Burning Man Causes Burning Faces Among BLM Bureaucrats

It appears that Sec. of the Interior Sally Jewel had a schedule conflict after all. That must be why the Bureau of Land Management dropped it’s demand for VIP boxes called the “Blue Pit” at this year’s Burning Man festival in Nevada.

For the previous 25 years hardy BLM bureaucrats had no problems observing scantily clad (and unclad for that matter) female festival attendees whose burning desire to get close to nature involved extensive use of man–made chemicals as they cavorted on a barren desert.

But that wasn’t good enough this year and I speculate the change had something to do with Sec. Jewel’s desire to be a happin’ cabinet official and attend Burning Man, without the inconvenience of sunburn. The BLM’s sudden desire for comfort was going to cost event organizers an extra $1 million to provide 24–hour availability of Choco Tacos, private bathrooms and AC.

I don’t know for sure if BLM drones discovered Choco Tacos weren’t on the USDA food pyramid or VIP box requests started to skyrocket, but something made the bureaucracy back off.

Complete details are in my Newsmax column URL below:



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