How States Call Weather a Disaster & Wait for the Check

funny-The-Simpsons-forecast-blizzard-stormIn 1930 if you told Big Government progressives in coming years they would be able to charge taxpayers for weather while increasing the size and power of the federal government, I doubt you would have been believed.

People weren’t as credulous then.

Today common weather events are declared “disasters” and governors go to Washington begging for federal handouts. That’s how taxpayers in Minnesota and Wisconsin wind up paying for a snow storm in Virginia.

The fact Virginia drivers lose control of their bowels when a snowflake hits the highway is not the fault of residents in the other 49 states. In fact none of this is the fault or responsibility of any other taxpayer outside the affected states.

These giveaways might stop if those same Minnesota and Wisconsin taxpayers demanded to know why their representatives sit idly by while the Commonwealth picks their pockets, but usually the only media coverage is in the states getting the money, not those being fleeced.

Complete details on this scam and why conservatives should stand up for local responsibility can be found in my Newsmax column. Just click below:



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