Halloween Hypocrisy Exposes Open Borders Elite.

They were almost ready to set up checkpoints and invite Sheriff Joe to supervise in Georgetown last week. The cause of the outrage? Children from outside the toney, elite neighborhoods had the audacity to invade and take candy intended for Buffy and Belgium.

Most of the time the elite Left is insulated by money from the baleful effects of their bad ideas, but this time it hit home.

Get all the details in my Newsmax column at:



2 thoughts on “Halloween Hypocrisy Exposes Open Borders Elite.

  1. Michael,
    I enjoy most of your columns; but, unless I have misread this one, you seem to have mistated Dvorak’s views on the subject.

    [Dvorak] “Imagine living in a neighborhood where it’s too dangerous to knock on a door at night, or next to neighbors who are too poor to buy a bag of candy. We can do better than have resentment about this.

    Our family is proudly hosting four carpetbagging kids this year. They are coming to our neighborhood for a variety of reasons that drove them from their own, including safety and Halloween dead zones.

    So if you happen to see a little Secret Service agent at your door, a 10-year-old who has never been trick-or-treating before because his neighborhood isn’t good for it? Give him a few extra Snickers instead of grumbling.”

    • Those are Dvorak’s views but not those of the elite residents of the neighborhoods complaining about the invaders.

      I’m limited to 800 words by Newsmax so I could not point out that Dvorak uses the same lame arguments to justify halloween border jumpers that the hypocrites use to justify illegal aliens that they never encounter.

      I’ve had one best friend killed by an illegal and another aquaintence killed by an illegal, so I have strong feelings on the subject. I’ve paid personally for the elite’s disinterest.

      I don’t live in a toney neighborhood, but I could care less where the goblins originate. As long as we have candy we give it out, because we know there is a time and place for checking papers.

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