Bystander Nation

Savvas & Amy Savopoulos: RIP

Savvas & Amy Savopoulos: RIP

For all intents and purposes the Savopoulos family were good, civic–minded residents of Washington, DC.

Savvas, and his wife Amy, were active in charitable causes and contributed $51,800 to both Republican and Democrat candidates since 2006. The Daily Mail reports that even though Savopoulos was very wealthy he didn’t surround himself with bodyguards or other security and the family didn’t hesitate to open the door when someone knocked.

When you live near Vice President Joe “Shotgun” Biden in a well–patrolled neighborhood, what could possibly go wrong?

In this instance, everything.

Today Savopoulos, Amy, 10–year–old Phillip and housekeeper Veralicia Figueroa are all dead after someone opened the door to their murderer, ex–con Daron Wint. Over an 18–hour period Wint took the family hostage before torturing, stabbing to death and then setting their bodies on fire.

What’s most striking about this is the sheer number of people who went to the Savopoulos’ home while they were hostages or had unusual telephone contact with the family during and then did absolutely nothing.

The timeline shows there were many opportunities for someone to call the police, yet no one did.

The pizza guy is off the hook. He delivers two pizzas about 9PM Wednesday. He rings the bell and leaves the boxes on the porch. The money was waiting for him and no doubt rich people had asked for stranger things, so he leaves without incident.

Next Savopoulos calls the other housekeeper, Nelitza Gutierrez and leaves a strange, contradictory message, which is understandable when your family is held hostage. He tells Gutierrez his wife is going out, but then says she’s sick and Figueroa is staying overnight, so don’t come tomorrow. He concludes by saying Figueroa’s cellphone is dead and they don’t have a charger for it.

Gutierrez thinks that’s strange, but she doesn’t call Figueroa’s husband. Instead she lets the matter drop.

Early the Thursday morning Savopoulos makes a “flurry” of calls to his banker, accountant and personal assistant wanting immediate access to $40,000 cash. This should have set off alarm bells, particularly since Savopoulos wants his assistant to deliver the 40K to his home and leave it in the garage next to the recycling.

Even Joe Biden could tell this is suspicious and out of character, but again no one calls the police or even insists that Savopoulos meet them to take the money.

Forty thousand dollars is dropped off at the Savopoulos home like it’s another Domino’s pizza.

Later that morning Figueroa goes to the house to find his wife. Although he feels someone is inside, there is no answer when he rings the bell. Still curious, he starts peering into windows. And wouldn’t you know it, his cell rings and it’s Savopoulos saying Amy has gone to the hospital and Veralicia is with her.

The house feels wrong, the timing of the call is wrong and no word from his wife is wrong, but there is no indication Figueroa tried to call Gutierrez to see what’s up.

The last contact with anyone outside the home is a text at 9:30 to Gutierrez that reads: “I am making sure you do not come today.” This is her second bite at the apple. Gutierrez tries to call back and sends a reply but again no answer.

None of these individuals had the entire picture, but each of them had enough pieces for concern. They saw something, but failed to say anything.

But that’s the way society functions in the left’s Bystander Nation. Let the authorities and experts handle it, while you mind your own business. Individual responsibility is something for cowboys from Oklahoma.

If employees in the Bethesda, MD Apple store overhear a woman begging for her life in the adjacent Lululemon store and do nothing as she’s stabbed 330 times, how can we expect DC residents to call 9–1–1 before ransom money is dropped off?

In the left’s social paradise it takes a village to raise a child, but it requires only a handful to let a family die.

Even if Savopoulos had been concerned about family safety and applied for a permit to carry a gun, chances are he’d have been denied. Police Chief Cathy Lanier requires a “good reason” before she’ll issue and concern doesn’t qualify.

The good news is if the two surviving daughters want to apply on their 21st birthday, chances are good Lanier will relent.


2 thoughts on “Bystander Nation

  1. Hi Captain Hindsight,

    The door to the Savopoulos home was not ‘opened’ to a random stranger. The French doors on the side of the mansion were kicked in. Also, housekeeper, Nelly Gutierrez, has commented on TV (I believe with both Fox5News and ABC’s 20/20) that the Savopoulos’ always kept the sophisticated home alarm engaged even when they were inside the home (it wasn’t just on when they were asleep).

    There was at least 1 gun inside the home. It was recently reported that a Japanese sword belonging to Savvas, kept me inside the house, was used in the crime.

    • When I wrote the column SEVEN WEEKS AGO, there was no mention in the news coverage of the french doors being kicked in. In fact, according to the Daily Mail that didn’t happen either: “Investigators found no signs of forced entry…” Also no mention of an alarm system.

      At the time the story was written nothing about a gun being in the house either and Gutierrez is hardly my idea of a useful witness, since she couldn’t be bothered to check with the other housekeeper’s husband to see is anything was wrong. But even if there was a gun, by DC law it had to be kept unloaded in a locked gun safe, which means it’s hardly readily available. Still if there was a gun, where is the news coverage? This is a perfect opportunity for the WaPost to gloat about a gun being in the house and it not helping.

      And what’s your point: If there had been more guns the outcome could have been worse? How? They are all dead.

      Sword, so what? It’s hardly a home defense weapon. A katana is too long, a wakizashi is a better length for indoors, but how many people these days are familiar with swords and will use one? American’s are, as a rule, reluctant to use edged weapons.

      None of your criticisms alter the point of my column one whit. No one did anything to help even though they were uneasy about the situation and had plenty of opportunities. And DC gun laws make self–defense difficult and put your Constitutional rights subject to the whims of a bureaucrat.

      Finally, I think you are exhibiting what psychiatrists term “projection,” that is projecting a condition you have onto another person. In this case hindsight, although since your particular example of hindsight was so irrelevant and unsourced, I’m going to have to demote you to Corporal Hindsight.

      Finally, posters are allowed a maximum of on anonymous or in your case semi–anonymous post. If you want to reply to this or post again we will need your full name, just like you have mine.

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