Office of Personnel Management: Leading the Way in Chinese Takeout

Whenever the nation is confronted by another failure of federal big government, the solution from the left is always more spending. Amtrak crash? Spend more on subsidies. Obamacare website disaster? Spend more on contractors. Illegal aliens streaming across the border? Spend more on social programs to make them comfortable.

There is simply no problem for which the left can’t deflect blame by demanding more spending.

But even if the more spending solution was correct — and in most instances it isn’t — the new influx of money will be spent by the same idiots and deadwood that caused the problem in the first place.

The Office of Personnel Management is a spectacular case in point.

While leadership was dozing at the top, Chinese hackers penetrated OPM’s computer systems and made off with the complete personnel files of up to 14 million past and present federal employees, including members of the military.

This is an intelligence catastrophe for the nation and an extreme provocation, unless you’re part of Obama’s pacifist administration that reserves its aggression for the TEA party.

Complete details in my column:



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