Congress Works Hard to Earn Our Disrespect

The Republican majority in the US Senate is faced with a number of problems deserving its complete attention. These potential calamities require a comprehensive legislative and communication strategy.

funniest_memes_suppose-you-were-a-member-of-congress_10339I’m wondering how the majority will respond to Hillary’s nomination of Obama to the Supreme Court, defacto amnesty to now and future illegals, the continuing merger of the Justice Department with the Democrat National Committee and the plethora of unconstitutional executive orders sure to follow the swearing–in.

Mitch McConnell will have his work cut out negotiating the terms of surrender. Meanwhile, Sen. Jerry Moran (R–Trivia) will be too busy to help.

He’s focused on rescuing Ticketmaster.

It’s a remarkable display of legislative trivialization. Moran, via Roll Call, is sponsoring legislation “designed to stop automated bots from stockpiling tickets” to shows and concerts. Moran thinks this is such a good use of the Senate’s time that he’s holding a hearing, “Scalpers have long been driving up ticket prices and harming consumers, but their methods are becoming increasingly sophisticated. It’s hard enough to get tickets to high-profile events without the added struggle of having to battle bots online.”

This sounds less like a job for a career politician and more like a task for Optimus Prime.

So why does Sen. Moran care about tickets to the Vanilla Ice Farewell Tour? What is his motivation? Should we care?

The answers to all these pertinent questions will be revealed by clicking on the link to my column this week, which is located below.



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