Education — America’s Sacred Bottomless Pit

The Washington Post ran a story this week that asked: “Does this 81-year-old hold the key to teaching kids how to understand math?” Treating her as if she was some valuable relic washed ashore from Atlantis, the reporter explains Mary Johnson has been “teaching math in the District [since] the 1960s as if little time has passed.”

Which is a good thing; because Johnson spends her retirement years trying to undo the mathematical illiteracy imposed DC children by educrats.

She does it by cheerfully violating all the modern rules of “pedagogy” promulgated by the witch doctors of education.

“Pedagogy,” by the way is a pretentious term used by the second–rate minds that run education schools. It really means “teaching,” but if the “experts” used clear language the taxpayer might realize the extent of the scam that comprises government education today.

Anyway Mrs. Johnson is a great American. You can read how she puts the ed borg in it’s place by clicking below for my Newsmax column:




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