Federal Bureaucrats Misbehave & Taxpayers Are Punished

Thousands of federal bureaucrats are home every day during working hours. They surf the web — although presumably not this column — shop, nap, drink or look for Lois Lerner’s lost email, all while collecting their paycheck at our expense.

It’s a continuing scandal and I have details in my Newsmax column, link below.

Incidentally, my column has been moved and I think it’s harder for the casual reader to find me. So I would ask that if you like the column please post a link on your Facebook page or send a tweet or tell people it contains the cure for Ebola. Anything to boost readership.





2 thoughts on “Federal Bureaucrats Misbehave & Taxpayers Are Punished

  1. I enjoy the facility with which you express your views, Mike, but there’s an oversimplification obstacle I can’t manage to scale. It’s that “making government smaller is the only way to improve it” thing, coupled with the assumption that the only opposing choice is a dishonest call for reform.

    The problem with government is ethical, not arithmetic. You can’t solve anything by reducing numbers if the ethics don’t improve. Yes, it reduces the damage temporarily, but it does nothing to cure the disease. Every time you look away, there’s another opportunistic infection. In my opinion that’s why it matters little which party is in power, when the members of both are so beholden to their largest contributors. Voters, on the whole, don’t demand a higher standard of behavior, so “we” get the results we accept as inevitable.

    I don’t think we need (as a default) either less or more government. We need better government. It’s only possible on a person-by-person basis.

    • You can make the problem smaller by reducing numbers and the size of government is the number one problem facing conservatives today.

      I’m afraid there is no “better” government at the federal level. It’s too large, too remote and does too much.

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