Marco Rubio Purges US Tech Workers from STEM to Stern

Rubio milk cartonMarco Rubio (R–Amnesty) claims to be the one GOP candidate who can “bring us together.” Unfortunately, for many of us the meeting is going to be in the unemployment line.

Rubio’s slavish support of H1–B visas mean that more hard–working citizens will be out of work and replaced by cheaper foreign labor hired by law–breaking employers.

Complete details on this blood–boiling scandal are in my column this week. Please click on the link below BEFORE you vote on Super Tuesday. Thanks.



3 thoughts on “Marco Rubio Purges US Tech Workers from STEM to Stern

  1. Mr. Shannon,
    Got a kick out of the Rubio milk carton. This is the first I had heard about Rubio and the H1-B visas. At the very beginning of this campaign, I had heard it was Cruz who was all for the H1-B visas. More and more Americans are losing their jobs to foreign help. Nobody in Congress even cares b/c they don’t have to deal with this on a daily basis. They are not out in society as we are having to compete with immigrants/foreigners for jobs. They live in their big mansions with all kinds of security for them and their families. Even the Americans who have the best paying jobs don’t care about what is going on in this country–they feel if it doesn’t affect them, why care. No, it is the average joes out here who are hurting for jobs. Just go into our Walmarts around this area and you will see the majority of the workers are Hispanic and Mid-Eastern. One day they will also own Walmart.

    • Marco Amnesty has embraced a risky strategy of accusing his opponents of being weak on an issue where he has a proven record of lies. Rubio thinks if he’s there first with his lie it will cloud the water enough for him to escape the consequences of his amnesty support.

      H1–B visas are popular with his donors, so like sugar subsidies, Rubio is all in. It’s good for him and bad for citizens, but an opportunist doesn’t care.

      These visas are a scandal. Immigration is the reason Trump is winning.

      Thanks for continuing to be a reader.

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