Tie Goes to the Outsider in 1st Presidential Debate

Bathing in the blood of virgins appears to be working. Hillary didn’t cough and remained upright for 90 whole minutes.

hillary-gullible-votersTrump didn’t discuss the size of his package or Rosie O’Donnell.

So I’d say the first presidential debate was a draw — once again putting me out of step with the rest of America.

“Snap polls” conducted just after the debate showed Trump was the overwhelming winner, even on sites where the readership is composed of pasteurized Communists. The Daily Mail had a compilation of results and Drudge (Trumpista Central) led the pack with Trump 81.5 percent to 18.5 percent for Hillary.

The Lefty sites included Time.com with Trump 58 to 42, Slate had Trump 54.3 to 45.7, Variety was Trump 51.5 to 48.5 and even CNBC had Trump the winner 51 to 49.

The sites that gave three options: Trump, Hillary and Neither offered a more reasonable selection of choices, but even there my preferred “neither” was holding steady at 5 percent.

Unfortunately, Trump’s Fabulous Improv Tour Campaign missed a number of opportunities to let the air out of Hillary’s cheeks. You’ll get complete details and my suggestions for the future by clicking here and jumping to my Newsmax.com column:




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