Donald Trump to the Rescue, Again

Once again Donald Trump is unafraid to say what professional politicians are too timid or too consultant–bound to express. In a single statement Trump summed up exactly what middle America is thinking, regardless of potential media backlash.

And the response of the surviving GOP presidential candidates only serves to show once again how out of sync they are with the electorate.

Thursday, Trump was asked about the upcoming debate in Utah sponsored by Fox News and Lunesta.

His reply freed us from hours of repetition, pandering to mailmen and incessant mentions of Ohio. Trump declared, “I think we’ve had enough debates. How many times can the same people ask you the same question? . . . I won’t be there, no.”

I know just how he feels. Since about the 8th debate I’ve been DVRing because I can only endure watching in small doses.

There’s more humor, insight and vituperation that can be yours by clicking the hyperlink below and reading the rest of my column:



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