Now Taxpayers Are Subsidizing Sexual Fantasies

If a man walks in the bathroom and sees Napoleon starring back from the mirror as he brushes his teeth it might be a harmless idiosyncrasy. But should he go into the French Embassy and loudly demand the emperor’s back pension checks a nice man in uniform would take him for a mandatory mental health evaluation.

If that same man saw Marilyn Monroe starring back as the Crest dribbled down his chin the situation would be entirely different.

All he has to do is buy pants that zip up the side and an entire psychosis–enabling industry springs into action at taxpayer expense. Under Obamacare insurance companies are being forced to pay for “gender reassignment surgery” — as if reproductive organs can be swapped out like a bad carburetor — and now Medicare is required to cover body vandalism because our government is incapable of distinguishing between legitimate health goals and dangerous delusions.

Medicare wouldn’t pay for my steroid injections if I thought 18” biceps were lurking just beneath the surface in my upper arms, so why should taxpayers be on the hook for surgery that essentially installs a kangaroo pouch on men?

What’s more, body vandalism on the taxpayer dime is expensive!

Male–to–“female” operations cost approximately $25,000 and the reverse female–to–“male” quadruples that at $100,000. I’m guessing the discrepancy in surgery charges is because clear–cutting is cheaper than construction. Or maybe $100,000 is the maximum charge from a sliding scale based on the size of the finished product: The “Obama” being much cheaper than the “Putin.”

Complete details on this latest outrage to the taxpayer wallet are in my Newsmax column at:



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