Resistance to Tolerance Is Futile

The legions of “tolerance” have crushed another dissenter.

Ron Schneider, owner of Leon’s Frozen Custard in Milwaukee, has been forced to surrender his English–only ordering policy after complaints from ethnic agitators. It started Tuesday, May 17th, when a customer in front of a prickly Hispanic tried to order his custard in Spanish.

Leon’s may have to do something about that flag, too.

The server replied, “I’m not allowed to speak Spanish to you.”

This exchange prompts a number of questions, beginning with why did the customer speak Spanish in the first place? Unless I’m in the Home Depot parking lot, strangers never come up to me speaking Spanish. A gutless Congress may not have ruled English as the nation’s official language, but the citizens certainly have.

One can only conclude the server appeared to be Hispanic and the customer assumed she spoke Spanish, too. This is certainly ethnic stereotyping, but we’ll let it pass.

Next the customer evidently re–ordered in English, was served and went on about his business exiting this column forever.

That would have been the end of the encounter, if Mr. Prickly hadn’t been there. Normally he orders in English, but evidently he prefers his frozen treats with a sprinkling of outrage. So Mr. Prickly makes a big production of ordering in Spanish, only to get the same response.

After getting his custard, the next stop wasn’t the napkin dispenser. It was Social Media: The home of manufactured outrage provided by the ignorant and easily offended.

Naturally Schneider and his operating policy were characterized as “racist.”

As the term is currently used, “racist” has no intrinsic meaning. As the great historian Paul Johnson wrote in his excellent “Modern Times.” The word was changed irretrievably in March 1975. An effort to expel Israel from the UN was blocked. As an alternative those midgets of diplomacy passed a resolution condemning Israel as “racist.”

Johnson writes, “As the American delegate Leonard Garment pointed out, the resolution was ‘ominous’ because it used ‘racism’ not as the word ‘for a very real and concrete set off injustices but merely as an epithet to be flung at whoever happens to be one’s adversary.’ It turned ‘an idea with a vivid and obnoxious meaning’ into ‘nothing more than an ideological tool.”

A tool limited to the Left and used most recently on custard impresario Schneider.

In a society that hadn’t completely lost it’s moorings, a trivial and foolish complaint like this would be ignored. Schneider’s wife is Hispanic and his kids are Hispanic making it tough to be a racist if he wants to eat dinner at home.

Second, English–only has been Leon’s policy for the past decade.

But facts didn’t matter to fulltime ethnic chauvinist and part–time legislator JoCasta Zamarripa. Interviewed by the Daily Mail, she says Schneider’s policy is illegal and he “owes the community an apology.”

No. He owes the community a good product at a good price and that’s it.

A variety of more Hispanic–than–thou organizations jumped into the manufactured controversy, united in their belief that someone should sic the government on Schneider before he started putting Trump signs in the parking lot.

Distraught Anglos considered dieting, rather than eat frozen custard tainted by the stain of nationalism. #BOYCOTTLEONS gained a bit of social justice momentum as protestors began gathering. A competing business, Bounce Milwaukee, had an inspired response and offered free ice cream to anyone who ordered in a foreign language.

English–speakers, as is customary here, had to pay full freight.

Trump can wait these ethnic popinjays out. He can also afford lawsuits. But Schneider can’t. He subsequently announced his employees would be allowed to speak other languages, “If you can help the customer, just help them any way you can,” he told a local broadcast outlet.

Zamarripa’s contribution to the controversy is employees are now expected to conduct business in multiple languages for the previously English–only pay.

Unfortunately, Leon’s isn’t off the hook. The wheels of government social justice grind slowly and are designed to grind you to powder. This time next year Leon’s may be under new ownership and called León’s.

This incident only proves Pancho Villa invaded the United States 100 years too early. In 1916 after he crossed the border and attacked Columbus, NM, Uncle Sam sent Gen. John J. Pershing (and my grandfather’s field artillery) to chase Villa down and bring him to justice.

Today Barack Obama would send social workers bearing vouchers.


2 thoughts on “Resistance to Tolerance Is Futile

  1. Mr. Shannon,

    I have come to the conclusion that this is not the America that I once knew. Teddy Roosevelt had it right when he gave his immigration speech. He said, “we have but one room for language and it is English” Too bad Obama and his administration doesn’t see it as such. I get so furious with the way the immigrants come into our country now and have more rights and privileges than the Americans do. Our ancestors learned English and used it. I am so sick and tired of going into stores and having to listen to all these different languages amongst customers and even the employees chatting to each other.

    I have a daughter who works in a retail store. At times a Hispanic will get perturbed at her because she can’t understand them when they speak to her. They have the audacity to tell her she needs to speak Spanish. They come here and expect us to adapt to their culture. Not just the Hispanics but all these foreigners. This is not going to be America for much longer. I wonder if it is so far gone that even Trump will not be able to fix it.

    Thank you for your great articles.

    Joan Pinna

    • You are not alone. Hispanics in particular, and their ethnic enablers in office, have an overwhelming and unearned sense of entitlement. It’s like someone trespassing in your backyard complaining that you don’t have a pool.

      My grandfather came to the US in approx. 1914. The first thing he did was join the Army so he could become a citizen.

      Today too many immigrants, legal and illegal, expect Uncle Sam to serve them.

      Thanks again for being a reader. Extra points for agreeing!

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