The Single Best Reason to Vote Trump So Far

I’m always under the gun when it comes to writing a Donald Trump column. There’s an almost overwhelming urge to post it quickly, because he may implode at any minute.

And I’ve been wrong every time. Trump keeps offending and leading or leading and offending; your choice. But old habits die hard, so here is my latest Newsmax column with the single best reason I’ve found to vote for The Donald.

Please click on the link below to discover it for yourself:



2 thoughts on “The Single Best Reason to Vote Trump So Far

  1. Dear Mr Shannon,
    I have enjoyed your columns ever since you wrote for the News Messenger (sure do miss that paper). Thank you for emailing me your columns that you now write for Newsmax. I like Trump so I like what you wrote in regards to voting for him. Sometimes I send your columns to my sister in Cleveland. Sent this Trump one and she replied back, “Shannon is a great writer.” I have to agree.
    Joan Pinna

    • Argh! Don’t get me started on the loss of the N&M. Thank you Warren Buffet. We now have no regular local news coverage. This means politicians can run wild. For example: Corey Stewart lets illegal labor build the Montclair Community Library.

      The WaPost’s sorry excuse for “local” news is a weekly insult.

      I’m glad you still enjoy my work and have recruited your sister. Maybe I’ll go viral.

      My wife is also a Trump voter. She even sent the billionaire money. I fear that his anger and petty attacks on other candidates may be his undoing. He’s not showing much maturity as a candidate.

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