Is Retirement Bad for Your Health?

Rumor has it David Duke is wondering if Oregon State has finally discovered the holy grail he’s been seeking all these years: Proof there’s at least one benefit for those suffering enforced servitude. 

Walmart GreeterResearchers at Oregon State University studied data from 12,000 participants in the Healthy Retirement Study and they concluded that working past age 65 may serve to extend your life, even as the “Golden Years” recede into the distance.


A mere news summary of the study is causing ripples throughout America. Many husbands are concluding their wives may not have their best interest at heart. It could be ulterior motives are behind urging hubby to take early retirement and “enjoy life to the fullest.”

What can you learn from this? Well, for starters you don’t have to depend on scientists for your longevity information. There is an excellent source much closer to home. And where is that? You guessed it, just click on the hyperlink below and find out…



When the Candles on Granny’s Birthday Cake Become a Fire Hazard

Crack bureaucrats at the Social Security Administration have 6.5 million names in the database of people 112 years old and older, which is quite an accomplishment when you consider the average life expectancy in the Obamanation is 85.

No wonder you have to honk at drivers in the right–on–red lane to get them to move.

Even more remarkable, many of these individuals are still paying INTO the system while they learn to speak English in the 7/11 parking lot.

That’s longevity Uncle Sam style.

Read all about these seniority oozing seniors in my latest Newsmax column at: