Informed Voters Are the Best Ethics Commission

When the family moved to Dallas, just prior to my junior year of high school, my parents enrolled me in Highland Park High School, an uppity establishment proud that “disposable income” was its middle name.

Relatives of one of my classmates tried to corner the silver market. I’m friends with a guy who owns a private island. A female classmate was the granddaughter of the founders of 7/11.

And I think another acquaintance’s family financed the Kennedy assassination.

Professionally I’ve known people wealthy enough to start foundations that — in contrast to the Clinton foundation — give away their own money. Yet in all that time not one of these plutocrats has seen fit to give me a $6500 watch or take my wife on a $15,000 shopping spree.

But then I’ve never been elected governor either.

New job, instant new friends. What a dilemma. Details on the problem and handy guidelines on how politicians can avoid jail are in this week’s Newsmax column:


2 thoughts on “Informed Voters Are the Best Ethics Commission

  1. I will bet the McDonnell’s will not get any time in prison. The elites seem to get away with a lot more than the average joe, who would be in jail, not biding free time until after the appeal process. Maureen McDonnell seems to blame her downfall on Jonnie Williams, whom she refers to as a snake who poisoned her marriage, her family and the commonwealth that she loves. What name did the McConnell’s have for him when he was presenting them with gifts and money? Could it be nice names like “bighearted”, “benevolent” or “free-giving” ? I am assuming he only transformed into a snake after all the bribery/corruption came about and they no longer had any use for him.

    • I’ve always wondered why Maureen was charged. Sure she’s crass and greedy BUT she’s not an elected official. Big Watch Bob is and I do think he’ll see some time in Club Fed. I’m not concerned about her and I think her conviction will be overturned on appeal.

      My hope is these so-and-sos still in politics will stop being kept men and women for their new found best friends for life.

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