I Would Rather 7–11 Privatize Healthcare than the Government Nationalize

Occasionally circumstances force me to eat lunch in the swamp. This time I was in Fairfax County, VA, formerly a reliably conservative county that has lately been invaded by swamp employees, swamp contractors, swamp lobbyists and other refugees from Washington, DC.

The county is now reliably Democrat and gave Hillary a 68 to 32 percent victory last November. Call it a pilot project for the entire country after illegals get amnesty.

During lunch I couldn’t help but overhear the conversation between a man and a woman I assumed were business associates. Most of it was background noise, “Grumble, grumble, TRUMP, mumble, mumble, TRUMP, Hitler, Hitler, TRUMP” and so on.

Then a comment concerning Obamacare “repeal” almost caused me to choke on my curry, “Health care is one–sixth of the entire economy and they are crafting a bill in total secrecy!” one complained.

There is precedent. Democrats wrote the entire Obamacare takeover without any input from Republicans and then forced it through the Senate by a single vote before Scott Brown — elected specifically to defeat the bill — could take his seat and vote against it.

What struck me though was not the fact two sides could play the secrecy game. It was the realization those two diners knew healthcare encompassed a sixth of the economy and yet neither was asking the obvious question: What makes Congress think it can run that huge portion of the economy better than the market?

Both implicitly accepted that an organization filled with people like John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters and other swamp lifers is qualified to manage healthcare. There’s not so much as an EMT certificate or economics degree among the lot of them. You’d have a better chance of success asking an Uber driver to pilot an Airbus.

   You may not be aware of this, but the federal government has been running a fully federalized pilot health care program for the past 205 years and the results are in! Find out how the test went by clicking the link below for the thrilling conclusion to my Newsmax.com column:






Roadside Hook-Up Results in Slow Bern

Most of us don’t normally associate tow truck drivers with humor. Anger, outrage, despair and generalized hostility, yes, but humor, no. That’s why the story from Fox News in Asheville, NC is so interesting.

Bernie mousetrap economicsTow truck driver Kenneth Shupe received a call to pick up a woman who was stranded beside her wrecked car. The tow was shaping up to be a routine rescue. Just the usual concerns about expense exacerbated by additional worry regarding what to say to the driver during the awkward ride to the shop.

Then, as he was completing his walk around Cass McWade’s disabled car, Shupe came to an abrupt halt near the rear bumper. He paused briefly and then purposefully strode to the front and unhooked McWade’s car. When she protested he explained that her Bernie Sanders sticker on the rear bumper meant she was “obviously a socialist.”

His parting words were if McWade wants help — she should call the government. As Shupe drove away, she was still fuming on the side of the road.

Later our forthright entrepreneur told reporters the mini–boycott was not a response to Sander’s campaign to appropriate the wealth, so much as it was an economic decision by Shupe who previously had painful experiences with car owners who believe in utopia. “Every business dealing in recent history with a socialist–minded person I have not gotten paid,” he explained. “Every time I deal with these people I get ‘Berned’ with an ‘e’ not a ‘u’.”

Evidently Shupe has a heart of gold in addition to being a perceptive judge of economic potential. In my experience every towing company treats everyone exactly the same — like dirt. Even ESPN reporters are forced to pay in full before driving off to enjoy a one–week suspension.

If Shupe isn’t getting paid it must be because he’s letting the collateral leave the lot.

Our damsel in distress could have looked on the bright side. Her car was wrecked before Shupe arrived. That’s more than the Trumpistas in Chicago could say after Bernie supporters smashed their windows as a penalty for displaying Trump bumper stickers.

Today America is the land of the boycott. There’s even an app called 2nd Vote that bills itself as the conservative shopping app. Users type in the name of the store and 2nd Vote returns a numerical rating on the store’s record regarding 2nd Amendment rights, corporate welfare, the environment, marriage and abortion.

Then it gives you recommendations for stores that have higher ratings, although in my view 7/11 isn’t going to be an adequate replacement for Macy’s, regardless of 2nd Vote’s opinion.

The anti–Trump faction is forever recommending boycotts of companies with tenuous connections to the Orange One. As long ago as 2011, when Hillary still thought email was a message and not a potential indictment, outraged Facebook users were recommending boycotts of Celebrity Apprentice sponsors in an effort to punish Trump.

Sanders himself boycotted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress and then decided boycotting one Jew wasn’t enough, so he refused to appear at the AIPAC conference, too.

