NFL Owners Can Afford to Build Their Own Stadium

Shocking election development in San Diego. Football one–percenters discovered the people who sweep NFL luxury boxes aren’t willing to subsidize box owners.

Nestled far under the existential choice of Trump or Hillary on the local ballot was Measure C. The Babbits in city hall thought “C” was a chance to raise money for their legacy by taxing tourists and Trump voters and using the windfall to build a new palace for the San Diego Chargers.

san-diego-chokers-chargers-nflPoliticians love hotel taxes because this levy is the embodiment of taxation without representation.

Hotel taxes are municipal add–ons at the bottom of the bill. The people victimized by this scam are all from someplace else. No one who pays the tax, with the exception of a few local adulterers, has any say in the political process or a means of punishing the politicians.

This tax is so repercussion–free I’m surprised politicians aren’t riffling through tourist’s wallets as they clear baggage claim at the airport.

Call it another populist revolt or a driverlash against the Charger’s $75 parking fee; either way voters didn’t view increasing this tax as a victimless crime.

Measure C asked voters to boost the city’s hotel room tax from an unconscionable 12.5 percent to a confiscatory 16.5 percent. The additional gouge would raise money to fund $1.5 billion in bonds for a new stadium and convention center.

The rest of the cost would be covered by selling organs belonging to people who complained about the tax. Or, maybe it was to be covered by a love offering of $650 million from the NFL and the Chargers; I forget which.

Passing a tax increase, even on strangers, is never a sure thing and it was tougher in this instance because a tax increase for a specific project must be passed by a majority of two–thirds of the voters. Politicians always on the make for tax dollars to fund their “legacy” don’t like letting the public vote in the first place and a super majority is even worse.

So they snuck Measure D on the ballot with a smaller tax increase for no specific reason — wink, wink — that only required a simple majority to pass.

And both measures went down to a resounding defeat. Measure C by a total of 57 to 43 percent and Measure D — only requiring the simple majority — was thrashed even worse: 60 to 40 percent.

The sports shill for the San Diego Tribune couldn’t believe it, “The defeat of C in no way reflected on the chances of a different proposal getting a simple majority.” Except it did since voters also delivered a crackback block to Measure D. Now he’s hoping for pressure on “the dawdling obstructionists in our local government.”

I suppose that includes voters, too.

Maybe next season the Chargers will make fans go through airport metal detectors, search their bags and confiscate any water, soda or snacks they brought from home. Wait, the NFL already does that. The only physical pressure left is locking the bathrooms.

In all the discussion of the options open to the Chargers, which include shacking up with the Rams in LA at their taxapalooza of a stadium or wasting voter’s time with yet another vote, the owner paying for his own dang stadium is never mentioned.

It’s like the topic is something polite people simply don’t discuss, but since the NFL owner keeps the profit, shouldn’t he bear the risk.

Taxpayers in other cities that paid for stadiums often discover they are still paying long after the team departed. In New York when the Giants decamped for New Jersey taxpayers were still paying off $110 million in debt on the old stadium. St. Louis just lost the Rams, but they didn’t lose $144 million in stadium debt the team left behind.

Another topic seldom mentioned is what a bad deal taxpayer–funded stadiums are. Michael Leeds, a sports economist at Temple University, says that in spite of what stadium boosters claim, “There is no [economic] impact.

A baseball team [with ten times the number of home games as a football team] has about the same impact on a community as a midsize department store.”

Yet I don’t know of any city that is rallying voters to pay for a new Belk’s.

Then again maybe the “no” vote wasn’t an economic decision at all. Maybe the NFL is reaping what it has sown. Attending a game in person is volunteering to be fleeced. Expensive tickets, expensive parking, expensive mandatory concessions and excessive consumption of your time is simply too much, regardless of how lavishly taxpayers have furnished the stadium.

It’s easier and cheaper to watch the game at home.


Obamacare’s Fundamental Transformation that Failed

Obamacare this is going to hurtObamacare’s individual mandate is the lynchpin of the act. This provision that forces all citizens to buy health insurance — regardless of age, medical history or obvious death wish — is so important Chief Justice John Roberts prostituted his position on the court to uphold its obvious illegality.

The individual mandate was touted as the mechanism that would cause 20 million or so uninsured to finally get health insurance and stop burdening leftist consciences.

Without the individual mandate forcing the young and healthy to buy insurance so their premiums can subsidize the old and sick, the system falls apart. The revenue from health care frequent flyers is simply not enough to begin to cover the cost they impose on the system.

Just as socialism forces the hard–working to support the lazy, socialized medicine uses the premiums of the healthy to pay for the sick.

