “interference.” Then the predicate is set for “obstruction charges” thrown back at the Dept. of Justice. The Special Prosecutor’s Office was an iron triangle.

Mueller’s abysmal performance did prove me wrong. Ahab Mueller wasn’t the captain of the Pequod. He’s the figurehead. His testimony was like watching the movie ‘Cocoon’ only Mueller was still at the bottom of the pool.

Former Cong. Trey Gowdy summed the performance up best when he said, “The person that learned the most about the Mueller Report today was Bob Mueller.”

Rachel Maddow wants Democrats to dig a deeper hole. She’s says Mueller’s performance, “lights a fire under the need to speak to the people on his team who actually did the work.” Mark Levin is good with that, “Andrew Weissmann should have been testifying today…But they’re protecting Weissmann because he is the Svengali behind all of this in my humble opinion.”

One thing is certain. After his performance this week, Ahab Mueller is one of the few Trump haters who won’t be cashing in on the lecture circuit.