So Shupe’s individual, impromptu boycott with immediate consequences is part of a rich tradition of withholding your money from those you find odious. Although in this instance, Shupe’s principled stand cost him money.

Fortunately, that’s all it cost. If McWade had been on the way to a homosexual wedding, a sex change operation or a Target bathroom, Shupe could have been in real trouble. I doubt there’s a jury in the country that wouldn’t delight in ruling a tow truck driver had to pay the motorist.

Instead a local lawyer grit his teeth and admitted, “We may not like it and we may not agree with it but I don’t believe any laws were broken.”

McWade’s mother wasn’t so sanguine. She went on a — wait for it — Facebook rant and employed all the Trump accusations: “bigot,” “dumb (bad word)” and “(bad word).” In her haste to spew, mom wasn’t going to be troubled with something like accuracy. She blamed the wrong tow company for the Bernie boycott. Now that tow owner is fielding bomb threats and death threats from Bernie supporters whose cars are still drivable.

The entire affair pretty much sums up leftists and leftism in a nutshell: Make your politics, proclivities or pronouncements as public as possible and then demand there never be any consequences.

How States Call Weather a Disaster & Wait for the Check

funny-The-Simpsons-forecast-blizzard-stormIn 1930 if you told Big Government progressives in coming years they would be able to charge taxpayers for weather while increasing the size and power of the federal government, I doubt you would have been believed.

People weren’t as credulous then.

Today common weather events are declared “disasters” and governors go to Washington begging for federal handouts. That’s how taxpayers in Minnesota and Wisconsin wind up paying for a snow storm in Virginia.

The fact Virginia drivers lose control of their bowels when a snowflake hits the highway is not the fault of residents in the other 49 states. In fact none of this is the fault or responsibility of any other taxpayer outside the affected states.

These giveaways might stop if those same Minnesota and Wisconsin taxpayers demanded to know why their representatives sit idly by while the Commonwealth picks their pockets, but usually the only media coverage is in the states getting the money, not those being fleeced.

Complete details on this scam and why conservatives should stand up for local responsibility can be found in my Newsmax column. Just click below:



Obama Internet Giveaway May Open Pandora’s Box of Porn

Porn hookPresident Obama has a new administration initiative, supported by tax dollars, to close the Internet pornography gap. The divide is caused by ill–gotten gains that give too many Americans fast, broadband access to the booming porn industry; while other Americans are reduced to lurking in seedy newsstands, sneaking peeks between the pages of lurid magazines and hoping the clerk doesn’t notice their free browsing.

ConnectHome “will bring high–speed broadband access to over 275,000 low-income households across the US.”

That’s good news for pornographers. They can always use new customers. Thirty percent of all data transferred on the Internet is porn according to The Huffington Post. While porn sites have more visitors than Netflix, Amazon and Twitter combined.

HuffPost also contends poor people are already online and elevating their heart rate. Mississippi is dead last in per capita income, yet this state leads the nation in average time — almost 12 minutes — spent per porn site.

There are a number of possible explanations. The extra time could be due to initial stupefaction on the part of Mississippi viewers or the Internet connection could be so turgid that viewers don’t want to waste time waiting for a new site to load. It’s even possible there’s a single Internet terminal in the library and viewers have to hot–seat the only chair.

Certainly closing the porn gap is not the official reason for the program, even though it’s likely to be the result.

Once again “it’s the children.” Cnet.com explains, “The effort will initially connect nearly 200,000 children to the Web.” Or as administration flacks put it, “While many middle-class U.S. students go home to Internet access, allowing them to do research, write papers, and communicate digitally with their teachers and other students, too many lower-income children go unplugged every afternoon when school ends.”

Still there is nothing preventing low–income students from logging on after they finish their free school breakfast or doing the work in study hall. They could even join a homework club and do the assignment after school before trudging home to their www.desert.

But this is an administration that discourages initiative and responsibility and encourages lining up in the freebie queue.

Yet the clichéd reason isn’t true, as we’ve come to expect from Obama. The Tennessean looked at Nashville and found that of the 5,200 homes targeted, only half contained any children, school–age or otherwise.

Administration dreamers no doubt believe the students will be spending the majority of their time on LetsAskArchimedes.com and not joining the epidemic of teens exposed to pornography. Those unable to resist the temptation to browse on the wild side have a grim fate in store, courtesy of Obama.