The theory was, if you can dignify this collection of wishful thinking and compulsion with that term, a large fine for not having insurance would be enough to coerce the uninsured into the system, thereby spreading the cost over a much larger revenue base.

Only the uninsured aren’t necessarily going into the system AND the Ferguson Effect could well mean the scofflaws won’t have to pay the fines either. The whole, depressing tale can be yours by clicking the magic hyperlink below. You won’t be sorry.

Social Security Administration: A Graveyard for Competence

Many baby boomers are rightly worried about the solvency of the Social Security Administration, but even if the system has the money there is no guarantee the check will arrive.

Social Security sends money to people who are dead while at the same time balancing the equation by declaring the living to be dead and cutting off their access to the system. It’s government efficiency at its finest.

I’ve got all the details in my Newsmax column. Click on this link:

Government Phone Trees from Hell

I’ve always admired my fellow citizens whose unquenchable optimism leads them to expect to get help when they call a government complaint line.

For me, the term government “complaint line” always creates suspicions regarding sincerity. I can’t help but recall the bumper sticker I once saw on the back of a truck careening through traffic on the Beltway: Don’t Like My Driving? Call 1–800–EAT–S*#T.

I just assume that’s the response I’ll get when calling Uncle Sam, too.

And it will be if you call the IRS for help this tax season, since they are cutting back on “customer service.” But we’re just greedy taxpayers and not people coming here as Jeb Bush says in “an act of love.”

Once their eyes adjust after coming out of the shadows, illegals will be able to call up to three complaint lines including: Customs & Border Patrol, Immigration & Customs Enforcement; and Citizenship & Immigration.

If you’d like to know the cost to install a fourth line for taxpayers incredulous over this waste of money then you need to read the rest of my Newsmax column at:

The Only Fat the Federal Government Recognizes Is on Your Behind

The National Institute of Heath functions as sort of a Job Corps for academic researchers that specialize in the trivial. Since the public continually fails to live up to the expectations of our betters in Washington, DC more research is needed on how to improve us. Willingly or not.

While one arm of Big Government is busy fighting ‘hunger,’ the NIH has opened a second front on obesity. Most conservatives would think both problems can’t exist simultaneously, but we don’t have tax dollars burning a hole in our pocket.

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Lunch is Finger Lickin’ Good at the National Weather Service

Does your boss supply you with knives, forks, spoons, plates, cups and napkins when you eat lunch? (Fast food employees may feel free to stop reading now.)

The National Weather Service employees serving on the front lines at Fort Climate are angry because Uncle Sam stopped. Who has time to remember the cutlery when you’re fighting “Climate Change?”

Naturally the union filed a grievance, a process where taxpayers again foot the bill, but we are off the hook for place settings.

Complete details in my Newsmax column:

Pentagon Buys a $400 Football

We’ve been treated to months of dire speculation and military hand–wringing regarding the impact of the sequestration’s budget cuts on military readiness and how it leaves the U.S. vulnerable. A private business with declining revenues and a bleak future would cut the ad sponsorship of football bowls and spend the money on higher priorities. The executives could watch the game on TV.

In the government the football sponsorship budget is protected so the brass can be seen on TV.

Even if money wasn’t tight the spending makes no sense because the military is downsizing. IBM doesn’t run recruitment ads when it’s laying off part of the workforce. It’s bad for morale among survivors and an insult to those looking for work.
Evidently the Pentagon is simply oblivious or could care less.

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Time to Put Farmers on A Glutton–Free Diet

Now that I’ve recovered from a bout of tryptophan poisoning, I’ve been giving some thought to the photos of this season’s Thanksgiving clemency ceremony. Do you think Obama’s executive order that pardoned an albino–white turkey is his idea of racial outreach in the wake of the Ferguson riots?

Are white turkeys executed in greater numbers during the ramp up to Thanksgiving than their proportion of the entire turkey population would warrant?

Is Eric Holder on this job, too?

My hope is, as the spirit of clemency wafts through DC, that maybe the taxpayer could be given a pardon in the New Year, starting with Thanksgiving dinner.

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Obama’s Not the Only Democrat Hearing Voices

He may not even be the first. Earlier this year the Democrat elite that runs Arlington County, VA (a DC suburb) heard the voices of all the voters too lazy to participate in a special election for the board.

So they refused to consider canceling their latest plan to use tax dollars to prop up a boutique transportation system from the past, even thought the anti candidate beat the establishment stooge.

Then came the November election where Swami Obama channeled the voices of non–voters and came to the conclusion all those Republicans were elected to work with him to pass legislation. (Unfortunately, establishment GOP leadership appears to agree.)

But in Arlington something amazing for democracy and taxpayers happened.

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