Webroot.com writes, “Pornography viewing by teens disorients them during the developmental phase…when they are most vulnerable to uncertainty about their sexual beliefs and moral values. A significant relationship also exists among teens between frequent pornography use and feelings of loneliness, including major depression.”

Parents concerned about the feds opening a sewer in the living room will discover blocking software and other parental monitors — assuming the kids have parents who will monitor — add additional cost to this “free” program.

Obama personally announced ConnectHome in a visit to Durant, OK. There the hapless Department of Agriculture (?) will be giving $50,000 to the Choctaw Nation for it’s web–in–the–wigwam program.

The amount is small, but Air Force One touched down exactly 2.2 miles from the Choctaw Casino Resort, an Indian gaming establishment that grossed an estimated $461,666,666.00 in 2010 according to NewsOK.

Since the Choctaw Nation claims “Almost all the profits of the tribe’s business enterprises are poured back into services for tribal members…” wouldn’t 50K for Internet be included?

The rest of the 27–city program is being paid for by various Internet providers and cellphone companies that know which side their bread is regulated on, but don’t expect ConnectHome to stay tax dollar free.

The FCC is already talking about expanding the Lifeline program to pay for Internet service. Lifeline is a spectacularly wasteful and incompetent federal program I’ve written about here and we pay for it to the tune of $2.2 billion yearly through cellphone taxes.

The Boston Globe quotes Jascha Franklin-Hodge, the city’s chief information officer, “Many students, especially lower-income students, may be able to get online in school, but when they go home, for reasons of affordability and access to equipment, they’re not able to get online.”

It may turn out those kids were the lucky ones after all.

Introducing another social pathology to join all the others low–income homes already suffer from hardly seems like an improvement, but that’s the way government works as it “helps.” Meanwhile the rest of us can sit back and watch Obamaphone meet Obamanet.

Did You Know Farmers Used to Grow Food for Free?

One of the more brilliant Democrat ploys is getting consumers to pay for their groceries twice: Once in the form of tax dollars and then again at the grocery store. This scam has been going on for the past 80 years and now Republicans that don’t understand liberty or the Constitution are collaborating.

But that’s only true if you are a maker. If you are a taker then the USDA can help! We are now paying farmers to grow food and consumers to eat it. The government’s idea of an infinite loop.

Feel all the outrage in my Newsmax column at:


Meet the New Senate Hypocrites, Same as the Old Hypocrites

Republican duplicity continues on the Obamacare front and it’s got me stumped. What’s the bigger lie?

If you like your doctor, you can keep him?

Or if you elect a Republican Congress we’ll repeal Obamacare?

Potentially even worse than the lying is the hypocrisy. Members of Congress colluding with the administration are now receiving a yearly subsidy of between $5,000 and $10,000 to buy an Obamacare policy regardless of their total household income.

One expects this from Democrats, but now Republicans are enjoying the handouts and preventing efforts at repeal from Sen. David Vitter (R–LA). The entire,depressing story is in my Newsmax column:


Social Critic Zubeidat Tsarnaev Prompts Another Look at Welfare

The surviving Boston bomber has been convicted. A taxpayer leech for the most of his life, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will still be living on the taxpayer dime for the rest of his miserable life in prison.

The whole family is living proof of the failure of the US welfare and immigration system, which means it might be a good idea to take another look at the social safety net.

Fortunately, Republican–controlled states are doing just that and making much needed reforms. Details in my Newsmax column:


GOP Candidates Continue to Toss Money Down Cornhole

GOP handout recipients have trouble eliciting sympathy.

GOP handout recipients have trouble eliciting sympathy.

The really big difference between Republican and Democrat handout recipients is their ability to be sympathetically photogenic. When pressed, the average Democrat welfare recipient can hide the flat–screen TV, stash the cellphone in a drawer and refrain from cigarette smoking. And it’s not too much trouble to pretend to fill out the job application or limp convincingly to prove the bad back disability claim as long as photographers and media are around.

The Republican dependency class is another genus entirely. Empathy generating photo shoots and news coverage for these check–cashers is simply a non–starter. Hiding the Rolex, wheeling the executive jet inside the hangar, displacing the butler from the servant’s quarters and convincing the first wife to pretend to supervise the caterer is just too difficult to organize.

If Democrat welfare beneficiaries can avoid arrest, making jihad videos and Judge Judy the money continues to arrive completely free of social disapproval.

Not so for GOP crony capitalists. These leeches fight a two front war: Prevent competition and confuse conservatives. They are loud and proud “job creators,” economic mainstays and incubators of breakthrough technology! All the favored crony industry requires for total success is billions of taxpayer dollars in perpetuity while the people who supply the tax dollars maintain a discrete and respectful silence.

And Republican officeholders must pretend the conservative market principles they espouse in campaign commercials somehow don’t apply to this particular crony.

A disappointing number of 2016 GOP presidential candidates recently did just that in Iowa during the quadrennial Pour Money Down the Cornhole Festival otherwise known as the Iowa Ag Summit.

There Republican presidential candidates worship the ethanol subsidy and praise ethanol entrepreneurs for their selfless addiction to subsidies and environmental fairy tales.

The Renewable Fuel Standards law requires all gasoline refined in the US be 10 percent ethanol. Ethanol is the wonder product, made from corn, which makes gasoline more costly while reducing miles per gallon and increasing wear on internal combustion engines.

Diluting perfectly efficient gas with ethanol is like forcing mom to add sawdust to her cake recipe to protect our valuable flour stockpile. Sure the additional roughage keeps dad regular, but wear and tear on teeth and the occasional oven fire — not to mention that Home Depot flavor — doesn’t come close to compensating for the missing wheat.

The same is true for ethanol, all at a cost to taxpayers of $6 billion a year in handouts.

Somehow those facts didn’t make it into the spiel GOP mega contributor and summit sponsor Bruce Rastetter made.

Ethanol supporters would have one believe that before the bill was passed requiring refineries to dilute your gasoline, corn grew wild in Iowa and no one was even aware there was a use for the weed, other than the occasional frontier corn fritter. And even after wise agronomists in Washington started throwing money at corn farmers the fuel market was controlled by sinister forces that prevented innovation.

Just like the whale oil cartel prevented widespread drilling for oil until the early 60’s.

As columnist Paul Driessen wrote Rastetter’s pitch to the assembled candidates was pointed and effective: Failure to support ethanol handouts in Iowa means no victory in the 2016 caucus and no chance for the GOP nomination.

Naturally Big Government Republicans didn’t require much in the way of pressure to crumble. Jeb Bush said corny gasoline reduces the demand for imported oil. Mike Huckabee said it’s a way for the nation to “fuel itself.” (No pun intended.) And Lindsay Graham solemnly stated “Every gallon of ethanol … is one less gallon you have to buy from people who hate your guts,” which makes you wonder when Obama started pumping gas.

Rick Santorum, trying to get someone to pay attention, thought the RFS means something besides oil and natural gas “are allowed into [the energy] stream.” And Scott Walker was a profile in cowardice as he abandoned his 2006 call for an end to ethanol subsidies.

Rick Perry split the difference and wanted to end federal ethanol subsidies, but said that individual states could choose to be a foster parent for corn, which is at least a Constitutionally valid stance and would exempt most states that don’t grow corn and corn lobbyists.

The only candidates claiming to be conservative supporters of market competition and having the courage to tell Iowa voters the subsidy spigot should be turned off were Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio — although Rubio did refer to corn as “maize.”

There’s an old song about moonshiners called “White Lightening” with a refrain that goes “Mighty, mighty pleasin’ my pappy’s corn squeezin’s.” Until Republicans can stop “pleasin’” crony capitalists with subsidies at the expense of the public, taxpayers will continue to be subject to regular “squeezin.”

Time to Put Farmers on A Glutton–Free Diet

Now that I’ve recovered from a bout of tryptophan poisoning, I’ve been giving some thought to the photos of this season’s Thanksgiving clemency ceremony. Do you think Obama’s executive order that pardoned an albino–white turkey is his idea of racial outreach in the wake of the Ferguson riots?

Are white turkeys executed in greater numbers during the ramp up to Thanksgiving than their proportion of the entire turkey population would warrant?

Is Eric Holder on this job, too?

My hope is, as the spirit of clemency wafts through DC, that maybe the taxpayer could be given a pardon in the New Year, starting with Thanksgiving dinner.

Complete details, insight and rollicking laughter in my Newsmax column at:


Santa Claus on Line One!

Tired of getting hammered with a high cellphone bill each month? Weary of trying to determine the best plan? Who has the most minutes & data for the least amount of money?

Why it’s Uncle Sam!

Obamaphones are free, courtesy of some suckers that still think it’s smart to pay your own way. That’s so last century.

Complete details on how the old Ma Bell is now the free Uncle Sugar in this week’s Newsmax column: